The Ultimate Yi Sunshin Detailed Guide

Mobile Legends The Ultimate Yi Sunshin Detailed Guide

Chungmugong Yi Sun Shin was a famous general in an Asian Kingdom. He was extremely loyal and prowess. At the time when the nation was in danger, Yi Sun Shin built a powerful navy and created the iron armored “Turtle Ship”, making incredible contribution to Korean Kingdom for dominating around the sea areas.

This guide will be about our Turtle commander, the one and only turtle rearing friend.

The Ultimate Yi Sunshin Detailed Guide

So how are we going to do this?

Much like Nana’s guide…

  • I’ll start off with some lore and skin showcase, with an intro/TLDR of him
  • Followed by his skills and analyzing them and giving you guys some tips on using him
  • Builds – we’ll go over a few builds that would work for him
  • Combos, Play style and how you should engage/disengage
  • Last but not least, Misc. like Emblems, Battle Spells etc etc

So let’s start off with some Lore and onto the guide we go…

*Disclaimer – I am not the best Yi Sun Shin user, there are many more better than me, but I do consider myself a little decent. If there are changes needed or suggestions please do let me know 🙂

*Disclaimer 2 – This guide is meant for players with zero knowledge in Yi Sun Shin and wish to learn how to play with her so it might be a little lengthy.. If anyone just wants a TLDR version do PM me with your question and I’ll try my best to help you out 🙂

A little about Yi Sun Shin, The turtle Lord

Chungmugong Yi Sun Shin was a famous general in an Asian Kingdom. He was extremely loyal and prowess. At the time when the nation was in danger, Yi Sun Shin built a powerful navy and created the iron armored “Turtle Ship”, making incredible contribution to Korean Kingdom for dominating around the sea areas. “Whenever iron turtle ships sail on, the sea areas belong to me(THE TURTLE LORD)” said Yi Sun Shin. Yi was excellent at ‘overtaking majority with the minority’. Under the leadership of him, Korean Navy defeated over 300 enemy warships with only 12 ships, gaining the great triumph of Battle of Myeongnyang. To this day the legend of this Asian general still lives in the people’s heart.

The Turtle LORD’s Intro

Yi, one of the more special Marksman in game, His main role in the team is pretty much like any Marksman but with a twist thanks to his kit.

There are 2 ways in playing him, you can either go for the ADC build or the CDR/Support style. I’ll be explaining both styles right below. So do keep reading on.

ADC – This style revolves around building Attack Speed and Critical Chance. Like most Marksman, you’ll be focusing on your Auto Attack to deal damage.

CDR – This style focuses on reducing the cooldown of your skills and making use of your skills a lot more to either disrupt the enemy team or deal damage to them.

If we’re to compare both styles, ADC would be more of a general MM playstyle where you’ll have a higher damage output, while CDR would be similar to a support where your main focus would be to help your team,  like bringing Regen deny.

Thanks to his kit and different item build, you’ll have 2 very different playstyle. Thus making him very versatile.

However, thanks to the current Meta, he would require quite a lot of farm to be of use, hence he would work best with a teammate at the side supporting him while he does his things.

His primary role is to either kill and pop off anyone in the way, or be there to increase the chances of your team getting more kills.

Why Yi Sunshin?


  • Global Ult, nearly impossible to escape
  • Impossible damage on “2”, LIKE WTF
  • 2 hitting Jungle Creep 4 Fun!!
  • Sniping has never been this easy
  • HE’S a TURTLE!


  • LIKE SLOW, but turtle ship though…
  • Assist God, no kills, not for player that wants to get kills *Long ass CD at 1 minute*
  • Falling off when not playing with friends(Requires some sort of coordination)
  • Turtle.. Still a turtle lord

Yi Sunshin Skills

*Note: I’ll be using “1” “2” “3” to represent his skills respectively

*Note: Damage on some skills are incremental, but I can’t seem to find their stats, they are either too far back into the older patches, or I might’ve missed them, so to simplify matters, I’ll use their base damage stated in the game itself 🙂

Passive skill: [Heavenly Vow]

Yi chooses his longbow or glaive to attack according to the distance between him and the target. Using skills or the glaive to attack will deal more damage and slowing them down. A naval fleet will be summoned to the allied base and strengthen it. The hero can board the turtle ship beside the base periodically and get buffs.


