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Immortal Build for Alice


Hi everyone, i found the Immortal Build for Alice, what you think about this build? I think try this builds and say your experience maybe its gonna work.

Sick of seeing default Alice builds(pure mage build) being used by players. Alice Passive together with her second and ultimate skill should already made you realize that she’s a front liner. Even if items 1-4 doesn’t give additional magic damage, you’ll find out that she still can deal decent amount of damage upto mid game. Your ideal team would be 2 fighters, 1 assassin, and 1 range.

Note: once you get items 1-3 on early game, don’t forget to participate on clash. Always move forward as a bait to take damage. Prioritize your stun skill to range and support enemies. You can even dominate a lane when you have items 1-3 Natalia, Yun Zhao, saber,  etc would be a joke to you.

Slot 1-3 item for early game
+ Slot 4 item for mid game
+ 5-6  for late game
*you can substitute the boots with a warrior boots, depends on you

from “richmar3” thank you for that.

Immortal Items for Alice

Firstly get this item:

Blade Armor


Rapid Boots


Cursed Helmet


Bloodthirsty King


Blood Wings


Blood Wings

Maybe you can try this build, i think very durable and powerful… Don’t forget the comment ^^

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Henrique Cutrim Silvério
Henrique Cutrim Silvério

thanks for all builds and tips <3


Cooldown reduction is crucial in my opinion. so instead of blademail get dominance ice


If used this build many times works well for initiate clash and 1v1 but must make sure team is hitting hard..still needs cooldown to speed up

Lorenzo Santos

Hi, I have tried this build and I loved it. Bought Alice now, I changed the other wing to Fleeting Time as the 2nd to the last build as you will be killing heroes at this time. Cool down is almost instant.

Lady Oud

I love this! It’s amazing. The only thing that bothers me here would be the regeneration of mana. But if you diligently use heal and make sure to conserve it, you’ll be fine. After all, your durability is awesome!!!


this build is fucked up man