Detailed Fanny Full Guide and Techniques (Renewed)

Detailed Fanny Full Guide and Techniques Renewed

Very nice Guides and Builds about Fanny gameplay-techniques. You can learn How to Play Fanny? Which items should buy for Fanny? and Fanny combo-skills.

First of all thank you for sharing this perfect guide ‘RaiTo/Miru‘. A lot of people learn Fanny’s detail and mechanics.

So after being a slacker to the community for a long time, i finally decided to contribute something to the community and that is by making a guide. I haven’t be able to find a Fanny guide in this forum other than few Youtube videos(which doesn’t explained much btw) so since i main Fanny myself, i decide to chirp in and make a detailed guide about her.

Disclaimer: I am in no way consider myself a pro Fanny but i do love learning the way she works and the mechanic revolve around her. This guide is intended for those who want to learn to use her with some advanced technique slip in. I won’t teach you how to 6 cables but I’ll explain how to use her effectively.

My English is not that good, so I apologize in advance for any grammar mistake that I’ve made in this guide.

Detailed Fanny Full Guide and Techniques

Fanny Changes on Patchlog

Update 1.2.16:

  • Energy Regeneration speed changed from 5 to 3.
  • Air Superiority: Rework from “Killing a hero with a Prey marker will regen energy for Fanny, 10 pts per layer.” to “Dealing damage to a hero with Prey marker(s) will regen energy for Fanny, 3 pts per layer.”

Update 1.2.18:

  • Air Superiority: Changed “Dealing damage to a hero with Prey marker(s) will regen energy for Fanny, 3 pts per layer.” to “Dealing damage to a hero with Prey marker(s) will regen energy for Fanny, 10 pts per layer.”
  • Fixed damage dealt by item passive no longer regen her energy.

Update 1.2.22:

  • Air Superiority: Fanny’s damage while flying increased from 10% – 20% to 15% – 30%.
  • Regened energy will decrease if having dealt damage to multiple enemies within a short period of time..

Update 1.2.24:

  • Steel Cable: Tornado Strike triggered by Steel Cable will now consumed the same amount of energy as using Tornado Strike alone.
  • Cut Throat: Energy cost increased by 10 points.
  • Air Superiority : Fanny will only regen energy when using spells on enemies with Prey markers. Basic attacks no longer regen energy.

Update 1.2.32:

  • Steel Cable: Energy cost increased by 3 at all levels. Removed energy reduction when doing more than 1 cable under 3 seconds

Table of Content

  1. Brief History of Fanny & Me
    2. The Allure of Fanny
    3. Fanny and Karina4. Word of Advise
    5. Pros and cons
    6. Prerequisite
    7. Learning the Passive and Skills
    8. Learning the Flying Mechanic
    9. Executing Combos
    10. Skill Build
    11. Recommended Spells
    12. Builds
    13. Allies, Prey, & Antagonists
    14. Strategy & Hidden Mechanic
    15. Practicality
    16. Final Note from Me

1. Brief History of Fanny and Me

Fanny have always been in my radar since I first met her(no this isn’t some generic love story) but never really had the chance to actually use her. I first played this game during early S4 and only use her for the first time during late S4 with free hero rotation going on. Boy oh boy I’m so noob back in those days. In fact, my Fanny win rate was just really bad at around 40%-50%. that’s when I decided to make a smurf account and train Fanny there. Now that i can use her properly, Fanny in my main account is steadily getting 60% win rate.

Fanny is the most unique hero in entire MOBA history. No hero that I have played(so far) that have this insane mobility and such complicated mechanic. even though she is a rip off Mikasa from SNK, I have to say whoever design her is an absolute mad man. So kudos for them.

2. The Allure of Fanny

What make her different is the way how she is played. People who use her enough will notice that she is constantly blade dancing through the match. Even executing enemies is done elegantly. Her warcry, at the same time, shows her dedication to win, to not be fazed with what lies ahead and blaze everything in her path. And she end it all with a loud shout “For Victory!”, a shout with one thousand one meaning.

Even her character background, stated that she train a lot and never gave up her dream to fly. after she accomplished her dream, she is rewarded with praises, a title, and the ability to fly. this really portray the player who use her. another job well done from the designer.