  • If possible always use your Glaive (Sword) to attack, the damage output from it is higher.
  • Every 3 minutes a Turtleship will appear at the base, head over to collect it.
  • Turtleship gives a movement speed buff and turns your “1” into a straight line skillshot that stuns the enemy when hit.
  • Has an innate slow passive, best used for chasing enemies or slowing them down when running, try to hit them as much as possible.

1st skill: [One- Wave Sweep] “1”

Wields the glaive and slashes forwards while jumping backwards, dealing 160 pts of physical damage to enemies along the way and lowering their movement speed by 40% lasting 2 secs. When Yi is on the Turtle Ship, the ship will dash towards the target, dealing 200 pts of physical damage to the first enemy it collides with and other nearby enemies and stunning them for 1.5s.


  • Your ESCAPE tool, use it wisely.
  • Decent slow, for escaping or chasing.
  • Turtleship would replace this skill so take note, You’ll be flying back like a normal “1” however there will be a straight line skillshot to stun the enemy.


  • You’ll jump away from your original target, so to jump backwards throw your “1” forward.
  • Your only escape tool, use it wisely, try to save it for escaping, you could use it for chasing BUT, do take note that after this skill, you’ll pretty much be vulnerable to all incoming attacks.
  • When you have the ship, movement speed will increase, use this to chase or reach your destination faster.
  • Practice your aim, the stun would be a game breaker, do take note it has a small radius of effect. Also it is blockable by minions.
  • Having your turtleship helps you to kite better, however you could save your turtle ships for emergency uses, for example if there’s a need to get somewhere fast, or when there’s a cluster f*ck somewhere and requires a stun.
  • Note that the 3 minutes counter would only start counting AFTER you picked up your ship, meaning if you pick it up at 10 minutes, the next one would come at 13 minutes.
  • Turtleship only last 30 seconds, please do take note of the timing, it will expire and poofs and you’ll lose the stun if you exceed the timing.

2nd skill: [Blood Floods] “2”

Shoots a piercing arrow with full strength, dealing 160 pts of physical damage to enemies as well as slowing. The arrow’s attack range and damage scales with charge time. When charging, movement speed will be reduced slightly.


  • Your main harassing skill.
  • One of the hardest hitting skill.
  • Range and damage increases when you charge your attack, make sure you have it charged fully for maximum damage.
  • Movement while charging is possible, however it’s a little slow.


  • Try to Charge it up to the MAX before firing, the damage from your arrows Mid-Late game could clear a wave of minions.
  • Charging could be interrupted by stuns and displacements so do take note, about CCs flying around.
  • There’s a “timeout” for this skill, if you don’t release the arrow once it’s fully charge for a time period, the skill will automatically cancel itself and have it’s Mana drained and cooldown start. Do take note to only proc your “2” when you really need to damage someone.
  • Movement while you’re in “2” is very slow, so do take note when to use, please do release the arrow prematurely if you think you’re in danger, it’s better to live than to get killed just for that damage.
  • Since your passive carries a slow whenever you use a skill, you can use this skill to slow an enemy or even give chase to an enemy, do take note though slow is the same throughout the charge, so feel free to just press “2” instead of holding onto it to charge.

3rd skill: [Mountain Shocker] “3”

Orders the naval fleet to launch three-wave attacks of fire arrows. Each wave of attack will deal 165 pts of physical damage and will also slow the enemy.


