Gatotkaca In-Depth Guide-Build

Gatotkaca In Depth Guide Build

Tank, the least appreciated but one of the most important role in the game, especially in Ranked or professional ones.

Released in July 2017, Gatotkaca become one of the most formidable tank in Mobile Legend. The Indonesian’s legend has a high armor, good survivability and devastating crowd control. The best thing is that Gatotkaca is the only one (so far) which meet the true criteria of tank: make the enemies attack it, not the other allies.

Gatotkaca In-Depth Guide-Build


  • High survivability
  • Wide area of slow and harassment 
  • Good lane control
  • Have a passive regeneration
  • One of the best CC in the game


  • Slow movement speed
  • Small damage output
  • Have no escape mechanism
  • To be effective, depend on timing when using skills (especially Ult)

Gatotkaca best used if:

  • You play with coordinated team/friends Since Gatotkaca depending on timing to be good, make sure your team is ready when you initiating. The CC is good, but useless if your ally doesn’t use the time to destroy the enemy.
  • Enemy has more than 2 Physical damage dealer (fighter, marksman, assasins). His second Skill Unbreakable makes Gatotkaca imune to those heroes’ skill.
  • Your ally have an easy area CC skill (e.g. Aurora), since your Ult have a long casting time.

Skill and Skill Usage/Tips

Passive: [Steel Bones]

Your main regeneration skill. Steel Bones make Gatotkaca keep in lane longer and tanking more often. With this you shouldn’t afraid to help tanking your ally finishing or chasing enemy while your HP below 50%.

When you hit enemy whose had a higher HP than you, you grants 110-250 HP and half HP of his physical defense.

Tips: Use this skill to regain your HP after a battle without return to base. Just simply hit and run a minion or jungle monster every 6s.

Skill 1: [Blast Iron Fist]

Damage/harassing skill. With proper mana regen, you can spam this skill to harass or simply make enemy stay away. The slow is very useful for both chasing or help ally escaping.

Tips: This skill has a long aoe, so make sure you use it in safe distance in early game to prevent much HP loss from enemy’s harassment.

You can also use this skill to chasing and finishing your opponent, but mind the distance between you and the target, since this skill takes time to reach its maximum distance.

Skill 2: [Unbreakable]

Main CC skill of Gatotkaca. This skill is what make Gatotkaca a real tank. For 1.5 s, enemies forced to attack Gatotkaca. It will disable most of enemy skill, make them have no choice but attack you. It give time for your ally to finish the most dangerous opponent (Assassin, Marksman, Mage) without any casualties on your side. And more, the counter damage is also give reasonable damage.

Unbreakable have a little bit delay and a small area of effect, so you need a good coordination and positioning to make this skill effective. With some practice, you will be able to use this skill disturb enemy formation.

Skill 3: [Avatar Of Guardian]

Your initiation skill. This skill have a huge area and very long range. Just like 2nd skill, this skill has delay and enemy can see it coming. It’s best used when enemy CCed or busy fighting your other ally. Don’t Ult from long distance except you know that your ally was ready to engage. You can also use this skill for escape from ganks.

Gatotkaca Skill Build Order

Max skill 1, then 2, take Ult whenever it available. Since you need skill 1 to harass and chasing enemy in laning phase.

Gatotkaca Battle Spell Recommendation

  • [Flicker] Very useful since Gatotkaca lacks of mobility. Use Flicker to get the right position for 2nd skill or initiate.
  • [Purify] If enemy team have many Crowd Controller, then use Purify to remove all negative effect and become immune to enemy’s CC. Very useful since you will initiate and charging to the middle of enemy’s team.

Gatotkaca Recommended Gear Set

Main Tank Build

This build is used against balance enemy team (≤2 mage). It build for resist both physical and magic damage.

[Athenas Shield]

Athenas Shield

Give HP, magic resistance, and HP regen. Very useful for early sustain against magic harassment. Beside that, you need the passive to adsorb enemy burst damage, since you still don’t have a high amount of HP.

[Warrior Boots]

Warrior Boots

Now the armor for more sustain against physical damage. Change it to Though Boots if you fight two mages in the same lane.

[Demons Advent]

Demons Advent

Give you more high amount of HP, armor and HP regen for sustain. Since the battle become more intense and you need to take damage more often. The enemy who attack you will suffer total 18% attack power reduction in two seconds.