3. Fanny and Karina

I’ll take Karina here as an example because only Fanny and Karina is the only assassins who can deal crazy amount of burst damage. Also, because i see those two as mutual enemy. In term of high burst damage, Karina will take the crown. But unlike Karina, Fanny can deal burst damage constantly given she has energy while Karina need to secure kill in order to chain her burst. Fanny can win 1v1 against Karina, because one thing is that Fanny combat style is different from Karina. Fanny is all about strategy and enviroment, while Karina is all about brute force. Second thing is that the way Fanny is build. Magic blade is essantial to Fanny and because of it Fanny can absorb all Karina’s burst, rendering Karina with only weak basic attack while Fanny is busy spamming skill. Karina doesn’t have any defensive item agaisnt physical damage(default item build) to defense agaisnt Fanny attack. Thus why i said Fanny can win 1v1 against Karina unless that Karina is 3 level above Fanny.

However, this does not make Fanny automatically better than Karina because in term of reliabilty Karina is the easiest to control and can maintain through the match. Fanny on other hand is exhausting to use and the user need to have lots of stamina in order to maintain optimum performance. Seriously, those constant flicking Steel Cable is tiring.

4. Word of Advise

Before proceeding, make sure you have the dedication and will strong enough to endure the journey. In this journey, you’ll be met with many obstacles and painful experiences. you will rage, feel embarrassed and you’ll get cussed a lot. people will tell you “noob fanny”, “bad fanny” or worse “no fanny” and one day you’ll be fighting against trashtalker who will trashtalk you saying “you’ll just make your team lose” or “hahaha you think you can play fanny”. if you got easily hurt by these words, I recommend you to abandon the hope of using her. however, if you can suck it up like a real man then congratulations, you will not only succeed in using her but you’ll also succeed in real life.

This is from my own experience and I have gone through lots of them. I’m just stating this here so that you will not stop half way and waste your time.

5. Fanny Pros and Cons


  • High mobility
  • High damage output in early game
  • Can push tower and clear minion
  • Useful in teamfight(deadly blade, blade of 7 seas, etc)


  • Very squishy
  • Heavily energy dependent
  • Hard to control
  • Require high map awareness

6. Prerequisite 

These are the very basic things you have to know when using Fanny and the priority is listed in order;

  • Always have Buff – Very essential to Fanny. Energy cost on Fanny is high. Buff reduced your energy cost. Without Buff, you’ll run out of energy in no time.
  • Learn to manage your energy  – Learn to stop wasting energy on useless thing. Fanny’s energy become more and more important after every update. Treat them as your gold.
  • Sharpen your map awareness – This one actually applies to all heroes, not just Fanny. You need to know what enemy is doing, which one is on low HP, which one is vulnerable.

7. Fanny Learning the Passive and Skills

Passive: Air Superiority

Mobile Legends Fanny Passive Air Superiority

This passive work in synergy with Fanny’s Steel Cable and Cut Throat. Using Steel Cable on enemy hero will trigger the passive, giving Fanny boosted 15%-30% damage and leave Prey mark on your opponent(max 2 Prey marks), Prey mark can be identified as the yellow arrow above your opponent. Remember to ALWAYS leave prey mark on your opponent before using Cut Throat! else, you’ll just waste your skill, energy, and your opponent either flee or start to counter you.

Mobile Legends Fanny Prey Mark

Prey mark is really important if you want to kill a target and sustain your energy. 1 prey mark will give you 10 energy points when you attack AND increase Fanny’s Cut Throat damage by 20%. Prey mark can stack 2 times, giving you 20 energy points when you attack and 40% Cut Throat damage in total.

Side note: As for now we still don’t have the indicator for the 2nd Prey Mark. I have no clue if they will ever make a new indicator for it but for now you need to manually observe and count how many prey mark you have land on your target.

As of update 1.2.16 , the change on her passive completely changed the way how she work but they trade you back by making it more versatile and deadly. Player now need to rely more on her passive than before. the one I explained above is latest version of Fanny(1.2.22)

1st skill: Tornado Strike

Mobile Legends Fanny 1st skill Tornado Strike

Basically your secondary skill. Use this skill to clear jungle or lane. But you need to always remember to conserve your energy. Don’t just spam this skill willingly. I’ve seen many mistake made by Fanny player where they just spam this skill to kill jungle fast, later on missed the chance to kill enemies or defend turret. the current Fanny(1.2.22) can’t afford such luxury. I can assure you even if you don’t use Tornado Strike you can still kill jungle fast. Fanny has very high basic attack damage especially when you finished 1-2 items. with Retribution spell it’ll make thing easier without you sacrificing a lot of energy.