  • Global Ult.
  • Reveals enemy location, though it seems a little bugged?
  • Nearly impossible to evade, unless Movement speed is above 290.
  • Use in team fight for more damage.
  • Longest Cooldown I’ve seen, please do use this sparingly 🙂


  • That being said, it’s not impossible to avoid this ult, try to save this when your team is engaging in a team fight or you need to know the location of your enemies.
  • Please don’t use this immediately once it’s off CD, it has one of the longest CD in the game and the mana consumption is crazy.
  • When playing with friends, you can let your friend tell you when a teamfight is about to start or is happening for you to deal more residual damage. If SoloQ-ing, please keep an eye on the minimap to know when a fight is starting.
  • This skill is also one of the best skill to apply global debuffs on your enemy, as long as you have deadly blade equipped, they will pretty much gets hit by it.

NOTE: Even if you’re not playing Yi, you still have to keep an eye on the minimap to prevent or lower the chances of a successful gank on you. Also to keep note of what’s happening in the game.

Yi Skill Leveling Priority

  • Max “2” first, for more damage.
  • Level “3” when possible.
  • Since leveling “1” only increases your damage, the distance of the jump doesn’t increase, you can level this slowly.

Yi Sunshin Builds

*Disclaimer – I wouldn’t say that the build I have here is the best or is the only one build that will work. The builds I have here works for me, with the highest winning rate, hence I’m sharing it.

If any of you has a build you would like me to include or any suggestions do feel free to let me know 🙂

*Note: Items will be bolded for easier reading, for example “Arcane boots

How this format works?

  • I won’t be telling you guys the stats & what each item do, but I’ll still give you the reason why I have this particular item in the build. For item description and stats, head over to my Database to take a look 🙂
  • I’ll still let you guys know which item is replaceable with which item and why. 🙂
Mobile Legends Yi Sunshin Builds

BUILD 1[Moskov 101..Wait a minute…]

This is the main build I’ve been using~ I had the highest winning rate with this build hahaha XD

The play style of this build is much like any other Marksman where you focus on doing more damage using your Auto Attack.

Item 1: [Scarlet Phantom]

Scarlet Phantom

Reason: One of the core items for Marksman, This item gives you enough super high Attack Speed and Enough Critical Chance to deal lots of damage. It’s pretty much one of the best item for any Marksman.

Replaceable: [None] – Your main goal in building a Marksman is to stack as much Attack Speed and Crit Chance as possible along with some Critical Damage. You don’t really want to change this item out.

Item 2: [Swift Boots]

Swift Boots

Reasons: The only boots that gives more Attack Speed. This boots will allow you to attack more over a period of time.

Replaceable:[Rapid Boots, Magic Shoes, Boots of Tranquility, Wizard Boots] – If you like more Movement speed for kiting, please do go for Rapid Boots, it is the fastest boots we have in game. Magic Shoes is for you. If you prefer having a more CDR, this helps you reduce the CoolDown on your “3”, so if you think you’ll need to proc your “3” more go ahead and get this item. Boots of Tranquility is a pretty good choice, considering It increases your regen effect on Haa’s Claw, and it’s a pretty good early game item with the Mana and HP Regen. Last but not least we have Wizard Boots, you could say this boots is practically made for Yi, thanks to its passive of giving gold every assist, thanks to your “3” you’ll pretty much get the most assist as long as you time your “3” right.

Item 3: [Haass Claws]

Haass Claws

Reasons: Another core item, This item gives you regen from your Auto Attack, this item could save your ass. It has one of the better lifesteal stats in game.

Replaceable: [Demon Hunter Sword] – IF you think that you don’t need that much lifesteal, feel free to opt for this item, This has a pretty good passive, it allows you to have an easier time to shred tanks, and a little lifesteal is always good for a Marksman.

Item 4: [Berserkers Fury]

Berserkers Fury

Reasons: This is where you’ll start to deal insane amount of damage even with your long range attacks. This item gives you enough power to strike through most squishy in a few hits.

Replaceable: [Nope] – I have no idea why you wouldn’t want to use this item tbh… BUT IF YOU REALLY THINK THIS ITEM IS TRASH… IDGAF USE IT!!!