More HP and magic resistance. Since you will initiate and jump right to heart of enemy team, sometimes it will be ended with your heroic death. With Immortality, you can resurrect and help your team much more.

[Courage Bulwark]

Courage Bulwark

More HP and regen. But all you need is the passive. Since you and your team will doing team fight more often, the additional attack power and defense will give you an advantage. Also very useful to help your team rush out the enemy base.

[Bloodthirsty King]

Bloodthirsty King

Huge additional HP. It’s like a cherry in a top of a cake. With your high armor and magic resistance, it will be a very hard for the enemy to take you down. Simply give more time to your teammates to finish the battle.

The passive also gives you more survivability in team fight.

Physical Tank Build

Gatotkaca Physical Tank Build

The idea is to fight a team with 1≥ mage. So the focus is to build up the armor, to reduce physical damage you got.

  • [Dominance Ice]
  • [Warrior Boots]
  • [Demons Advent]
  • [Immortality]
  • [Heart Of Steel]
  • [Bloodthirsty King]

Anti-Mage Build

Gatotkaca Anti Mage Tank Build

I don’t used this build very often, when the mage rule the game. (Sometimes there are 4 mage in one team!)
The idea is to add magic resistance and HP as much as possible, to instant dead/injury for burst magic damage.

  • [Athenas Shield]
  • [Though Boots]
  • [Cursed Helmet]
  • [Immortality]
  • [Bloodthirsty King]
  • [Oracle]

Whatever your build is, make sure you buy two necklaces in the beginning of the game. The necklaces will provide enough mana to spam skill 1. With your passive, you will easily regen your HP. This will make you no need to return to base and defend the lane properly.

Skill Combo and Team Fight Tips

There are two different combo depending on situation you had met.

The first one if you go solo:

  • Flicker to or simply run to get close to the enemy and use 2nd skill. It will gave time for ally to strike.
  • Use ult in the place you stand while enemy still locked up on your 2nd skill.
  • Slow down the enemy with 1st skill, make priority to fleeing enemy with low health (usually the damage dealer/crowd controler) or enemy whose chasing your wounded ally.
  • Try to keep hitting with your basic attack to regain your HP in the middle of a fight.
  • When CD is over, use your skill to pursuit an important target with your ally.

The second one if you go with your friends:

  • Wait untill your ally initiate, then jump in with your Ult.
  • While enemies up in the air, use 2nd skill. It will give more time for ally to finish the important target.
  • Slow down the enemy with 1st skill, make priority to fleeing enemy with low health (usually the damage dealer/crowd controller) or enemy whose chasing your wounded ally.
  • Try to keep hitting with your basic attack to regain your HP in the middle of a fight.

Heroes that Goes Well with Gatotkaca

[Aurora] You depend on her as she depends on you. Aurora has a instant area CC which will help you initiate with Ult. Otherwise, you can use 2nd skill to locked up enemy and she can blow them up with her Ult.

[Karina] Karina is a fragile assassin with deadly burst attack. When the war started make sure most of the enemy attack you with your 2nd skill, and not attacking her. So she can wipe out the enemy.

[Gord] All of Gord’s skills are area skill. So make enemy stand still and attacking you is a good chance for Gord to maximize his skill potential, especially his Ult.

Heroes Gatotkaca Counter

[Roger] Roger is incredible hitter. When the war started make sure to make him attack you so your ally can finish him.

[Moskov] He’s very dangerous with proper item, but he is squishy as hell. So your 2nd skill will likely hurt him more than hurting you.

[Argus] Argus is special condition. Safe your 2nd skill until he Argus use his Ult. Make sure your ally stay away and don’t let Argus strike your ally.

Heroes That Counter Gatotkaca

[Karina] Gatotkaca has very high armor. But it’s useless if Karina caught you off guard. Her attack is magic damage with high penetration, which is lethal to you.

[Lancelot] Lancelot is slippery hero. He can escape all kind of CC. He can easily escape your 2nd skill and killing your ally you should protect.

[Fanny] Just like Lancelot, Fanny can destroy your teammate without being caught by you. Focus on another hero if you face Fanny.


Use Gatotkaca means you will fight in the front line, take most of the damage and protect your ally no matter what. It needs a bravery and sometimes, a noble sacrifice. You’re the initiator, its your duty to decide when or where to start a war. In other word, as a Tank you’re the Field Commander. With proper practice your instinct and your judgement will be better.

And don’t stuck in item build I gave you, build the item depends on your situation and judgement, whatever you think will save you and your team.

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