For me personally, I don’t use the skill when my energy is below threshold. I only use the skill when my energy is filled more than 70%.

2nd skill: Steel Cable

Mobile Legends Fanny 2nd Skill Steel Cable

Like every wise man always said, this skill is like “bread and butter” to Fanny. This skill what enable Fanny to fly. This skill also work in synergy with Tornado Strike as it will deal damage when enemy is in your flying range. This skill is what you’ll always be using in battle and mastering it is a must in order to use Fanny. This skill is what people call “skillshot”. What that mean is that you don’t just tap this skill and hope for the best. You need to properly “aim and release” with this skill. No matter which direction you aim the cable, the cable will always pull you toward it. You will have lot of fun using this skill i bet.

This skill reduce energy cost when you successfully land at least 2 cables within 3seconds timer. The amount reduced is just 1 energy point. Doesn’t matter if you land 6 cables at the same time, the reduced amount will still be the same.

This skill will trigger Tornado Strike when you fly toward enemies. but take note that the damage does NOT equal to the damage on the Tornado Strike. Remember that i said her passive work in synergy with Steel Cable and Cut Throat? The passive give free 15%-30% increased damaged to you. It’s wise to use this as your main weapon instead of Tornado Strike.

Mobile Legends Fanny In Game

(Estimated range for triggering the Tornado Strike on Fanny’s Steel Cable. The range is just slightly bigger than Buff indicator. Altho, knowing this doesn’t really do anything anyway since you will just try to blaze into your opponent.)

Side Note: There is bug in this skill which they still hasn’t fix yet, at least at the time of this writing. The bug will lock your aiming when using the skill. You can’t change direction nor cancel the skill. So you have to let it go and it will active the skill. After (around)update 1.2.1x, they did a lazy fix by just making the bug no longer lock your aiming, instead it’ll now automatically cancel the skill. The cause of the bug is the skill timer which when you hold the skill when timer ran out, it’ll trigger the bug.

Ultimate: Cut Throat

Mobile Legends Fanny Ultimate skill Cut Throat

The skill to use to end one’s life. After you land a Prey mark on your opponent, using this skill will leash out insane damage. Without Prey mark however, the skill pretty much useless except securing kill on enemy with very low HP. The Prey mark will increase the damage output by 20% for 1 Prey mark, 40% for 2 Prey marks. Use this skill after you poke enough with the Steel Cable. Some heroes require more poking before Ulting because of their hard armor and high HP

Note: This is a very bad way to Ult! Don’t do this

Fanny’s Cut Throat mostly useful for killing 1 single target or when doing fake engage. As of update 1.2.22, you don’t need to rely much on this skill as Fanny’s Steel Cable is deadly enough to mow down target. Before that update, this is the main skill to use to deal high damage.

8. Learning the Flying Mechanic

As of 1.2.16 update, her energy regen is greatly reduced, thus limiting to how much you can fly. you can still fly far and fast but once you’ve done that you’ll be useless for the next couple of seconds. Depend on your luck, something crucial might happen in the next couple of seconds, but since you don’t have any energy, you can’t do anything about it.

Fanny Flying

There are people that said to use the Minimap to practice using the cable. But for me, i don’t recommend it. For beginner, yes you can use Minimap as your guide but try to not make a habit of always using it everytime you want to fly. My reason is because when you got attacked by enemies, you will get panic, once you panicked you don’t use cable properly, you will miss the cable because you have no time looking at the Minimap for guidance, after that you will die looking like a noob and embarassed yourself.

I say you start practicing using cable with the environment instead of Minimap. Take every little thing as a clue for where you should cable. For example, flowers, ground track, leaves, etc. This way once you got attacked, your brain will automatically know what to do and you can escape easily.

(Can you do this without looking at the map?)

Fanny Flying Direction

The way Fanny travel is to always follow the direction of the cable. However, once she use her second cable it is completely different story. Using 2 cables, will make Fanny move in certain fixed angle. Different cable angle will lead to different speed and direction she is going. It’s quite hard to explain and the mechanic itself is totally weird. There are time when Fanny will move in 45° from 90° cables and there are time she don’t. One way to know how she works is to practice and experiment with the cable yourself.

