Diggie, Timekeeper Quick Guide

    Mobile Legends Diggie Timekeeper Quick Guide

    Some of good advice about Diggie, you can add your idea about this champ go for it. This awesome guide from “Mindereak”, thank you for sharing.

    -Skill Tips and Combos
    1) 1st Skill is one of the best zoning abilities in the game, it also has a very low downtime so pretty much you should always have a bomb out ready to explode forcing enemies to change paths, covering your team’s retreat, blocking an enemy escape, etc.
    2) 2nd Skill is nice to use in combination with your 1st skill or in general your allies can make good use of it because they know the position where the enemy will be pulled back.
    3) The Ultimate is one of the best support skills in the game giving your team a big AOE Purify and a pretty good shield. Use it to anticipate big enemy CC or even just use it for the shield effect to save your allies. Just try to stay away from the enemy CC so if your allies get caught you are immediately ready to use it to save them.
    4) The Passive is a way to keep you useful even if you are dead. Scout enemies revealing their location to your team, stop their Recall or Regeneration, if they are very low you might even be able to kill them. Watch out for your respawn time so you don’t respawn in a bad place, try to respawn near the action so you are immediately ready to help.
    5) The combo I use to have a higher chance to set up my 1st skill stun on a hero is: Throw bomb on top of an enemy hero or where he is about to walk, immediately use 2nd skill when he is on top of the bomb, this way you have a good chance for the enemy to be teleported back on top of the bomb stun.
    You can also use 2nd skill and then throw the bomb on top of the “teleport location” but this usually gives the enemy a better opportunity to avoid the stun.
    -Skill Leveling Order
    I like maxing out 1st skill for the damage increase, it helps clearing out minion waves faster and it also serves as a better nuke when you hit enemies with it. 2nd Skill is already fine with one point because you mostly use it for its utility.
    -Battleground Spells
    Flicker: Digger doesn’t have a direct mobility skill so Flicker is nice to have in those situation where you might need that instant mobility. You can use it to escape or if you are far away you can use it to get closer to your allies to save them with your ultimate, etc.
    Healing Spell: If you haven’t unlocked Flicker then you can use this Spell to have another burst heal on top of the shield from your ultimate to keep your allies alive.
    1st Item – Magic Shoes: Early Mov. Speed and cheap 10% CDR.
    2nd Item – Enchanted Talisman: Good Magic Power, some HP, high 20% CDR and very high Mana Regen so we will never run out. Very good item which will allow us to spam our skills for the rest of the game thanks to the high cdr and mana regen provided.
    3rd Item – Athena’s Shield: High HP and Magic RES, good HP Regen. The Passive periodically gives us a very strong defensive Shield making us a lot more durable.
    4th Item – Thunder Belt: High HP and Mana, Good Armor and HP Regen, it also gives a bit of Magic Power. The Passive gives us an additional strong slow giving us more utility. The slow can help keeping enemies in range of our bomb and stuff like that.
    5th Item – Courage Bulwark: Good HP and very high HP Regen. The Passive increases Damage and Defense of allies near us (it will also buff us of course) by 10% and also makes our minions more resistant to Turret Damage. We will also be able to give this Buff to our allies even if we are dead.
    6th Item – Necklace of Durance: Good Magic Damage, some HP and 5% CDR (bringing you to the 40% or close to it, it depends on your Emblem Set Level). The Passive reduces enemy Regen/Lifesteal by 50% when we damage them with our skills adding some more utility to our skills.
    Starting Item: 250g Boots and 1x Magic Necklace right after that.
    Note: The first 4 items of this build are core, you can try different combinations with the last 2 items.
    -Good Allies to Have
    In general allies who can help you set up your 1st skill for a stun or allies who can make use of your 2nd skill for their own setup are good ones to have when you are playing Digger.
    Grock can stop enemies running away from your bomb by using his wall;
    Tigreal can group up many enemies on top of your bomb thanks to his 2nd skill and ultimate;
    Ruby can pull and stun many enemies on your bomb;
    Franco can hook and use ultimate on one of your bombs to disable an enemy for a very long time.
    -Heroes you Counter
    Digger counters heroes with big AOE CC skills thanks to his ultimate being able to immediately clear or even avoid, if properly timed, that CC. It doesn’t necessarily have to be AOE CC though, even heroes with single target CC can have a hard time against him.
    He can completely negate the ultimate of heroes like: Minotaur, Aurora, Saber, Chou, etc.
    He is also good versus heroes who lack high mobility because that makes it easier for him to set up his 1st skill stun.
    -Heroes who Counter You
    Heroes with high mobility kind of counter Digger because they make it very hard to hit 1st skill stun on them. It’s not really a hard counter but in general heroes with “dashes” and similar skills can partially negate your skillset.
    EDIT: Noticed some errors caused by copy-pasting from my office document, they should all be fixed now.

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