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Freya MVP-Popular Build-Items


Hi everyone, there is a very good build for Freya. Probably you can be MVP with this build. Gameplay video is awesome, add your suggestions about Freya build.

Freya Tactics with MVP Build

Finally the long awaited by many of you Freya is here! What I bring you here is the best Freya build out there, the ones used by the Top 1 Freya Player in the world!

Blade of Destruction as a first item boosts our crits from the get go and since we already have our second skill to give us burst attack speed this flat high damage in the early game is very good. The first Thor’s Sting adds to our critrate and atk speed but not only that, Freya has a very good base movement speed so that +8% movement speed gives us a nice amount of speed, almost as good as boots (and pretty much as good as boots when you factor in the passive +10% speed proc). Tooth of Greed is our standard sustain + flat damage item, with the big crits we will be able to deal this will heal us a lot and make us dominate in 1v1s and small fights in general. Another Thor’s Sting? Yeah! I was skeptical but you can see this as an expensive pair of boots which makes our late game way better, the +8% movement speed (so +16% total since we have 2 of them) makes us run as fast as if we had boots and we also get a lot of atk. speed and crit chance on top of that, we already have 60% crit chance and we only have 4 items! 5th item tops off our crit build, bringing us at 70% crit chance, giving us insane base damage and atk. speed and an awesome passive for an hero with a lot of CC, at this point your base atk speed will be very close to the cap. Last item is Immortality, it gives you a good amount of HP and magic res. (add that on top of your base defense and the one you get when you activate ulti and you are actually decently tanky for not having any other defensive item), the resurrection effect is very good because it allows you either to re engage while you still have the shield and lifesteal back to high hp or try to retreat to a safer position, you can now go in to deal your burst damage and cc more freely!

A little advice about Freya in general is using your second skill ahead of time because the 3 charged shots last for a little while so if you use it a little bit before the cooldown starts going down already so it going to be lower when you engage!

Freya MVP-Strong Build

Firstly get this item:

Blade of Destruction


Thors Sting


Tooth of Greed


Thors Sting


Blade of Despair

Finally buy this item:


Video and build from “Mindereak” thank you my friend.

Freya GamePlay with Dangerous Build

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this build is accurate?

For me I’d suggest getting : Berserker’s Fury then, Windtalker then , Haas’s Claw then , Scarlet Phantom / Windstalker then , Blade of Despair / Hunter Strike lastly , Immortality This build will able you to do 3 vs 1. RECOMMENDED Battle spells for FREYA : inspire or Retribution or Purify My strategy : 1 Wait for the enemies to get near each other (before you jump/engage using your 1st skill , make sure to target the damage dealer/support/lowest hp) 2 After that , engage using the first skill then, 2nd skill and then your ulti, ( COMBO 1… Read more »