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I wanna show good tactics and strategies about Natalia. You can use this tips again Natalia. So you will counter Natalia! This post from “Alpha1423”.

Hey guys I just wanted to try my hand at a counter hero series, and I’d like to start with Natalia. While I’ve only played a handful of games with her, I’ve obviously played against her time and time again. I chose her because she is very strong against new players who don’t understand what she does.

Natalia plays a lot like rikimaru in dota, almost always invisible, and has a ridiculously powerful cloud which makes you unable to use basic attacks, and is able to silence you, and closes gaps and escapes easily. Her biggest weaknesses are that she is squishy, and has a reasonable cool down on her cloud skill.

One thing to remember is that if she takes damage while invis, she will appear. This makes heroes like Rafaela, Alice, and Saber strong against her. Heroes she is strong against have no way to damage an area around them (revealing her anytime you see a !) and are useless when silenced or unable to attack (everyone?).
Remember, her most powerful skill by far is the cloud, as this is her only team fight ability and her only way to get someone to take her ult damage. She’s very good at roaming and getting kills with a hero advantage, but against a team who is ready for her, she will struggle a lot.

So how do we hunt a Natalia? Well it’s actually quite easy. For example, my favorite hero Saber will make her life a living hell. His skills all go thru the cloud and deal a lot of damage, plus you can constantly cast the swords and deal damage to nearby bushes where she dwells. If you have a good sense for where she will be, you can charge in to the bushes, and when she tries to jump away just follow up with your ult, then another charge. Remember it takes a couple seconds before she can leave a bush invis, and then 5 seconds outside a bush before she has to return. If you play just a few games against bots you will get a good feel for how she moves, even watch replays of your teammates. If Natalia is behind in a game she is very useless, basically just silences one hero if lucky, then drops her cloud, then dies quickly.

Other heroes who can play strong against her are tanks. For example Minotaur doesn’t really care about the 2s silence or the cloud. He is too tanky. To be killed in 2 seconds, and he never has to turn his back to Natalia. Akai is great because he can jump in to a cloud, and roll to disrupt the hell out of her, even pulling her in to tower range and away from bushes. He can also jump in to bushes that she runs in to and prevent her from going invis.

Now that we have a good idea how to kill her, what are some ways we can survive her?

Some heroes are just trash tier against Natalia. If your playing Eudora, Layla, or Gord, the early game will be difficult. You have no reliable way to get out of the cloud, weak early game damage, and really don’t like gap closers. Play defensively with these heroes when Natalia is not visible, and make sure you do not feed her kills. If you can go 8 minutes without dying you will usually have an advantage. Mid to late game these heroes can blow

Natalia up even in her cloud. Natalia is an early game hero, one of the few who can gank lv 1 with invis in to cloud. However if everyone is six slotted, she is very weak. She will die accidentally to a farmed Alucard or even a single Saber ult.

A few honorable mentions go to some powerful disable heroes every team should have. These are heroes like Nana, Freya, Tigreal, and Alice again (!!!) Freya does struggle under the cloud but can jump out of it or wait until it’s gone to jump in. With Alice, anytime you see a ! Just pop your ult, orb her, stun her, kill her. So easy. Nana is the worst hero I was against with Natalia.

Always with the boomerang and the cat hex and the ultimate. It all just sucks, and she’s never alone so you can’t just kill her. My last mention goes to Karina. She can evade basic attacks and just run out of the cloud, and can match movement speed and mobility quite well. Natalia wants easy kills, early game. She does not farm fast without items, and she is almost always squishy. So just always assume she is in your lane unless she is showing in another one, don’t let her farm you or your allies early (Rafaela with arrival is an excellent counter) and make sure you kill her at every opportunity.

Hopefully this unorganized guide helps at least a little bit in your endeavors against Natalia, I will try to release my next hero (saber) soon.

Hey this post from “Alpha1423” Thank you… You can add your idea by commenting. And also you can write at Mobile-Legends.Net

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this is actually useful..
waiting for another counter-hero article from you..

Some Random Dude
Some Random Dude

I use karina, i kill a lot of natalie.


The thing is, Natalia has a steep learning curve, while Karina is easier, thus she suffers in higher elo where Chou, Freya, Eudora are scattered.
Natalia often got ban in high elo while drafting, but I rarely see people ban Karina, she’s quite similar with Alucard, one trick pony.
I myself never ban Karina, nor Estes or Raf, they’re quite easy to counter..

Some Random Dude
Some Random Dude

Anyway this is very very useful. i’m hoping that you will make more of this.