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Great Teamwork – Ranked 5’s Tryouts Episode 1


Tryouts for SunBros squad, Sunsquad, and the ability to play Ranked 5’s in Season for with SunBros start with Episode 1. Watch the full video to see how GregLeagueGaming, Qiu Qiu & Matersun fare in their tryouts. Great strategy, team fighting, teamwork and communication.

If you also want to tryout for the Sunsquad please visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SunBros-265914693865127/ and comment on the Sunsquad tryout post with the information listed. We will be doing tryouts all week long so make sure you get yours in to get in Sunsquad!

Check out more great Mobile Legends videos at our SunBros Channel Page:

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