Don’t worry i include simple pictures to give simple explanation on the direction she is going when you use 2 cable.

Mobile Legends Fanny Flying Direction 1

Mobile Legends Fanny Flying Direction 2

Fanny Flying Speed

The more cable you use at one direction, the faster you fly. Does flying at high speed give any benefit? Yes, the passive give you 15%-30% increased damage according to flying speed. the faster you fly at a target, the more damage Tornado Strike will deal.

Fanny Flying Distance

You probably thought to yourself isn’t having more speed mean I’ll travel far? well not in this case. there are way to travel far without using too much energy or spamming cable here and there. very useful since after 1.2.16 update her energy regen is reduced.

Mobile Legends Fanny Flying Distance

The trick here is too wait until you are near the end of 1st cable and then aim your 2nd cable as far as you can. this will make Fanny travel much, much further. Like what i said above, the cable will always pull Fanny toward it but this time it isnt affected by the angle of cable.

My theory is how the cable is programmed. This will get technical so if you are uninterested i suggest you skip this paragraph. So anyway, my guess is that Fanny cable have their own timer. For example, just how many seconds it take Fanny to reach the target(in this case the wall). And this timer is what move Fanny(and how she can still move even after she got stunned or freezed). The timer is calculated by how long the cable is. For example, 1 cable with max range will give estimated 1secs before Fanny arrive at the target. So the shorter the cable, the shorter the timer on the cable. ALSO,the timer might have something to with her default flying speed(1 cable). My best guess is the timer also work together with her flying speed. This mean the timer(for one cable) might become short once Fanny use her 2nd cable and using 2nd cable raise her speed(remember?). Shorter timer mean faster flying speed. In this case where i showed the trick above, the timer on her first skill doesn’t get reset when Fanny use her 2nd cable, instead the timer might just frozed at 0 sec while the timer on the 2nd cable act just like the 1st cable. Thus, pulling you foward at close-to-same flying speed but send you much further just like you were using 2 cables. Note: I still hasn’t fully test this myself, it’s just a theory, a GAM-nah i’m not going to do that.

Maneuver Trick

Doing 3-4 cables instead of usual 1-2 cables is actually pretty useful in some situation. The current map is kind of hard for Fanny to maneuver, doing 3-4 cables can give advantages like helping teammates, surprise gank, securing buff/crab, or even escaping. But you need to keep in mind that using 3-4 use lots of energies, especially when your level is still below level15. I haven’t properly investigated it but it seems there are only 2 flying mechanic for Fanny. i have mentioned about it above at the”Flying Direction” section but i will explain again with more in-depth on the mechanic(no worries i will keep it simple).

The first mechanic is the pulling mechanic and it only applied to using only 1 cable. This is the same mechanic as any Displacement skill like Franco’s Hook, Zilong’s Spear Flip, Ruby’s Ult. The difference between them and Fanny is that instead of pulling the target to you, you will be pulled instead, similiar to Argus’s Demon Grip.

The second mechanic take place when there are two(or more) cables currently present. The second mechanic will make Fanny move in a fixed angle forward. What is the fixed angle here means? It’s the middle angle between the two cable. Like i mentioned in “Flying Direction” section above, Fanny will move forward from 45°, from 90° cables. Or 89° from 179° cable, etc, etc. i think you get the point here.

The 3rd cable(or more) will always follow the 2nd mechanic.But this time it will follow the angle from the 2nd cable. Meaning the 2nd cable will now function just like the 1st cable. Same goes when you use the 4th cable, the 3rd cable will now act just like 1st cable. Same thing goes on over and over again.

Mobile Legends Fanny Flying Mechanics-1

Take note, doing anything more than 5 cables is wasteful to your energy. it may look cool and all but it’s actually impractical. My fingers is actually itching trying to do it but I know there are time when I can make use of the energy instead of wasting it. If you want to travel far without consuming lots of energies, read “Flying Distance” section. You may only do it if you can ensure victory to entertain your viewers but other than it’s quite risky.

