How to Counter Fanny

Mobile Legends How to Counter Fanny

The question is by Mobile Legends player, I have met a lot of Fanny pros these days mainly in classics and it’s really hard to counter or kill her, especially if you are in the same lane against her (even in 2 vs. 1). If I am out of my turret to clear minion waves, she will attack me and I have to recall most of the time. If I stay under my turret to wait for minions, she will dive into turret even a stun can’t stop her easily. It’s classics so not many of us pick counter heroes for Fanny. We can’t do anything if she tries to steal our jungle monsters, even tanks can’t resist from her in early and maybe in mid games. I tried to attack her with the tank and yup she almost killed both my mage and tank. I played all sort of heroes (all roles), but can’t counter Fanny easily. Can someone give me tips to counter Fanny in early, mid and late game?

Here is the answer maybe it could help you.

How to Counter Fanny

Hi…I’ve been pawned by some pro fanny many times, (I think, I can say because she managed to maniac us)

but based on my experience, I suddenly get a hang on it and developed my own strategies.

– When she’s there, stay under the turret, but make sure you had cleared minions first
since she can use enemy minions as a decoy to tower dive you.

– Mage/Marksman can still clear minions at a distance, so it is safe to stay under
a tower, but still be mobile so she will fail when she attempts to tower dive you.
If she is difficult to avoid, at least position yourself to her landing point so
you can just go slightly up and down to evade it.

– If you are a fighter or melee, you should still clear minions first, but still
stay close on a turret, you just have to anticipate where she is flying. So you can avoid
her swords while on mid air…on top and bottom lane, I stay near the lake
because there is a huge gap that fanny can’t launch her cables easily to combo you,
if she managed to land a cable, it is a long one so you can predict where she is going.

– It is still best to fight her with a team mate and not 1 vs 1. You need one
to cc her and another one to dish out damage to kill her or make her flee at least.

– When you cc her, if in mid air, make sure it is near the turret range.
So the turret can damage her. You can also cc her to her landing point and bully her
with your team mate.

– When you are in the jungle and hopefully your auto lock is on,
when her icon appears, escape immediately. The wall gaps are smaller in
the jungle and she can combo you easily there. If you can still get
the jungle she is attempting to steal from you then that’s good work,
but if not, then sacrifice it already, specially if you are 1 v 1.
2 vs 1 with her might still work if you have cc skills, though.

– On clash, when she flies, I try to spread out from my team mates so
we won’t all get stacked by her marks all at the same time.

– Also, on clash, she will always attempts to go in last by going
on the sides or the backline, so if she is really a pro, save all
cc skills for her and all of you shift your focus on her, spread out and kill
her as quickly as you can. She can be squishy late game so this can be possible.
It has to be quick so you can immediately go back to the postponed clash,
by this time they are discouraged because their pro fanny is down.

– If you have cc heroes, it will be easier, but if not, you have to be wiser
and learn to anticipate her flight directions and where she lands, as said
from the previous comment.

– Her landing moment, she is quite vulnerable as there are animation before
she can fully fly again, position yourself on such that you are far from the
wall so she will fly on an opposite direction with a nearer wall that won’t hit you.
Examples are being on top or bottom of her (since walls are in the left/right)

– Keep distance while she is flying. And anticipate her moves so she won’t stack
marks on you. It takes practice but it will be easier as you get used to it.

– sometimes she will use retribution on you while she is flying so let her
use retribution first before you flicker.

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