Hilda Analysis – Guide

    Mobile Legends Hilda Power of the Megalith

    Here there is good tips and guides about Hilda, this guide not detailed for now, in the futures i will publish very nice guides for you my friend. Also you can add your suggestions and advises by commenting.

    Hilda Analysis – Guide

    I hope the release of Hilda in Mobile Legends will bring a jungle meta. This actually brings endless debate if it is worthy to play jungle in game right now. I believe that they really need to release a champion that has meant to be a jungle so this role will be introduce in the meta. The answer is releasing Hilda in Mobile Legends, wherein her skills have advantage in jungle. As you can see her abilities will let you boost your damage when you are in bush, she has also movement speed buffs which is perfect in playing a jungle role. Ultimate she has a cool lock down to increase her crowd control and threat to the game.

    Now for you to play the maximum potential of this hero, I prepared a guide below to check out. This will help you carry your team through ganking and dominating every lane for your teammate. So if you want to play the way I am, you can refer to perfect build in terms of skills and itemization. Let’s go

    Hilda Skill Analysis

    Blessing of Wilderness – Hilda’s Hp regen speed increases when she’s in the bush. Entering the bush will give her a shield that absorbs an amount of damage equal to 10% of her max HP, lasting 5 seconds. This effect can only be triggered every 10 seconds. When Hilda’s Hp drops lower than 25%, she can obtain a great Hp regen ability. This effect can only be triggered every 120 seconds. This will makes her a perfect jungle hero benefits in almost all situation in jungle camp. Maximize her passive so you can clear jungle camp faster.

    Combat Ritual – Activates the great sword’s rune power, increasing Hilda’s own movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds. Additionally will increase the damage dealt in next basic attack 200 physical damage to target and slows it down. The enemy behind the target will receive 120 physical damage. This will makes her a permanent threat to her opponent. You have a very good ganking potential with this ability. So don’t waste any minute of not roaming around to other lane.

    Art of Hunting – Locks onto one enemy target for pursuit, skill can be released 3 times maximum, the 2nd attack will deal damage to target’s surroundings, the 3rd attack will knock back target and surrounding enemies temporarily, each time dealing 120 physical damage. Your primary source of crowd control. Movement speed is useless if you can’t pin down your target. Make sure that you are going punish your target with this ability.

    Power of Wildness – Hilda jumps toward the target and slashes powerful, dealing 700 physical damage to the target and temporarily stuns the target, at the same time dealing physical damage to enemy units surrounding the target. Each kill or assist will increase the Power of Wildness, and increase the skill’s physical damage by 40 up to 10 layers maximum. Once the maximum layer is reached, damage to enemies will further increase by 80. A good assassin should a good burst that can eliminate a target in few seconds. Power of Wildness gives a decent damage to complete the kit of Hilda in dominating every lane she gank.

    Hilda Strategy Guide

    As a jungle I highly recommend reading my advance guide in jungle to familiarize yourself on how to be a good jungle in Mobile Legends. Also as a jungle it is also good to know the re spawn time so you can plan your gank. Maximize your roaming and ganking potential in game. This will not only gives threat to your opponent but a morale boost to your team knowing that you are there for them in case that they need assistance. This is my reason why I play jungle as main, so I can promote teamwork in game which most player don’t know.

    In late game or clash, you need to ensure that you are going to assassinate the threat to your team as well as hero that you can burst down with all your kit. Like what I’ve said it is not good idea to engage with tank because you are not a fighter or carry. All you need to do is to find a good target, assassinate or intimidate it and then escape.

    +Good ganking potential
    +Fast jungle clear
    +Natural Tank

    -Requires teammate cooperation
    -Hard to get back when left behind.
    -Lack of sustain
    -Always get FF

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