Mobile Legends Fanny Flying Mechanics-2

(Simple picture showing where you should land your cable)
(If you need to change direction to enemy tower, just swap the place for 1st cable and 2nd cable)

(Surprise attack at top lane enemies)

Mobile Legends Fanny Flying Mechanics-3

(Same goes for bottom lane trick)

(Surprise attack at bottom lane enemies)

I won’t cover all the trick you can do but rather I will just gave few of examples of them. You can find lots of youtube videos that show how to do this kind of trick.

These tricks are very useful because of how ridiculous the position of the Buff spawn is. Take note however, using this trick will consume lots of energies. So make sure you’re not wasting it.

This video in particular do lots of cool cable tricks. Watch it, you might learn something from it.

(Thanks to @Vision)

9. Executing Combos

If you watch any YouTube video about Fanny guide, the usual combo will always be like this;

Fanny Basic Combo

Mobile Legends Fanny Basic Combo

Steel Cable >  Cut Throat > Steel Cable

Fanny Advanced Combo

Mobile Legends Fanny Advanced Combo

Steel Cable > Steel Cable >  Cut Throat >  Tornado Strike > Steel Cable

You can always spam more Steel Cable, doesn’t matter before or after Cut Throat, to finish of enemies. As long as the end result is your enemy dead.

1 Prey mark is enough to kill heroes with very little HP and little defence like Layla, Burno, Cyclop. But you’ll need 2 Prey marks to kill buffed heroes like Alucard, Zilong, Roger(Wolf Form).

Take note, after executing Cut Throat, you’ll automatically do auto attack.

10. Fanny Skill Build

Mobile Legends Fanny Skill Build

Max out Tornado Strike first, followed by Cut Throat, and lastly Steel Cable.

There are some debate about maxing out the Steel Cable first so you can save more energy. but for me, I prefer maxing Tornado Strike first as it give much higher damage. I can manage my energy just fine and having much higher damage output help me out killing my opponent.

11. Fanny Recommended Spells


Mobile Legends Battle Spell Retribution

Deals 600-1440 pts of true damage to nearby jungle monsters or minions and increases damage to monsters by 30% within 3s (Damage will increase with level).

Faster jungling = More golds = More kills. The best spell for assassins 10/10.


Mobile Legends Inspire

Greatly enhances the hero for a short period of time. The next 8 basic attacks will ignore 25 pts of target’s physical defense and increase your hero’s attack speed 55%. Lasts 5s. Cooldown 60.0s

Good for melee Fanny and tower pushing. Although I didn’t use this(ever).


Mobile Legends Battle Spell Purify

After skill is released it will immediately remove all negative effects and grants immunity from disables for 1s and increase hero’s movement speed by 30%.

Your lifesaver agaisnt CC. You can tower dive without having to worry about getting CCed.

12. Fanny Builds

Every player have their own skill set and play pattern. this mean that every build here is just a recommendation and should only be use as guide. there are many way to play Fanny and many build can fit in with her. You need to find your own pattern with Fanny.

Fanny Builds – For Beginner

Mobile Legends Fanny Builds For Beginner

This build will make Fanny more tanky. The boot is there so that you can save more energy by walking. You’ll be getting 2 Shields in this build, 1 from M.Blade & 1 from A.Shield. Make sure to charge in when you have shield from A.Shield. It will definitely block some incoming damage.

Fanny Builds – Durable

Mobile Legends Fanny Builds Durable

This build is a bit upgrade from Beginner build. This time you won’t be needing shoes because at this level you should be able to conserve your energy. With this build you can survive a bit longer in teamfight BUT you’ll struggle if your opponent have high armor. You’ll no armor penetration in this build.

Fanny Builds – Melee

Mobile Legends Fanny Builds Melee

The basic melee Fanny build. This build has different playstyle from the usual. This build is for those who like to attack using basic attack. It may sound stupid but you’ll be surprised by how much her basic attack deal damage especially when she has Critical Item.

Fanny Builds – My Personal Build

Mobile Legends Fanny Builds My Personal

Gore : This is my old melee Fanny. I use S.Phantom + B.Fury + B.O.Despair for high basic attack damage. It can go high as 2k Critical(If i remember it right). The E.Battle is just for early game survival because of the little lifesteal it give with free True damage. I usually sell it after i reached level15 or got Haas Claw.

