Harley Features

Mobile Legends Harley

Powerful and Genius Mage Harley! One of the new hero from Mobile Legends! Let’s learn details about Harley, skins, story and of course skills!

Harley Features

Harley Role: Mage

Specialty: Damage-Cost

Durability: 4/10

Offense: 7/10

Ability Effects: 8/10

Difficulty: 6/10

Harley Price

Diamond Price 599,BP 32000

Harley Skills

Passive: Magic Master, Since he knows the essence of magic so well, Harley’s basic  attack will deal extra magical damage to the enemy.

Skill 1: Poker Trick, Harley shoots forward multiple rounds of cards at speed,  dealing magical damage to the first enemy hit. Each time an enemy is hit,  Harley’s attack speed will increase, up to 8 times, lasting 3s.

Skill 2: Space Escape, Harley disappears then reappears further forward, leaving  his magic hat behind. After using this skill Harley’s movement speed will  increase for a period of time; if this skill is used again within a short  time, Harley will return to his original spot where the hat is.

Ulti: Deadly Magic, Locks onto an enemy target in sight and launches a fire ring (can be  blocked by other heroes), dealing significant magical damage when it hits the  enemy, generating a big fire ring around the target for a few seconds.  Harley’s skills will then only need to hit the fire ring to deal damage to  the target, after the skills effect subsides additional magical damage will  be inflicted too.

Skill Build: ULT>Skill 1>Skill 2

Harley Story

There  lived a famous young mage – Harley in the Lion Academy of Magical City. He  was blessed by the Magical Goddess and was the star of the Academy, since he  was able to learn quickly and master any magical spell. Kids often need  adventure, so when Harley and his friends were exploring the jungle in the  middle of the night, they overheard the evil conspiracy of an organization  called “Dark Wizards”. The brave young men decided to stop them!  First, they needed to find the secret base of Dark Wizards and report to the  headmaster. But during the investigation, he accidentally activated a space  portal and teleported to the other side of the Land of Dawn – Scholar City.  With the help of the mecha master – Rooney, the brave and energetic boy and  his partner Lolita, Bruno, Alpha and Saber went back to the Magical City to  destroy the core of Demorte, the Boss of Dark Wizards. To improve his battle  techniques, Harley started his adventure in the Land of Dawn.

Harley Skins

Mobile Legends Naughty Joker Harley

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Just bought Harley.Hes OP,but i just watched Bluepanda’s video about leaked hero Mona and i regret buying Harley.Mona is OP!!


He is Lesley’s brother! hahaha