This is where the items would start to differ, and changes here are pretty much to own liking…

Item 5: [Magic Blade]

Magic Blade

Reasons: This item gives you the survivability you’ll need to take on the current burst meta, this kinda gives you a “2nd life” not literally but allows you to take more hits compared to before. I would rate this item as SUPER IMPORTANT.

Replaceable: [Deadly Blade] – If you think you don’t really need that trash item, You might want to consider getting Deadly Blade. This item gives you the regen cut debuff, using this with your ult kinda guarantees a regen cut lolol. Or you can consider swapping it out for more Attack Speed using WindTalker. But personally I like to have Magic Blade for the “Just in case scenario”.

Item 6: [Blade of the 7 Seas]

Blade of the 7 Seas

Reasons: This item goes well with your “3”, Since you have a Global ult, you’ll pretty much guarantee a proc of the passive that lowers the target’s Physical defense which allows you to do more damage. With it’s 300 HP stats, it’ll give you more durability and the Movement speed buff can help you with kiting. One of the best late game item in game if you ask me lololol.

Replaceable: [Blade of Destruction] – Nothing much to say tbh about this item lolol. Highest attack damage in game. What more do you want to know LOL. Though honestly I like Blade of 7 Seas more due to its additional HP and Movement speed buff.

*Notes: All in all, for this Main build, item 1 ~ 4 will be your core item, while item 5 ~ 6 are all swappable, according to your play style and to your liking, so just swap out what you think would suit you more.

*Notes: Like I’ve mentioned above, Items are all interchangeable according to situation, So this is not the best or a the perfect item build that is a must to follow, just take this with some grains of salt 🙂

BUILD 2[BOOM did you hear that nuke?]

This is a second build made for Spamming your skills, Surprisingly it’s doing pretty well lolol, but you won’t be able to carry the game with this build, since the amount of damage you output isn’t that high. Use this build to your own discretion.

*Note: Since this a CDR build, I’ll focus on reducing the cooldown of skills and try to apply debuffs as we go along the build.

*Note: Since this isn’t the main build, I won’t give you guys any suggestions for replacements for any of the items.

Item 1: [Bloodlust Axe]

Bloodlust Axe

Reasons: Your first core item. This item that gives you both CDR and Lifesteal as you proc your skills. Since we’re aiming for Skills over AA, this item would be more effective in terms of Regen-ing health the CDR would be a bonus.

Item 2: [Magic Shoes]

Magic Shoes

Reasons: Much like how your first item, your main goal is to hit the 40% CDR cap, so this boots will be there to aid you in cutting down on your CDs.

Item 3: [Hunter Strike]

Hunter Strike

Reasons: This would be your last core item for CDR, making use of it’s passive that increases your movement speed, allows you to kite easier. Also having one of the highest Physical attack stats in the shop, this would increase your damage by quite an amount.

Item 4: [Demon Hunter Sword]


Reasons: This is where the items would start to differ a lot, depending on how you want to play his CDR build, Demon hunter sword gives you just enough Attack speed to do some decent AA damage while also shreds tanks. You could replace this item for Deadly Blade. As mentioned above “3” is one of the best skills to apply a global debuff, this is where your debuff comes in, to cut the enemies regen.

Item 5: [Berserkers Fury]

Berserkers Fury

Reasons: This item gives you the late game damage you’ll need, the additional OMPH for you to do more damage. As for replaceable items… you can consider going for ThunderBelt or Endless Battle, for the Slow and True Damage, however do note that the problem with these items are the spamming of skills, the mana consumption of Yi’s skills are REALLY HIGH, so you might have to use it sparingly. Change around the items to find the perfect item for you.

Item 6: [Magic Blade]

Magic Blade

Reasons: Much like how I’ve mentioned above, this would give you a little more durability while giving you a few damage, tbh though, I usually build this on the 4th item, I have no idea why I’ve set it as Item 6. Replaceable item for this are many depending on how you want to play YSS, you could consider more damage from Blade of 7 Seas or Blade of Destruction. You can also opt for more debuffs with Corrosion Scythe(Which I don’t really like).