Sharpshooter : My build before 1.2.16 update, M.Roar as my first item make me a killing machine during early game. Tower diving like nobodies business. Once enemy is dealt with, i start pushing tower easily thanks to M.Roar passive.

Bloodseeker : My current build, B.Axe as first item because Fanny can spam Steel Cable and can survive much longer in battle. Why the S.Phantom? because usually when i finished my 5th item, it is already about 15mins mark with enemy team already have high armor/damage. During this time i will start to split push and clear minion(the ASPD help a lot) to start pressuring enemy. My 6th slot item can be considered as free slot, can be replaced by additional item i listed below to suite my team need.

A Must Have Item

Nimble Blade

Buy this item if you use Fanny with Retribution spell. This will make your jungling much more faster and you will gain more exp from them. Manually buy this at start of the game. When you have enough gold to buy, make sure to use your Retribution spell before buying. This item will reset CD on your Retribution so if you did it right, you’ll have 2 Retributions to use in one go. But it only work when you bought the item only, it won’t reset the CD if you sell it(still work if you bought it again).

Additional Useful Item

Deadly Blade

Deadly Blade

[No longer work on Fanny’s skill set! Basic attack still trigger it but overall, it’s useless for Fanny! Use at your own risk]

The best item if you are playing support Fanny. The passive, which reduce enemy HP regen, is really useful with Fanny awesome AOE damage on her Steel Cable. +15 Physical Penetration is also a plus. Buy this when your opponent have 3 or more heroes that depend on lifesteal.

Blade of the 7 Seas

Blade of the 7 Seas

Same as Deadly Blade except this one reduce enemy physical resistance by 25 points. Really help out your teammate since the effect is global. It also give ASPD and HP as bonus. Buy this when your opponent is stacking Armor item.

Hunter Strike

Hunter Strike

This item is good for Fanny before 1.2.16 update. The classic 40% troll CD  for spamming Cut Throat. But after the update, Fanny Steel Cable become her primary weapon. This item is still good but i wouldn’t recommend as you can get better item like Blade of Despair. Still, follow your playstyle. I’m not stopping you.



This one has the same concept as Hunter Strike. It give 10% CD and bonus HP, HP Regen, Magic Res. If i remember correctly this item got buffed giving 8% HP regen instead of 4% when attacked. Very useful when you charge into enemy group. Should you buy this over Bloodthirsty King? Like i said, follow your playstyle. When you see your enemies buy Deadly Blade, don’t use this or sell it.

Brute Force Breastplate

Brute Force Breastplate

Good defensive and offensive item. The passive can increase your Movement Speed by 2% and Physical Attack 3%(12% if you attack enemy 4 times). The difference between this and Blade Armor is that this one give HP bonus, small Armor, and damage boost. Buy this if you favor having more damage and high HP.

Ancient Ghostatue

Ancient Ghostatue

This item is surprisingly good for people who play Fanny on ground. This will eliminate the need of Buff on Fanny since you’ll stay on ground longer and use skill when you need to, just like every normal hero in this game. The stat it give isn’t bad either, HP, HP regen, and CD Reduction. Very useful for surviving. Also, this item is good for trolling enemy team.

13. Allies, Prey, & Antagonists

Allies Who Shall Fight Alongside Fanny

Fanny is technically a diva as she prefer to fight alone. But there are time when she need someone to back her up. Having a helping is always useful yeah?

General: A meat shield. Hero that is willingly to absorb the CC for Fanny and won’t die while doing so. Mainly it’s either Tank or Fighter or Support hero. Heroes with CCs or Poking skill is useful too. Less work for Fanny. I will only list out few of them below to give the general idea.

  • Franco
  • Grock
  • Freya
  • Argus
  • Saber
  • Alucard
  • Nana
  • Kagura
  • Lolita
  • Rafaela

Prey That Fanny Always Hunt

General: Squishy hero with very little HP and Armor. Usually Marksman and Mage. I will only listed few examples just to give the rough idea who you should be aggresive with.

  • Layla
  • Miya
  • Cyclop
  • Gord
  • Karina
  • Natalia
  • Alucard
  • Roger

Antagonist that Fanny should always keep an eye on. When these heroes are around, you need to tighten your awareness

General: Hero with CC/Displacement/Interrupt skill should be avoid. Wait until they use their skill before engaging. I’ll list ALL the hero that can counter Fanny.

