Hayabusa Hero Guide and Build

Hayabusa Hero Guide and Build

Basically Hayabusa guide! There are skill tips, leveling order, combination. Recommended emblem set and ability. Giving nice Hayabusa gear set. You can find out who your counter and counter you. Go play Hayabusa and see how you kill the enemy!

Hayabusa Hero Guide and Build

Skill Tips

(Passive) Ninjutsu: Shadow Heal – After dealing ability damage on the same target for 4 times, Hayabusa’s Hp will restore. The lower his Hp is, the more it will restore.

(First Skill) Phantom Shuriken – Throws out three shurikens in a fan-shaped area in front of him. Each shuriken deals 270 physical damage to the enemy it hits and lowers movement speed by 50%. The same enemy can take up to 200% damage. If 3 shurikens all hit the same hero, then Hayabusa will regen 50% of his spent mana.

(Second Skill) Quad Shadow – Releases four phantoms of himself in 4 directions. When a phantom encounters an enemy hero, it will cause a 50% slow down effect, deal 130 physical damage, and burrow itself into the enemy’s body. The next use of this ability will move Hayabusa to the phantom’s location, and if directed towards a phantom inside of an enemy, it will deal an additional 130 physical damage to the enemy.

(Ultimate) Ougi: Shadow Kill – Turns into a shadow and dashes around the battlefield, dealing multiple hits of damage to enemies within a certain area. Each attack deals 160 physical damage. Damage will increase 5% per hit for multiple hits in a row on the same hero. One of the best skill in game that Hayabusa has. Most players are picking this hero because of his ultimate.

Hayabusa Skill Leveling Order

  1. Phantom Shuriken – This will help you kill the minions and jungle monsters fast for rapid level and gold. Also the skill can help you escape from enemy because of the slow effect of the skill.
  2. Quad Shadow – Automatically you will get the 2nd skill at level 2. This is the mobility skill of Hayabusa. This skill has a Multi function. (1. Enemy Escape 2. Farming Movement). Also the skill has a slow effect when contact with enemy.
  3. Phantom Shuriken – Damage Increase
  4. Ougi: Shadow Kill – At this time you have your ultimate. At early game hayabusa’s ult has a low damage cost intead use his ultimate to clear the minion wave fast this will help you to do more jungling to more gold.
  5. Phantom Shuriken – Damage Increase
  6. Quad Shadow – Cooldown Reduction
  7. Phantom Shuriken – Damage Increase
  8. Ougi: Shadow Kill – Cooldown Reduction + Damage Increase
  9. Phantom Shuriken – Damage Increase
  10. Quad Shadow – Cooldown Reduction
  11. Phantom Shuriken – Damage Increase
  12. Ougi: Shadow Kill – Cooldown Reduction + Damage Increase. At this rate you can 1hit enemies like Mage, Assassin and Fighter. More effective if your ahead of gold that’s why i recommend you to use your Ultimate to farm faster instead using it to the enemies.
  13. Quad Shadow – Probably at this rate nothing much has change because you already finish building up your Skill Reduction Items.
  14. Quad Shadow
  15. Quad Shadow

Skill Combination Tips

  • 1st Skill – When enemy is chasing you aim the shuriken right through the enemy inorder to slow them up.
  • 2nd Skill – Like the 1st skill the 2nd skill has the same effect of slowing your enemy, the advantage is you can teleport to your shadow in order to further the distance.
  • 1st Skill + 2nd Skill – Use the 1st skill to slow down or poke your enemy and aim the 2nd skill on the other side of the wall to fully escape.
  • 2nd Skill + 1st Skill – Use the 2nd skill right in front of your enemy or the enemy itself, then teleport in front and use your 1st Skill to gain damage and hastely go back to the other shadow to avoid getting hit by the enemy.
  • Ultimate + 1st Skill – During Mid to Late game Hayabusa can deal a large damage to enemy, more for if its 1v1. When enemy gank or deal damage to you use your Ultimate to gain damage + you will get a health regen because of the passive effect and lunch the 1st Skill to kill the enemy. BTW, 1st Skill deals a large amount of damage when all 3 shuriken hits the enemy so be sure to use it when enemy is in contact with you.

