Gord of Destruction Guide-Build

Mobile Legends Gord of Destruction Guide Build

Good Day fellow ML players! I’m Totoy Brown, and it is my pleasure to share with you my playstyle for this hero: Gord.

Now before we begin, I want you all to know that this guide contains HIGHLY OFFENSIVE and HIGHLY FARM HUNGRY playstyle and might not fit yours. However, I will entertain questions in the thread and would appreciate any feedback. You could also ask some specifics if I haven’t mentioned any.

Gord of Destruction Guide-Build

Skill Tips and Skill Recommendation Tips

We prioritize leveling up to the max Skill 2: Mystic Injunction, then take Ult: Mystic Gush whenever we can, and lastly take Skill 1: Mystic Projectile.

The reason for this is because it is easier to clear minions and jungle monsters via Skill 2 + Passive.

Skill 2 procs damage every 0.5s, and with Gord’s Passive

Passive: Mystic Favor

Every 5 instances of skill damage will pop an instant 200 magical damage to the enemies hit as long as they stay inside the Mystic Injunction’s AOE (that’s if the enemies stay for 2.5s inside the AOE, assuming that skill 2 is your only damage source). In the long run, full damage while inside the AOE of your skill 2 is stronger than the burst from Skill 1. Also you’ll be able to clear waves and jungle monsters faster with a max skill 2 than a max skill 1.

Now let’s discuss how to use these skills.

Skill 1: Mystic Projectile

This skill hardly hits enemy heroes UNLESS you know how to aim it well. Computing or predicting when or where the enemy will be in the next few seconds is highly important in differentiating a mediocre Gord player from a pro Gord player.

The most efficient way to make use of this skill is to cast it while inside the bush and then proceed to instantly cast Skill 2 and then Ult. And yes, it is better to be able to drag this skill manually than casting it automatically by just tapping.

That is before you have bought the core item, Ice Queen Wand.

Skill 2: Mystic Injunction

Now this skill is your bread and butter in clearing everything so fast (aside from your ult, of course. That one’s a beast).

During the laning phase, be sure to use this skill where every enemy minion will get hit. That means you have to drag it manually, and not simply tap it.

When clearing waves of creeps, I prefer to cast skill 2 first, then skill 1. Both being dragged in the middle of the wave where the melee and ranged minions will get hit.

What’s so awesome about these two skills is that combined with your passive, they are able to clear the wave everytime, even when you’re not there. You can literally just throw off Skill 2, then Skill 1, then run away to jungle and still gain gold and exp even though you’re far away, since your skills are able to last hit the enemy wave. This is the reason why Gord is an awesome Jungler and why I take Retribution for him. With a combination of only these 2 skills, he can clear any camp or wave in a matter of seconds, and Gord doesn’t even have to be there to gain the EXP and Gold. Now which other hero can do that?!

Ult: Mystic Gush

This skill has a built in 10% slow, ticks damage every 0.3s, for 3 seconds. Combine that with the ticks of your skill 2, the stun of your skill 1, and the proc of your passive, then include Retribution and guess who can solo the turtle as soon as it spawns (more on that later)? Gord. In less than 10 seconds, the turtle is dead without you or your teammates having to go out of your lane for too long. This skill is also useful for jungling, and defending, when you have to clear that wave fast, or kill the Lord or enemy Lord in a matter of seconds, or even steal the enemy buff! Most of the time, it’s hitting 2 birds with one stone when stealing the enemy Karina’s buff using your ult.

If you jungled correctly, and had no problems during the first minute, then you should be level 4 and have learned Mystic Gush before 1.5mins. If you did, proceed to kill mid or gank the sidelanes, surprising them that you’re already level 4 while they’re still around level 2-3. Only those with flicker and jumps can survive your gank early game.

Mystic Gush has a 38s cd, and with the blue buff, has more or less 27seconds cd. If you ganked at 1.5mins, your ult will have finished its cooldown by 2min mark, just in time for you to solo kill the turtle.

How to Solo Kill The Turtle at 2 Min In Less Than 10 Sec

Okay so you should have laned middle, and always have gotten the buffs, cleared minion waves as fast as you can, and cleared your own jungle in order to hit level 4 ASAP. You must have bought a jungle knife for your first item, and have not upgraded it to the tier 2 jungle item before going for the turtle. You must also have taken Retribution for your battle spell.

Now you may opt to do this at exactly 2:00 game time, or you may want to clear the middle wave first in order to ensure that the enemy mid stays at mid defending the lane. Either way, you can do it fast without anyone noticing.

First, cast Retribution while simultaneously dropping your Skill 2: Mystic Injunction on the turtle. Immediately cast Skill 1: Mystic Projectile afterwards, and then go to Shop and buy your preferred tier 2 jungle item (I personally prefer Starshard for the bonus move speed). Upon upgrading the Jungle knife, the Battle Spell Retribution will refresh and you must use it instantly then follow up with your Ult: Mystic Gush. Your passive will do its magic and in around 7 seconds the turtle is almost dead. You may want to re-cast skill 2 after your ult finishes to ensure the turtle kill.

This is why you don’t upgrade the Jungle Knife before going for solo turtle.
You may repeat this process after the turtle spawns for the 2nd time with only 1 use of Retribution. You just need to re-cast Skills 1 and 2 after your ult finishes.

Recommended Battle Spells

Retribution: allows you to farm faster than any other hero, solo kill the turtle, and slow the enemy after having the upgraded jungle knife. That slow goes so well with all your skills, too!

