How To Use: Bruno


Here I will tell how to use the hero bruno properly and good according to me, if youcould use a hero bruno you will kill penta easy to get. Believe me.
Bruno, I know that you already know this hero. Do you guys know that hero is verygreat. We know that the hero bruno had a very good skill.



Passive Skill

Whenever a skill we wear will cause damage to bruno add 4% critical attack effect, up to 5 times

Cooldown: 10 Which Cost: 80
Kick balls at specific targets, the effect of 230 Points of Physical damage and slows the target of 55%. Bruno and his team will be able to reduce the cooldown on this skill

Cooldown: 7 Where Cost: 55
Bruno uses slide tackel kedapan, and menstun units of the opponent and the effect of 140 pts from physical damage

Cooldown: 35 Where Cost: 140
Kick Energy Ball filled with energy in the hero on the go. Effect of 250pts physical damage and reflecting the ball to an enemy. Energy Ball will then continue to the bouncing ball up could not bounce.

We know basically you already understand about all of the skill of the hero bruno, and then you can play the hero easily if you have tricknya tips and. Do you already know? How to use the hero bruno right?

How do I use Video references bruno:

In the video explained using, here I will explain to you using the English language.




1.Set The Build
We know basically hero bruno just focus on attack speed and phsical damage. Because this hero has a very useful skill for other members. Want to heroes have skill stunt in a few seconds. I will give some examples of the build version of me.

Bruno Build

the picture above is an example build bruno, in the build that I put the attack speed,physical attacks, and Lifesteal. Remember, in the red box, for me it mandatory you use. Why is this so? Because the hero bruno is absolutely need these 3 items namelyLifesteal, Attack speed. Due to physical attacks you can add the next 3 items.


2. Go Jungle
Perhaps you are not familiar to this case, the jungle is a nice tips for all the hero because basically jungle thing that helps in the formation of items quickly so too we get exp. To remember doing jungle when line tower there is a hold or the tower are secure. You will easily kill your enemy when your items have already been formed in advance


3. Playing Safe
The next trick is so important, you have to understand this. Why you should play it safe? because you are using the hero Role of the shooter, unlike when you use the hero type tank with a strong defense. So when you’re in the war remains in the rear position of the tanker it eases you into the game,


4.Use A Buff
Buff is a very reasonable thing for we take before the start of the war. What is buff?Buff is the effect of the extra we can get when killing monsters. You can get additional effects when you kill a monster on a folder like the image below.

The picture above is the location of the monsters we can kill so that we could get an extra effect, where we’ll get the effect:

    Effek Cooldown
    Attack Speed


5. Don’t be a Fedder
Fedder? Fedder is where you very easy to inadvertently killed or you free of chargegiving you to kill the enemy. One of the causes of the defeat in the play is fedder. When you play as a fedder you there will be no hope for a win


Tip and trick I created according my experience, probably still much build-build the other because basically every player has its own convenience. This is just a science references so that you can play well.


Thank you.

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Thank you my friend, it’s very good post.

Best regards…

master puttin
master puttin

is lifesteal applicable to bruno