Irithel Marksman Starter Guide-Build

Irithel Marksman Starter Guide Build

Irithel is one of the advanced Marksman in Mobile Legends. Her passive (Jungle Heart) made her unique compared to other marksman. She can run and hit at the same time! and shot 3 arrow each attack, each arrow has 42% of her physical damage. So, she can deal 126% of her physical attack each attack, but the attack speed is quite slower compared to other Marksmans. Mastering this hero will make you and your team easier to counter low hp heros ,esspecially mages. Her ultimate can deal splash area great damage that can even wipe out the whole enemy team! (with a few shots)

Irithel Marksman Starter Guide-Build

Skills tips and skills combination tips

(Passive) Jungle Heart Irithel and Leo know each so well that allows her to shoot while moving. Each basic attack shoots out 3 heavy arrows(it takes a while to reload the heavy bow), each arrow deals 42% physical damage(Only the first arrow can trigger gear passive abilities).


  • Jungle Heart is a passive skill that makes Irithel to hit enemies while running or moving.
  • This passive is so beneficial that you can attack enemy who are chasing at you while running but its attack speed is quite slow ,so you need some attack speed items.


  • The only first arrow out of the three arrows can trigger the passive abilities (eg, slow effect)

(1st Skill) Strafe Shoots a round of arrows, dealing 250/280/310/340/370/400 physical damage to the enemies in the area and reducing their physical defense by 15/24/33/42/51/60 for 3s.


  • This skill should be used as initial when you attack enemy, this skill reduce enemies defense armor greatly,so you can deal even more damages to heavy armor heroes especially tanks.This skill can give great damage while cleaning lanes.
  • You can use this skill as initial on monsters to reduce their armors.


  • This skill CANNOT deal damage to too near targets, you need a bit distance from target to cast this skill against enemies.
  • Thats why you should use this skill only as initial when you attack monsters.

(2nd Skill) – Force of The Queen Leo shouts loudly, dealing 200/230/260/290/320/350 physical damage to the enemies in the area and reducing their movement speed by 80% for 2s.


  • You can use this skill to slow the enemies and deal some damage during battle.
  • You can use this skill to slow the enemies while you are chasing them
    or escaping.


  • You should not use this skill when escaping from enemy alone!
  • It will self stun/stop the hero for 0.7s! and you could have been caught by enemy.
  • This skill is more suitable for chasing enemies.

(Ultimate) – Heavy Crossbow – Jumps forward and equips a heavy crossbow that increases her basic attack by 10%/20%/30%, dealing physical damage to an enemy and nearby enemies for 15s.


  • Heavy Crossbow is the ultimate skill of irithel, you should use this skill before team battle.
  • This skill’s basic attack Critical damages are REALLY CREEPY , dealing 1500-2400 dmg to the target and nearby enemies! ( the situation with only 4 items/gears.)
  • You only need 3-5 hits to kill a mage. If enemies are stick together, it will deal damages to all of them!
  • It’s also good in dealing damage to turret too, it only take a bit of time to destory a turret with her ulti’s basic attack.
  • You can use this skill to escape from enemy too.


  • In order to cast this skill, you have to jump toward a location,if there is an battle in front of you ,DON’T cast this skill forward! It make jump into the enemies! In this case, you should jump left or right instead of jumping forward or backward.
  • Pro Tips : You should jump into a bush and try to shot enemies from bush. It will make enemies less care to you and try to shot enemies from behind.

Skills Combo and strategy


  • Assuming there is a team battle in front of you.
  • Use 3rd Skill (Ulti) jump into a suitable place – Use 1st skill to enemies and shots –
    Use 2nd skill to slow down enemies.


  • Not only irithel ,every marksman need to jungle and stay in mid lane,
    but with irithel you can jungle easier than other Marksman.
  • You should hit monster while moving to minimize receiving damage from monsters.
  • Jungle Item lvl 2 and battle spell Retribution recommended for faster jungling.

Skills Leveling

  • Lvl 1: Strafe(1st skill) (1/6)
  • Lvl 2: Force of the queen (2nd skill) (1/6)
  • Lvl 3: Strafe(1st skill) (2/6)
  • Lvl 4: Heavy Crossbow (ulti) (1/3)
  • Lvl 5: Strafe (1st skill) (3/6)
  • Lvl 6: Force of the queen (2nd skill) (2/6)
  • Lvl 7: Strafe (1st skill) (4/6)
  • Lvl 8: Heavy Crossbow (ulti) (2/3)
  • Lvl 9: Strafe (1st skill) (5/6)
  • Lvl 10: Force of the queen (2nd skill) (3/6)
  • Lvl 11: Strafe (1st skill) (6/6)
  • Lvl 12: Heavy Crossbow (ulti) (3/3)
  • Lvl 13: Force of the queen (2nd skill) (4/6)
  • Lvl 14: Force of the queen (2nd skill) (5/6)
  • Lvl 15: Force of the queen (2nd skill) (6/6)

Note: Prioritize Skill 1 and lvl up ulti if available and lvl up skill 2 last.

