Kagura Features


Kagura is little difficult hero but never mind we also make practice and training the hero. Learn specialty about skill 1(Qing Ming Open Umbrella). Then you can search in Mobile-Legends.Net, which items can buy for Kagura. Don’t forget firstly you must learn the hero then you can use in Ranked Game.

Kagura Features

Balmond Role: Mage

Specialty: Damage – Reap

Durability: 6/10

Offense: 4/10

Ability Effects: 9/10

Difficulty: 8/10

Kagura Skills

Passive: Yin Yang Gathering, When the Qing Ming Umbrealla and hero is become couple, dealing 300 pts of true damage to surrounding enemies.

Skill 1: Qing Ming Open Umbrella, Move to Qing Ming Umbrealla to the designated area, dealing 305 magic damage, and also slowing down them 40%.

Skill 2: Luo Sheng Running Umbrella, If you having umbrella when you using the skill , you would move to a specified direction and the umbrella would remain on the spot. One without Qing Ming Umbrella would move to the place where the umbrella is, also equips self with a shield that can block up to 315.

Ulti: Yin Yang Switch, Hero with the Qing Ming Umbrella dealing 430 pts of magic damage and ataccked the enemy, also slowing them down. If you don’t have the umbrella, you would make a link with the umbrella in. Any enemy that touches the link taking damage and slowing down, also enemy touching the hero dealing 430 pts of magical damage.

Skill Build: ULT>Skill 1>Skill 2

Kagura Story

Onmyouji Master is a strong yin and yang of the powerful driven by spirits, yin and yang. The Kagura family is the oldest and most powerful of the Onmyouji, the most powerful of which is the Ancestor Master. Kagura as the family of the most potantial of Onmyouji, was given to the generation of artifacts from the yin and yang – Seimei umbrealla. It is said that the umbrella had been Seimei with a hundred ghost of the power of refining, have their own wisdom and life, only by the owner’s drive and control. That childhood play Falcon to the dawn of mainland to perform the task of life after death, Kagura secretly took Seimei umbrella from the home to the dawn of the continent, hoping to help Falcons hang.

Kagura Skins

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The skills explanation is impossible to understand if you never played with this hero. Really sucks.