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Jungle Detailed Guide

Mobile Legends Jungle Monsters

Jungling (also known as farming/feeding) is when one roams around the jungle killing off monsters in order to increase their gold and experience (level).

Killing off the jungle monsters would give you some advantages such as being stronger than your opponent or cool-down reduction only to name a few.

There are two symmetrical sections of Jungle on the map which contain Primary and Secondary Monsters. Primary monsters includes red buffs, blue buffs, the turtle and lord while secondary monsters are indicated by the yellow dot present in the map. There are no rules when it comes to jungling; you are free to roam to any lane you’d like, even the enemy’s jungle. In the hero selection area (before the match starts) there is a quick command where you could have the right to inform your teammates that you would be the one jungling. It is crucial for teammates to know which one of you would like to take the role of clearing the jungle. A great tip is to inform your teammates commands such as “I’ll take the blue(buff)” Where as some heroes are made to jungle (as they needed the cool-down reduction buff for example).

Lord – Turtle

Lord – This is the most powerful monster in the jungle. The most contested in late game especially in highly competitive match. Once you slain the lord, you will get additional experience points and gold and it will fight for your side. The lord is focus on demolishing turrets and nexus and ignoring enemy heroes. It is never a good option to slay lord in the first 5 minutes of the game as there are usually not many turrets destroyed and your hero might not be strong enough judging by your level of experience. Lord are kind of weak against minions if I might add; therefore once you’ve slayed lord, make sure to clear it’s path and help him push. I would surely recommend you to do this in late game or in desperate needs. Special cases include: The enemy team is pushing relatively hard, and you have very little turrets taken down. IF you’re lucky enough, maybe you could find 4-5 of them dead and waiting for their own respawn which gives your team some time to slay the lord and maybe take down 2 extra turrets (Do you get the point here?)
There’s a 3 minute cool-down once the Lord has been killed by your opponent. The more it respwans, the stronger it gets. (BluePanda had actually prove this theory accidentally on one of his videos titled Mobile Legends Lord vs Lord! Which is pretty awesome if I might add.)

Turtle – It gives a decent amount of gold and experience point for the team equivalent for a one kill. Very essential to take especially on early laning phase wherein both teams are relying on items. A little advantage on early game can result victory for the entire team. The misconception here is to take turtle very early into 1v1. That is also a reason why there are some players don’t take Turtle is because they are thinking of getting behind on item.

To change that logic, once you see your teammate getting into turtle you must help him. This is part of team objective. A good morale boost thinking that you are with team that matters teamwork and not by simply being a MVP.
Turtle re spawn in 3 minutes. Make sure to slay the turtle whenever possible (but do note your experience level and the damage you’d give the turtle. It’s always good to have a backup). Most of the times the team with the most golds and experience would win the game therefore your last resort would be the turtle. (P.S When it’s already in the late game and ALL of your opponent is dead, forget about the turtle. PUSH first and then once you see the enemies re spawn , try and ask for backup to kill the turtle (or just run back to the base)

Note: *a little rant here, it happened to me once and I still think that once you barely have 4 turrets to protect your homebase and all of your opponents is dead just push. the turtle isn’t the first priority right now. Don’t spend your time trying to kill the turtle when you could easily take down turrets with no disturbance?!*

Other Jungle Monsters and Buffs

Reaper (red buffs) – Aside from gold, you will get buffs that that will boost your physical and magic damage by 10%.
Reaper respawn in 2 minutes. Unlike turtle, Reaper is easy to kill so don’t waste your chance to get the 10% damage buffs plus gold and a Hp regen.
Spinner (spider / blue buffs ) – Upon killing you will get buffs that will gives you a 20% cooldown reduction, reduce 50% mana consumption of your skills and 20% energy consumption.
A very good buffs for hero that use to spam abilities such as Rafaela, Estes, and Fanny. It has also 2 minutes respawn time.

Other monsters – These are monsters that don’t give buffs aside from little Hp regen and gold. Of course this is also essential to clear from time to time. Players that usually clear jungle camp once the push is still far away from his tower generate more gold than a player that stays on his lane.
These monsters have 1 minute respawn time.

Well, that concludes my thread of the day. But before we go these are a few ways me and my friends had done the so-called jungling:
METHOD 1: Clear the lane and then kill two closest monsters. Proceeds to clear the lane, repeat. (This won’t do many jungling but at least you could be one step ahead of them?)

METHOD 2: Pick a jungling emblem and hunter’s knife or basically anything “junge-ish” and choose the right hero who can feed fast such as Alucard, Fanny, etc and BOOM! Press the “I’ll Jungle Command”

and you should be good to roam around. But when doing this make sure you are not in the middle lane and that you have someone to cover up (or at least able to clean the lane) for you.

METHOD 3: Hide in the bush and then steal the monsters.

This has been SeaweedBrian, PEACE

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The other monsters:
Goblin,Golem,Ghost mage and giant mouthed beast


Dumb post. Feeding means intentionally making the enemy team fed. You let your enemy kill yourself until your enemy is fed. You can’t even get the simplest of MOBA terms.


This is the most stupidest thing I’ve ever heard about mobile legends