Recommended Battleground Spells

Retribution – To be able to farm quickly and equip gears as soon as possible ,so that she can deal BIG damage.

Inspire – Enhance the attack speed greatly and ignore some armors. (Should use after casting ulti)

Recommended Equipment Set

Irithel Damage Build

For Jungling you should buy first Hunters Knife (Price – 280) and upgrade to 2nd lvl jungle item nimble blade or pillagers axe.

Upgrade to Nimble Blade if u like more damage or pillager’s axe if u want some defense.

1. Swift Boots – +15% Attack Speed , Unique : +40 Movement Speed (Price – 710).


  • At early game , Irithel is quite slow at movement and attacking. She needs some movement speed and some attack speed for hit and move.
  • So, you should buy it first.

2. Berserkers Fury – +65 Physical ATK , +25% Critical Chance, Unique : +40% Crit Damage, Unique Passive-Doom: Crit strikes will increase one’s physical attack 5%, lasting 2s. (Price – 2200)


  • This gear is important for Irithel because she need critical damage.Her ulti is more powerful when critical damage strike and this gear’s unique effect also add critical strike’s damage 40%.

3. Windtalker – +25% attack speed ,+20 Movement Speed,+20% Critical Chance ,Unique Passive- Typhoon:After every 4 basic attacks, the next basic attack must deal 125 magic damage to 3 enemies. , Unique Passive-Activate:Each time Typhoon is cast, one’s movement speed will be increased 5% for a short time. (Price – 2070)


  • Give Irithel some more attack speed (she really need more attack speed compared to other marksman), some movement speed for hit and shot enemies and more mobility and more critical chance for deal more insane damage.

4. Haass Claws – +70 Physical Attack , Unique: +20% Lifesteal , Unique Passive-Insanity:When HP drops below 40%, the hero will receive an extra 10% physical lifesteal. (Price – 1810).


  • This gear is a basic requirement for marksman. With lifesteal , just attack monsters or minions to fully recover your HP, without needing to recall.

5. Scarlet Phantom – +30 Physical Attack , +40% Attack Speed , +10% critical chance , Unique Passive-Frenzy:Crit Strikes will increase the hero’s attack speed 25% and crit strike rate 5%, Lasting 2s. (Price – 2120)


  • Give Irithel even more attack speed , some extra damage, and some critical chance. This gear’s unique works perfectly if there were enough critical chance rate, that’s why I added this gear at 5th.(really fast attack speed and nice damage when using ulti)

6. Blade of Despair – +170 Physical attack,+10% attack speed , Unique Passive-Despair:Deals an extra 10% damage to an enemy in any abnormal state (stunned,Knocked airborne,transformed,disabled).


  • This gear will give max damage and some attack speed, that make Irithel will do more creepy strike.

Recommended Emblem Set

The emblem set for Irithel is Jungle Emblem Set. It will give you ATK Speed, Physical ATK, Armor, Movement SPD, HP and Magic RES.

Irithel need attack speed , so this set will suitable.

If Jungle Emblem Set level is lower than 25 , you can use Physical Emblem Set.

Irithel’s Partner Heros

Heros who have Stun(CC) skills

  • Tigreal – His ulti is best combo with Irithel’s Ultimate
  • Aurora
  • Lapu Lapu

Heros countered by Irithel

Low HP heroes esspecially mages.

  • Gord – Irithel’s passive can avoid from his skill and counter back
  • Franco – His can’t hook Irithel easily, like fanny
  • Aurora

Irithel has been countered by

Generally countered by assassins (which immunes to basic attack) and mages

3 heroes that counter Irithel

  • Natalia – Immune from Irithel’s Basic attack and easily can kill Irithel
  • Aurora – Freeze Irithel and can deal damage to Irithel
  • Karina – Immune from Irithel’ Basic attack and can deal deadly damage to Irithel


Irithel is a Tank/Semi-Tank dependent hero. So, Don’t go and attack solo because she is a Marksman(mean low HP and easily died)

Always shot enemies from protection ,such as bushes , walls etc.Always stay behind of Tanks and Fighters.She can deal great turret damage and enemy heroes damage more than other Marksman if well-played.

Mastering this hero and I can surely say that you can get Maniac/Savage more often and easily! (Because of her ultimate)

Have a nice day and thank you for reading my guide.

from “khantzawhein“!

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