Hylos Best Damage Build (Really Hard!)

Mobile Legends Hylos Best Damage Build

First of all okay Hylos is the Tank but let’s try this damageful build, you will not regret it dude. Hylos’ second skill will overpowered when use this items.

Don’t forget your mana is really finish quickly!

Hylos Best Damage Build

Firstly: Haass Claw

Haass Claws

+70 Physical Attack

Unique: +20% Lifesteal

Unique Passive – Insanity: When HP drops below 40%, the hero will receive an extra 10% physical lifesteal.

Then: Swift Boots

Swift Boots

+15% Attack Speed

Unique: +40 Movement Speed

Then: Scarlet Phantom

Scarlet Phantom

+30 Physical Attack

+40% Attack Speed

+10% Critical Strike Chance

Unique Passive – Frenzy: Crit strikes will increase the hero’s attack speed 35% and crit strike rate 5%, lasting 2s.

Then: Bloodlust Axe

Bloodlust Axe

+70 Physical Damage

+10% Cooldown Reduction

Unique Passive – Bloodthirsty: When skills cause damage, heals 20% of damage as HP for the hero.

Then: Blade of the 7 Seas

Blade of the 7 Seas

+65 Physical Attack

+300 HP

+20% Attack Speed

Unique Passive – Fury: Basic attacks will increase hero’s movement speed 10%.

Unique Passive – Steamroll: Skills will lower the target’s physical defence by 25 points (applied before damage), lasts for 2 second.

Finally: Blade of Despair

Blade of Despair

+170 Physical Attack

+10% Attack Speed

Unique Passive – Despair: Deals an extra 10% damage to an enemy in any abnormal state (stunned, knocked airborne, transformed, disabled).

Shortly Best Damage Build for Hylos

Mobile Legends Hylos Best Damage Items

Hylos Battle Spells


Mobile Legends Inspire

Greatly enhances the hero for a short period of time. The next 8 basic attacks will ignore 25 pts of target’s physical defense and increase your hero’s attack speed 55%. Lasts 5s. Cooldown 60.0s

Hylos Emblem Set

Physical Emblem

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