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How MVP Works

Mobile Legends How MVP Works

Hi everyone, if you are curious about MVP Calculation, you can look the example and MVP formula for you. So you can accept your result finally.

MVP is calculated through Kills (1 point) + Assists (0.75 points), with each death resulting in -0.5 points.

For example: 2 players get 5-5-20 and 15-3-5.

The first player gets 5 kills (5 x 1) + 20 assists (20 x 0.75) – 5 deaths (5 x 0.5) = (5 x 1) + (20 x 0.75) – (5 x 0.5) = 5 + 15 – 2.5 = 17.5

The second player gets 15 kills (15 x 1) + 5 assists (5 x 0.75) – 3 deaths (3 x 0.5) = (15 x 1) + (5 x 0.75) – (3 x 0.5) = 15 + 3.75 – 1.5 = 17.25

So MVP goes to the first player.

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It would be nice if the point distribution was based on your role instead of generalized. I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten more assists on Tigreal or any support than the MVP had for kills with roughly the same deaths. MVP is very difficult to get on a support character and most people look at MVP records when choosing groups(squads now).


what the difference between mvp and mvp of the team??

[R3KT] Hessel

you get an MVP of the team when you lose a game when you were the best of your team and a normal MVP when you are the best of the winning team

I’ve gotten a lot of MVP’s as support and it’s really frustrating, especially when I end up babysitting the whole team and we’re basically hopeless. I like Estes a lot (he’s my other main other than Eudora), but my win rate with him is a staggering 35%. On a side note, it’s actually quite easy to get MVP as support (I maxed out the Ringer achievement in one game as Estes, I think when I was at Elite 3) All you have to do is participate in team fights often (it’s really fun for an Estes main especially when you… Read more »
Most likely players will see the MVP as the most skillful player, rather the MVP criteria is just numbers. I have played tank, practiced how to maximize its durability. I have not aimed for the kill, as along as i am able to absorb the damage for my team, i get a lot of assist, 30 assists was the most i could remember-gets the MVP(most of the time like lets say 70% of my total matches with 76% win rate) and of course as much as possible don’t get yourself killed-no worries your a tank so you must be really… Read more »

I was once the MVP, and i have the score 3-7-12/K-D-A my other teammate got 10-2-13 BUT i still got the MVP.. How was that? i even got the lowest gold count? but probably received the most damage since i’m a pure tank. i have the screenshot in case you don’t believe me, but i’ll post it only if someone asks for it