Hilda New Hero ABILITIES REVEALED – First Look


Hilda: Power of Megalith – Watch the full video to get an idea of what the new heroes abilities will do and how they work.

Hilda’s Skills

Passive: Once Hilda walks into a bush, she gets increased HP regeneration for X amount until she leaves the area. Furthermore, Hilda also gets a shield for X amount of her health during the entire duration. Persists for X amount of time after leaving area.

Skill 1: Clicking her first skill once will increase her movement speed for x amount while double tapping the ability will damage all enemies in front of her.

Skill 2: This ability deals x damage on the enemy(s?) in front of Hilda and knocking them back. The damage increases as Hilda’s physical damage rises.

Ult: Hilda will jump into the target enemy and deals high damage upon impact. Upon landing, the impact will also affect nearby enemies for a percentag of the damage inflicted on the primary target.

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Hi. Is the easter egg event end? The highlight there still show 1 days 5 hour remain but I cant get any egg after match.tq