Avoid: Tank class. No use in wasting your time with this guy unless they are at below 20% HP.

This is my personal threat rank, with number 1 being the most dangerous threat to Fanny:

  1. Akai
  2. Moskov
  3. Saber
  4. Aurora
  5. Ruby
  6. Zilong
  7. Franco
  8. Freya
  9. Gatot
  10. Hayabusa
  11. Chou
  12. Alice
  13. Tigreal
  14. Nana
  15. Odette
  16. Rafaela
  17. Eudora
  18. Vexana
  19. Bruno
  20. Argus


Side Note: Yes, there are over 20 heroes that can counter Fanny. Almost half the number of hero in ML. Even more if i forgot to include a certain hero or MoonTon decided to release a new hero with CC.

OP Note: As of update 1.2.22, Fanny can kill Tank class at early game. If you know what you’re doing you can surpress enemy Tank making them farm even slower. At 10mins mark, the tank will still be below level15 and doesn’t have enough Tank item, making them useless and easily to pick off.

14. Strategy & Hidden Mechanic

Fanny Strategy

This is generally how you should play the game, not just when you use Fanny. But i’ll slip in few tips on based on Fanny hidden mechanic.

  • When your lane opponent is the antagonist that i mentioned above, always keep an eye on them. Observe their action and don’t be reckless around them. One simple mistake could land you with 30secs respawn time. Always wait until they use their CC before charging in. If you have someone backing you up, let him/her absorb the CC. Only after you completely safe by their CC, you can charge in and do the killing. If you’re alone however, tell someone to back you up. You cannot solo lane at that point. (Notice how i wait for enemy to use their CC before engaging)
  • When your lane opponent is a weak heroes like i mentioned above, you can go full nut on them. Just keep on spamming cable on them(but don’t be reckless) until you see they’re hiding in their turret and won’t dare to go and kill minion. At this point you can see just how good the enemy team is. If you see them still staying on your lane intead of changing lane with their teammates then the enemy team is just bad and you have the chance to win.
  • In teamfight, doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, always wait until the last minute before charge in. Observe the enviroment, see which enemies is missing. There will be enemies hiding just to shut you down. Especially the antagonist i mentioned. If they’re pro, they will always wait for you to come in.
  • Even though i said to avoid the antagonist, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t kill them. Take them out as soon as you see the chance. Without them you can progress much further. Once they’re killed, proceed picking out other enemies or push turrets. You’ll have more space to breath.(Example of vulnerable antagonist)
  • In low elo, you can actually bait your opponent getting into the bushes so that can wall spam and ult to end their life. I call this “The SUCCubus Strategy ” (Patched)
  • To execute wall-spamming, you need to spam the Steel Cable fast at the wall while your opponent is within range to trigger the Tornado Strike. Do it fast BUT not rapid. There is a new mechanism in update 1.2.22, that will reduce Fanny’s energy when she dealt damage using Steel Cable in a very short period of time. The interval is fairly small(around few milliseconds) but it is enough to let you not to wall-spam.
  • The best time to engage your enemies is when they are near their minions. This is because of how OP Bloodlust Axe is with Fanny, she can regen her HP almost to full. See if your opponent is near the minions(or incoming minion wave), then charge. Make sure your opponent doesn’t have any CC before going though.
  • Backdooring. Fanny is one of the best heroes to do backdoor. I’ve seen many Fanny user ignore this and push Minions even though enemy turret HP is very low. Be aggresive, tower dive and destroy thier turret. Don’t be afraid because Fanny basic attack is high enough to do tower pushing.

Fanny Hidden Mechanic

  • Fanny first skill, Tornado Strike, doesn’t cancel/pause Fanny basic attack. Meaning you will still do basic attack even tho you use the skill, dealing 2 separate damage at the same time.
  • Fanny Ultimate, Cut Throat, will automatically do basic attack once activated as long as you don’t touch the analog pad. This is a good for regaining 10/20 of energies back(Patched) and dealing that one extra last hitting on enemy. Once you ult, just wait for few millisecond and then move out. You don’t need to press the basic attack button as long as you don’t move.
  • You can still use your cable even if you got Immobilized by Cyclop’s Ult. You just need to make sure the timer on the Steel Cable is still active. It’s 3seconds timer, so make use of it to either to run or to take out Cyclop. (thanks to @chapi)

15. Practicality

Now that you know how Fanny works it’s time for the practical part. Learning how she works isn’t enough. You need to do lots of practice with her. After all, practice make perfect right?

