Grock – The Ancient Fortress Ultimate Guide

Grock The Ancient Fortress Ultimate Guide

Grock is one of the best tanks at the moment. This is due to his high sustain which is one of the best compared to others tanks. His crowd control and immense damage output is what makes him standout from other tanks. His early game potential is exceptional, especially with the aid of his abilities that allow him to advance and counter jungle afterwards. But his early game potential does not fall off in later stages of the game, it actually snowballs into the mid-game and late game. These assets are not seen in most tanks making Grock one of the more unique heroes in the game. He has been nerfed in the past, but is still a pick or ban hero in high elo.

Grock – The Ancient Fortress Ultimate Guide

Grock Laning

Laning is important to Grock because he is very good in the early game, and you can captialize that with proper positioning in the early game. Here are some proper laning that I use.

Top Side Trilane Advance

Top Side Trilane Advance

This pathing is especially done when you are in a trilane or dual lane playing for the turtle side. The technique with Grock is to stick to walls or turrets to proc his passive which gives him 10% increased movement speed so he can reach the creeps in time. Afterwards you can go for the Wraith (Jungle Monster near the first tower) and if not taken the red buff.

Contesting Blue Buff

Contesting Blue Buff

This is especially done when one of your enemies are buff dependent. In order to get there as quick as possible, you stick to walls and turrets to proc Grock’s passive which gives 10% incread movement speed. You hide in the bush and wait until they start attacking the blue buff, you initiate when the blue buff is half health. If they somehow manage to get the buff you go for a hero kill instead. Afterwards you either go for the Goblin or go back to lane.

Top Side Wave Clear

Top Side Wave Clear

If you won’t make it in time to advance, you can just clear the wave. After you clear lane you can either counter jungle or you can leash your carry. You can go for the Crab afterwards and make sure your carry is the one that gets the last hit, or if you are getting contested, just make sure your teams gets the gold.

Bot Side Advance

Bot Side Advance

This is done when the turtle spawns bot side, you either advance as a trilane or dual lane. And to be able to reach the creeps in time you stick to walls and turrets to proc Grock’s passive which grants him 10% increased movement speed. You can counter jungle afterwards or go back to lane.

Grock Skills

Passive: Ancestral Gift

When Grock is near a wall or turret, his movement speed increases by 10%, physical and
magic resistances and HP regen increase by 26-180 pts (this effect grows with level).

First Skill: Power of Nature

Raises weapon to sweep nearby enemies, dealing 300/360/420/480/540/600 physical damage and slowing them down for 2/2/2/2/2/2 seconds.

Damage scales with charge time. Stay near to a wall while casting this skill to become immune to Crowd Control effects.

Second Skill: Guardian’s Barrier

Fires a shockwave towards a target location, dealing 300/330/360/390/420/450 physical damage. Then the shockwave becomes a stone wall that blocks the enemies for 5/5/5/5/5/5 second.

Ultimate Skill: Wild Charge

Charges forward, dealing 300/400/500 physical damage to enemies on the path. Hitting a wall or a turret allows him to deal 900/1200/1500 physical damage to the nearby enemies and reduce cooldown of this skill by 30%/30%/30%.

Grock Skill Leveling

When leveling skills with Grock, you have to prioritize leveling up Wild Charge, but since you can only level it up in certain levels. You should level up the Power of Nature and just take Wild Charge whenever it is available. The reason why you max-out Power of Nature first over Guardian’s Barrier is because Power of Nature does more damage than Guardian’s Barrier, aside from that Power of Nature provides you immunity to certain crowd control when you pair it with Ancestral Gift

Skill Combo

Wall + Power of Nature

When you stick to a wall while charging your first skill. This combo will make you immune to some crowd control such as Franco and Cyclops Ultimate to name a few.

Guardian’s Barrier + Wild Charge

You put a wall behind/infront of the enemies and charge in using Wild Charge and deal immense amounts of damage while bringing your enemies airborne.

Power of Nature + Guardian’s Barrier + Wild Charge

This combo is used when you are in close proximity with your enemies, you hit your enemies with a full charged Power of Nature, place a Guardian’s Barrier behind/infront of the enemy and hit them with the finishing blow with a Wild Charge.

Wild Charge + Wall + Power of Nature

You use this combo in dire situations, if you are about to die or getting chase. You Wild Charge the wall to crowd control the enemies that are on you and run away using Power of Nature that gives you immunity to crowd control.

Grock Equipment Purchase Order

As a tank, you usually start with boots, but occasionally with Grock there are games that you got to poke a lot for example a hayabusa solo lane. In these situations is where two amulets will come in handy.

Bloodlust Axe

Bloodlust Axe

This build is good for normal types of line ups (2 mages, 1 assassin, 1 fighter and 1 tank). You might be surprized that you will build a Bloodlust Axe on Grock, but if you think about it, it makes sense since Grock’s Power of Nature and Wild Charge do a lot of damage and by building Bloodlust Axe we not only get health back each time we hit our skills but also increase the damage of them.

Boots of Tranquility

Boots of Tranquility

Boots of Tranquility is good because it increases the effect that Bloodlust Axe gives and +20  Health and Mana regeneration.

Dominance Ice

Dominance Ice

Dominance Ice is an item that all tanks should have because of how much it brings to the table it gives sustain, cool down reduction, and slow to nearby enemies.



Immortality is needed because when the enemy team burst out all their spells on you, you can comeback to the team fight with their skills on cool down.

Athenas Shield

Athenas Shield

Athena’s shield is a really important item especially with the mage meta, it gives magic resistance and a shield.

Ancient Ghostatue


Ancient Ghostatue is for the mobility needed in late game in which you have to rotate a lot defending towers and taking objectives.

Situational Items

These items are used when the enemy team is leaning towards more physical damage.

Demons Advent, Oracle, Rose Gold Meteor

Recommended Battle Spells


Petrify is used to synergize with Power of Nature and Wild Charge. You charge up your Power of Nature then Petrify to hold them in place or use it after intiating with Wild Charge.


You use Flicker either as an escape or something you use for initation.

Execute (situational)

You use Execute if you feel your team is lacking in damage.

Harmony With Other Heroes

There are heroes that work well with Grock, but there are also heroes that go against him or he goes against.

Threats to Grock

Akai – He is a Hard counter to Grock due to his ultimate that makes Grock immobile, and useless in a team fight.

Balmond – He is a soft counter to Grock, the only reason he is a threat is due to his ability to cancel Grock’s Wild Charge using Balmond’s second skill.

Kagura – She is a counter to Grock since Grock’s Power of Nature immunity is pierced by any skill Kagura has.

Hilda – The reason why she is on here is because she has the potential to kite Grock.

Partners With Grock

Kagura – Even tough she is a counter to Grock, together they can make a deadly combo. After Kagura casts her Ultimate, Grock can go in using Wild Charge.

Fanny – Together they are a lane you do not want to deal with, Grock’s Guardian Barrier helps fanny dive towers and be a nuisance in the early game.

Odette – While Grock is charging in using Wild Charge, Odette can go in using her ultimate and flicker dealing a ton of damage.

Rafaela – Rafaela’s ultimate and Grock’s ultimate have great synergy together.

Heroes That Are Bad Against Grock

Cyclops – Cyclops’ ulitmate can be immuned by Grock and leaving Cyclops with no ultimate and easy to kill.

Odette – Odette’s ulitmate can be canceled my Grock’s Wild Charge leaving Odette dead.

Gord – While Gord is channeling his ultimate, Grock can go behind and burst him down.

Nana – Nana’s second skill can be immune by Grock and making her an easy target.

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