Weaken: only if you really want your team to have the middle and the buffs (e.g., you have a teammate Fanny and a Hayabusa who wants to go mid) and you’re part of a trilane, weaken is the skill for you. This battle spell goes well with your skills and it lasts for 3 seconds! It also lets you survive a Karina burst if you’re ever scared of that. Weaken also helps you land your Skill 1 to easily stun the enemy, and adds up to the slow that your Ultimate gives. All in all I think this battle spell gives you more survivability than Flicker.  In a scenario where a Karina is chasing you, having a Flicker only lets you dash a few distance and Karina can follow up with her insane mobility and ult, while having Weaken lets you manfight and actually kill her instead.

Equipment Purchasing Order

[Hunters Knife]

Hunters Knife

Because you’re a jungling Gord with retribution. Allows you to jungle faster than Fanny and gain lots of Gold and EXP advantage.

Upgrade to desired tier 2 Jungle item upon killing the turtle. I prefer Starshard for the bonus movespeed, because you don’t have flicker and mobility is your survivability.

[Rapid Boots]

Rapid Boots

Because again, mobility is your survivability. Whether you went for Retribution or Weaken, this item lets you walk fast AF and survive ganks or give you enough movespeed to be able to run inside a bush and surprise the enemy with your combo. Movement speed is used both offensively and defensively so this item is perfect for you.

[Enchanted Talisman]

Enchanted Talisman

Solves your mana problems together with the upgraded Jungle item. With the Jungle Buff, you hit 40% CDR as well. That means being able to cast skills every 4 seconds, more or less.

[Ice Queen Wand]

Ice Queen Wand

Makes your Skill 2: Mystic Injunction scary as hell… Freezing hell. With this item, you can prioritize casting Skill 2, and ensure that your Skill 1 always stuns the enemy. Goes well with all your skills and battle spells, too! All the slow to your enemies while you have all the movespeed, which this item grants as well. Sweet!

[Glowing Wand]

Glowing Wand

Also gives you additional movespeed, if you don’t know it yet. Aside from that, this item lets you melt down the bulkiest of tanks and fighters. Tired of seeing the enemy Grock or Hilda survive your burst? This is the item for you!

[Holy Crystal]

Holy Crystal

Lets your Skills 1 and 3 (ult) scary AF as well. With [Ice Queen Wand], you have your Skill 2 to initiate. With [Holy Crystal], the next skill cast will have bonus magic damage for the next 3 seconds! That includes the DoT of your ult and the nuke from your Skill 1! Poof goes your enemies in one wombo combo!

[Devil Tears]

Devil Tears

Your optional last item. Depending on whether your enemy built magic resist or not, this item lets you maintain your burst and gives way to farming the [Magic Potion] faster.
For alternatives, you may opt for [Blood Wings], [Necklace of Durance], [Winter Truncheon], [Disaster Truncheon], depending on what or who you are having trouble with.

  • Facing regenerative and lifestealing enemies and your team has no Saber with deadly blade? Buy: [Necklace of Durance].
  • Facing a highly physical enemy composition? Buy: [Winter Truncheon].
  • Facing a highly magical enemy composition? Buy: [Disaster Truncheon].
  • Facing a enemies with no tank? You may opt for [Blood Wings] to get them rekt faster, before they rekt you.

Gord Best Friends

Tigreal has a blackhole ult, and pretty much all his skills goes well with your skillset (letting you land your stuns easily) and also tanks for you.

Karina, however, takes your kills. But whatever, as long as you guys secure the kill and the win, it’s all good. Her slows and burst goes well with your slows and burst as well.

Franco is another guy you’d wanna be with. Not as much as the first two, but a great Franco that can hook, slow, and lock enemies down to their place while also tanking for you is very much appreciated.

Heroes You Laugh At In The Face

Gatotkaca just melts down to your skills while he casts his own. Just like you, his cast animations are way too long, that your skills with DoT will efficiently proc on him. With glowing wand, he’s just a tanky food for you that you can burst down with no problem.

Lolita has a shield which blocks NONE of your skills. And you can burst her down before she flicker bombs you.

Natalia won’t ever be able to silence you as long as you cast your Skill 2 on the ground where you are standing. With 40% CDR, you’ll be as irritating as a Saber that you’ll be able to burst her down if she desperately dashes towards you. She’s also paper material for your ultimate.

Worst Nightmares

Fanny is just so mobile, that you’ll almost need a miracle in order to survive or kill her. Unless you know how her cables work, how to be patient and wait for her energy to drain first, and dodge all her skills before you initiate, having a Fanny on the enemy team is a big no-no to Gord. Only recently I have been able to outplay a skilled Fanny as a Gord, and it was very challenging, but fun!

Saber is another guy who rushes in for you to cancel your ult, or just CC you to death. With or without petrify, this guy is scary enough if he knows he must go for you first.

Franco, well, if you know how Pudge counters Jakiro in the world of DotA2, you’d know the same reason why Gord should be afraid of Franco. So why is this Viking scary? Cast animations sells you to him. Everytime Gord casts a spell, he takes time to cast it before being able to move again. This means free hoooks for Franco. Without Flicker, you’re dead as soon as the enemy gets to follow up.

Closing Remarks

Gord is a fun hero to play with if you love dragiing your skills every few seconds, and is able to position to safety.

When facing an enemy Gord, try to always jump him first before going on for the whole team fight. Otherwise your team will just get wiped easily.

You may opt to scream KAMEHAMEHA while casting your ult. It makes things more intense and more fun. ^_^

I hope that I have informed you well with Gord, whether in using him or in countering him. This guy’s a beast but to be honest with you all, the recent nerf to his passive (from 4 instances of skill damage to 5) did hurt my playstyle. Even after that, he’s still viable for me and is still scary to deal with.

So that’s it and I hope you all have a great gaming experience!

Thank you for sharing “OverWoot“!

Don’t forget the comment 🙂

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