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Credit Score and Rules


Some people don’t know Credit Score and some rules. This is actually very good for players, you can gain rewards and claim. If your credit score is bad, this is unfortunate.

Credit Score Rules

Every Player starts out with 100 credits which will be affected by your actions in the game.

Losing Points

  • If you are put in auto-fight mode for al long time, -3 credits.
  • If you are matched up and do not press Okay, -1 credit.
  • Iff another player reports you and the report is validated, each report is -3 credits.

Gaining Points

  • +2 credits each day you login to the game.
  • +1 Credit for each match you complete normally, no matter if you win or lose.

Rewards and Punishments

Every Monday at 05:00, the credit scores of all players will be tallied. Players with credit scores higher than 90 will get a credit reward, and their battleground reward max limit for the week will be set at 7500.

Players with credit scores between 90 and 70 will have their battleground reward max limit set at 6000.

Players with credit scores lower than 70 will have their battleground reward max limit set 4500 and will not be able to take part in Ranked Matches.

You can ask me or other visitors(if they know the answer, they reply your question) by commenting.

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And we can buy hero with points


If someone dc then not get any rewarf

Erika Fernandez

How can I raise my credit score if I cannot take part in Match Up Mode?


yeah me too

Erika Fernandez

How can I raise my credit score if I cannot play in Match Up Mode?


You can play the Human vs Al mode,no matter whether you are lose or win,it will increase your credit by one (NO DC/LEAVE THE MATCH DURING BATTLE)

Alton Banawis

What if your credits became 0?


How will i know my credit score?

Alucard Lover

Guys to raise your credit score play the against AI game you dont need any credit score to play the against AI game


Im always getting DC of the game but my network have a good connection…game is so laggy this issue is not solve most of players in PH are incountered game lag…My phone samsung j7 2016 all games i’ve try is smooth except MLBB are so laggy when im clashing…now i cant play in the rank game…i reported some players im so noob im the game.. i like this game very much…