Jungle Monsters and Rewards


There are some monsters in the jungle. Yes, excited, isn’t it? 🙂 When you kill these monsters you gain some buffs. On this side you can stand up against your enemies. Yes you will gain experience and gold but you will also gain a buff that will strengthen your character.

There are two symmetrical sections of Jungle on the map which contain Primary and Secondary Monsters. Heroes that slay Primary Monsters will receive a buff, and being able to control these Jungle buffs well will greatly enhance your team’s performance on the battlefield. Therefore, you need to be really careful when an enemy enters your Jungle. If you don’t watch out, your buffs might get stolen!

Jungle Monsters, Rewards

Your hero and team will receive special rewards after killing special monsters in jungle.

Lord: Your team will receive a lot of EXP and Gold after killing the Lord. The Lord will soon respawn on the weakest lane of your opposing team and help your team to attack their turrets.

Turtle: Your team will receive a considerable amount of EXP and Gold after killing the Turtle.

Reaper: Your hero will gain a strong BUFF after it kills the Reaper.

Reaper’s BUFF: Raises the hero’s physical attack and magic power by 10% in the duration. Besides, your hero’s movement speed will be increased by 15% for 2 seconds when its skills hit a target.

Spinner: Your hero will gain a strong BUFF after it kills the Spinner.

Spinner’s BUFF: Reduces the cooldown of all skills by 20% and mana cost by 50%.

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