*Note: I LIED, apparently I did give some suggestions for replacing some weapons lol.

*Note: Do note for 2nd build, the items are all changeable according to preference, I can’t say that build would definitely work, since I seldom play YSS with his CDR build, but whenever I do, I tend to have friends that could help me out during teamfights. DO take note of this point and don’t expect the 2nd build to work in SoloQ.

Yi Sunshin Combos

Finally we’re here, the place where most of you are interested in. We’re going to do this differently compared to all my other guides. Yi is a little special where it’s not about how you chain your skills but more of how you make use of his kit and skills to play perfectly.

So there won’t be any so called combos that Mages have, it’s a little different. So I’ll be working on a different format for this area, so do bear with me if it’s a little messy. Since it is in, a testing phase for similar heroes in the future(Tard or Tart).

I’ll try to explain it the best I can, and It’ll be up to you guys to figure out how to work out his playstyle.


  • Main goal is to Auto Attack your way into the fight and make sure you stay clear away from CCs or any Gap closer.
  • Glaive will do more damage as compared to your long range attack, it comes with a built in slow too, which helps you when you’re trying to chase.
  • Only go in with your Glaive, when you’re sure your enemy has no more CCs left or when they can’t do anything to you. Feel free to make use of your Long Range to whittle their HP down.
  • “3” should only be used when a teamfight is going on, to make use of your additional damage to help your team, due to it’s long CD please use it sparingly.
  • You could pop your “3” when you really want to figure out where your enemy is.

For E.g – None of them are showing up on the map and you need to avoid getting caught. It’s best to pop your “3” to reveal their location.

  • Remember you have a “2” to do damage, it is one of the highest damaging skill you have and it will take a HUGE chunk off the enemies HP, please don’t just think about your AA.
  • Escaping when needed, “1” is your only escape tool, TRY and save it for running away. DO NOT use “1” to chase unless you’re sure there are no hiding enemies are around. Since popping off your “1” will make you super vulnerable to incoming attacks.
  • I’ll add more once I remember what I want to add, MY STM is kicking in LOL.


  • Main goal is to spam as much skills as possible to harass the enemy team.
  • Try not to think about getting kills but more of helping your team get kills.
  • It is true that you have a very high damaging skill, but the mana consumption is SUPER HUGE, so please do take note of your Mana and make sure not to splurge too much.
  • “3” is your best friend, try to proc it more but use it when you want to get a location reveal or when a teamfight is happening. It is true you have a lower cooldown. However you have to take note that Mana consumption is still the same. IF you splurge you might end up dead.
  • Much like ADC style, your “1” is still your only escape skill, use it for escaping and never try to engage using it, you might end up dead.
  • You are still a Marksman, no matter what you build, you’ll still be fragile compared to other heroes, make sure you don’t go in blindly. I call that suicide 🙂
  • Get some Magic Necklace at the start of the game, to improve your mana regen speed it helps you with spamming of skills.
  • I don’t think there’s anything much left here. I’ll add more points once I’ve figured out more or there are more stuff to add.

Yi Sunshin Miscellaneous

Yi Sunshin Emblem Sets

I like to use, either Jungle or Roamer set, For their defensive and offensive stats. If you guys don’t have those 2 sets, feel free to pick up Physical or Physical Assassin whichever is higher for more damage output.

Special Skill – Battle Spell

It’s up to your own preference and playstyle.

Retribution – This allows easier farming and stealing enemies jungle creep if needed. Personally I like Retri for the slow effect when you get the 2nd Tier Jungle Item(Pillager Axe, NImble Blade).

Inspire – Is also another popular choice as it increases your attack speed thus increase your damage output. You might find this more effective when you use the ADC build instead of the CDR build.

Flicker – I’ve seen a few Yi running around with this, personally since I have “1” I don’t usually bring Flickr, but some might find it useful to get out of tight situation, much like using Purify.