Last Combo. 2nd Skill + Ultimate + 1st Skill – This is much for safe play. Like the (5th Combo) the only difference is you will add your 2nd Skill. the 2nd Skill will help you to escape whenever you didn’t kill your enemy or to get out on the clash. This combo is very useful because you can do a tower dive to kill the enemy that has a low amount of HP and go back to avoid getting killed.

Recommended Battle Spell

Retribution – Hayabusa’s main role is assassin which means you should have the ability to be get stronger ahead to your allies or enemies that’s why i recommend to use Retribution to kill the jungle monsters fast and easy.

Arival – This spell is mostly not use in-game but to be honest this spell is very useful. I recommend Arival to Hayabusa because is the ability of Hayabusa to clear the minion wave fast. The spell has a two function: for push gaming and for quick ally respond. The 1st function will help hayabusa to teleport on the lane to push and destroy the torret while the enemies are busy doing clash or something. The 2nd function is for quick respond to your ally who needs help.

Hayabusa Assassin Build

Bonus Item: Hunters Knife

Note: Hayabusa’s Build should be a cooldown reduction build at the early game and physical damage build on the late game.

Item 1: Bloodlust Axe

Bloodlust Axe

Purpose: The item will help the passive skill of hayabusa to gain much more HP regen.

Item 2: Magic Shoes

Magic Shoes

Purpose: The description itself.

Item 3: Hunter Strike

Hunter Strike

Purpose: This item is for damage dealer at the same time for escape purposes because we all know the Hayabusa Skills deals multiply damage which means the item effect will activate incase you didnt kill the enemy.

Item 4: Rose Gold Meteor

Rose Gold Meteor

Purpose: The new item is usually the Magic Blade but they upgraded it. The item is the extension of Hayabusa’s HP because of the Shield. We all know that assassins have a least amount of HP so this item is very very useful for assassins.

Item 5: Malefic Roar

Malefic Roar

Purpose: More for additional damage, but very useful for push gaming also. Hayabusa has a great ability of fast minion wave clear this will give him the advantage to destroy turret instantly.

Item 6: Blade of Despair

Blade of Despair

Purpose: At this rate Hayabusa has the chance to 1hit the enemy using his Ultimate. Addition to that the passive will help the team during clash.

Hayabusa Assassin Build

Tips: When the game gets to a very late game i recommend to change Malefic Roar to another Blade of Despair this will greatly increase Hayabusa’s ATK damage.

Hero Capabilities

Lean Heroes

  • All Mages and Assassins – Mages and Assassins has a high damage capacity for a short period of time. This will help hayabusa to instantly kill the enemy using his Ultimate.

Counter Heroes

  • All Mages – Mages has a low amount of HP, during late game Hayabusa can instantly kill or 1 hit the mages.
  • Fanny- We know that Fanny is one of the best heroes in Mobile Legend and has a great mobility and combat skills. Hayabusa can use his Ultimate to kill Fanny because of the Ultimate ability to stick with the target no matter where the enemy goes.
  • Sun- Sun can gangbang anybody Haha, but not Hayabusa. Sun’s Ultimate summoned a clone with high attack damage to gank you but using Hayabusa’s Ultimate again he can easily kill the clones of Sun. That is a turnover.

Threat Heroes

  • Saber- Saber can easily get Hayabusa using his ultimate and Instantly kill with the help of his teammates.
  • Natalia- Natalia has a skill that can silence you (unable to use skill). This will help to kill Hayabusa before Hayabusa can use his skills and additional to that Natalia can be Invinsible everytime she goes to bushes.
  • Gatotkaca- Usually tank. Why Gatotkaca? because of his taunt. A great Gatotkaca can use his taunt to catch Hayabusa after his Ultimate that leads inorder for Hayabusa not to be able to use his Clone Escape.

Additional: Mages with stun skill can also counter hayabusa but should have a great timing skills.

Recommended Emblem Set

Emblem: Physical Assassin

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