For newbies i recommend you to practice in “Vs Ai” mode just to get the general idea on her. Learn where to land your cable, use the minimap and your surrounding(tress, grass, flowers) to know which direction you should be aiming. For now, forget about getting the most high kills but rather how effecient you are using the cable.

After you barely get the grasp on her, jump into “Custom” mode next. This is where you’ll do lots of grinding and learning, some sort of cocoon as i like to put it. In here you’ll practice her cable and how to do basic combo to kill your opponent. You probably asking why don’t you just do that in “Vs Ai” mode? Well, in “Vs Ai” mode people tend to mindlessly push or getting the highest kill. You won’t have time to properly practice. Back to the topic, try 5v5 with bots and try to win 0 death. No i’m not mocking you. It may look easy but it is not. the bot are very annoying and they usually pick hero that have CC. Newbie Fanny will have a hard time against them.

Next, after you can win mutiple matches with 0 death. it’s time for you to go for the kill. I recommend aiming for 10-20 kills with 0 death for beginners. Set up your goal for one match. For example, i want to get 10 kills this time and after this i’ll try getting 13 kills or 15 kills. Do this over and over until you finally can get a pretty good stats. Remember, NO DEATH.

“YEAH I GOT 30 KILLS WITH 0 DEATH IN 5V5 CUSTOM MATCH AGAINST BOTS. I SHOULD BE READY TO UNLEASH MY SKILLZ.” –no you’re not. after you git gud in 5v5, you’ll now do 4v5. The concept is still the same. Get a considerable amount of kills with 0 death and win. Do that over and over until you are ready for 3v5. Yes, the true goal here is to win in 3v5 with good KDA. 3v5 is considered the hardest because of how the bot is programmed. They will keep on pushing and you’ll have to defend and attack at the same time, and using Fanny will only make things twice as hard. In this mode, it will teach you map awareness, defending, ganking, pushing and finally it test your maneuver capabilities. 2 of your Ai teammates is useless and they’re just there to delay your turret from getting mow down by enemy Ai. You’ll need to this until 3v5 is just walk in the park with Fanny. Once you achieve that, then CONGRATULATIONS!, you’ll now considered as Good Fanny and is ready to jump into “Classic” match.

Don’t worry, you won’t be doing 2v5 or 1v5 with bots. It just downright imposible to do. But if you can, please do post down below. Also, post down how many kills you can get(and win) in 3v5 using Fanny. My highest kill is 42 Kills with 0 death.

This all may sound tedious just for learning a hero in MOBA and i am fully aware of it. That’s why i said this hero is very unique. You can’t fully use her unless you spend time with her. My old idol once told me that it took him 600 matches in Classic before he feel confident enough to do Ranked game. He is the old Top Global Fanny.

P/S : I recommend make a smurf account before testing out in Classic match so you don’t ruin your Win Rate on your main account.

16. Final Note from Me

I wish you good luck on mastering Fanny. I hope this guide will help you and explain how stuff work. I am open to any criticism, opinion, or question. Just be sure to post it down below.

To new player, Fanny will going through lots of changes in the future. The way how she work will always change, keeping you on your toes. A good Fanny main will always adapt to changes.

This guide is created before update 1.2.24 announcement. I don’t know how much impact she will receive but i’m putting my faith in the people who work in hero balancing department. Fanny have gone through lots of nerfs and changes since she was first released, yet she is still standing tall having people still use her in ranked game. My faith for the developer is to always follow her allure. Make sure the effort to learn her won’t be in vain.

One of my old youtube videos. Nothing special. Just to drum up the spirit

  • If you wanna support us, you can leave comment and say ‘thank you :)’

Thank You Very Much For Reading!

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This is a really great and detailed guide on how to use Fanny. I sure picked up a lot of knowledge upon reading this. My Fanny is at 55%+ win rate, but with this guide I think I can bring it up some more. Kudos!


Uhm, THANK YOU FOR THAT WONDERFUL GUIDE, though you should note that when aiming, use the movement pad.


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Jack frost

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