How to Mute and Report Player? [Pictorial]

How to Mute and Report Player - Pictorial

Hi everyone, i publish a guide that everyone should know. You can ask questions by commenting. How to Report and Mute in-Game MLBB?

Mobile Legends Report-Mute Guide

Hello Dear Players,

I am going to show you how to mute and report a player in-game.
Most of you may have known about it but some of you didn’t, so here it is…

How to Mute a Player?

1. Click on this KDA icon located on top right corner.

Mobile Legends How to Mute-1

2. You will see there is icon like bubble thingy.

Mobile Legends How to Mute-2

3. Just click on the icon and if it shows as picture below, then you’ve succeed in muting a player in-game.

Mobile Legends How to Mute-3

The muted player can still read your chats but not you.
Attack/Retreat/Request Backup Alerts are still functional between you and the muted player.

How to Report a Player?

1. On top right corner, you can see there is ‘exclamation mark’ icon visible in red. Click on that.

Mobile Legends How to Report-1

2. After you clicked on the icon, beside each players Hero icon will shows the exclamation mark. Choose which player you want to report (Multiple reports are possible).

Mobile Legends How to Report-2

3. New window will pops up for you to choose what kind of violations the reported player did.

Mobile Legends How to Report-3
  • Going AFK: A player who went AFK during the game.
  • Negative Gameplay: A player who was deliberately feeding to enemy players, etc.
  • Using Cheat: A player who purposely use cheat/hack tools in-game.
  • Foul Languages: A player who uses bad words, racism, etc.

How to Report a Public Chat?

1. Report a player’s chat from Public Chat in-game. Only Report when the chat content is violating the rules.

Mobile Legends How to Report Public Chat-1

2. Tap on the player’s chat content, a small window will pops-up then choose ‘Report’.

Mobile Legends How to Report Public Chat-2

3. Report a player’s chat based on what he/she typed. Fill in the column below to provide more reasons.

Mobile Legends How to Report Public Chat-3
  • Foul Languages, Assaulting and Abusing Words: A player who chatted bad words, racism, etc.
  • Ads Spam, Account Trading: A player who chatted an advertisements (i.e. web phishing, etc.) and buying/selling accounts.
  • Inappropriate Avatar: A player’s Avatar which is in-appropriate (i.e. nudity).
  • Other: You can choose this if a player’s chat content is like hating/flaming, or which doesn’t represent any options above and etc.

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Admin..can u please match me with the better team…I met so many afk player and alrdy report but its only for few hours or easy for them to make mistake again cause their acc still safe eventho ppl have been report..I met so many noob also and only drop my star on ranked..please help