Still, it’s all up to personal taste, do go with what you like.

Yi Sunshin Lane

Depends on my Mood, personally I’d go either top or bottom. Having someone to support you while you farm is the best choice since you’re too fragile early game and you’ll require tons of farm. Though if you’re daring enough and your mage lets you take Mid, just go LOL.

Engage or to Run?

Only engage when your team is near you, going in Solo is called suicide, YOU need to remember HE IS STILL A MARKSMAN, DO NOT BE THE FIRST TO GO IN!

RUN when you think the situation is not right, chances of you 1v1 and winning is pretty high, WHEN FED, however do note that you’re prone to CCs, as long as the enemy has a CC bugger, try not to engage unless you know where they are, and sure they won’t be able to annoy you while you engage.

Position is key too. GET OUT OF THE RANGE OF THE GAP CLOSERS! It’s true you have huge ass close range damage, but you can’t damage if you ded!

Hero Compatibilities

Laning Partner,  if you’re DuoQ-ing

  • Mino or Grock or Tanks in general, they are the ideal partners, Having them being about to take a few hits or 2, will allow you to do more damage to the enemy as they soak up CCs and damage for you.
  • Nana, Rafaela or Supports in general, Much like how Tanks could soak up Damage, supports will be able to help you in by either healing you or disabling the enemy. Your main goal is to deal consistent damage, having the enemy disabled is a pretty good way of doing that lol
  • Mages like Aurora or Kagura, It’s true that you might have problems with farm if you’re paired up with Mages, but the thing about them is that they have very high early game damage and some pretty good disables, you could lane with them for early game lane bully.
  • THOUGH, to note, even though they are recommended laning partners. You could pretty much lane with anyone as long as they can do what they are supposed to do.

Heroes that he’s good against

  • Melee Heroes in General, Since you’re a Marksman, you’ll be dealing damage from a longer range as compared to Fighters, generally you’ll have an advantage over them in terms of range.
  • Squishy Targets in general, Since you’re a Marksman you’ll have a huge advantage once late game, you could pretty much shred most squishies in a few hits, and they tend to avoid you when that happens. Try to get closer so that you can pop them off, do note that you’re still prone to CCs.
  • Estes, Thanks to your Global Ult, you’re pretty much guaranteed to apply some debuffs on the enemy, so long as you grab Deadly Blade, You’re pretty much checking Estes or any heroes that are relying on Lifesteal and SpellVamp to carry the game.

Heroes that checks him

  • Natalia, The Silence and her damage could shred you before you can even do anything, honestly speaking though she checks ALMOST EVERYONE with the silence…
  • High Burst heroes, namely Eudora, Aurora, Karina. ETC. Before you can even react, if they somehow manage to catch you off guard you’re pretty much screwed.
  • Heroes with CCs. You’re way too prone to CCs, and since you’re a Marksman, being squishy is in the blood, so once you’re caught, you’re pretty much screwed lolol
  • There are a few other heroes you might want to take note of, heroes like Franco and even Alucard. But do note that any/most heroes could check each other it all depends on how you play and how do you counter the enemies team.

Top Players You should definitely watch out for….Example.

  • MySai ᐸ3
  • X.PapaJay
  • S.W.S

Disclaimer: Players names are correct as of 27/10/2017. Editor’s picks.

ALL IN ALL/Conclusion


He might seems to function like a fighter due to his close range damage, but one must not forget that he is still a Marksman, you can always stay behind and attack till you’re pretty sure you can go in for the kill or attack.

Always have your “1” ready to escape and make sure you have your eyes on the minimap to be aware of what’s going on around.

Your primary role is to deal as much damage as possible as an ADC, make use of your Tanks and initiators when they take the bulk of the CCs and damage for you so that you can deal enough damage to finish off the enemies.

That’s all from me folks, please do let me know if you have any questions thru Reddit or you can look for me in Discord or Telegram ~

Cheers ~

战神Basara  & Ashbell小夕

Don’t forget the comment 🙂

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