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Bugs And Glitches 2016-2017


We love Mobile Legends! There is best Bugs and some Glitches 2016-2017. Funny, there are fixed of course, and this video from “Tilentos 420” thank you for that.

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‘Alucard bug’-my friend have this bug with Hayabusa and he was kicked from map to nowhere

michael dunnett

Grock new hero bugged –

1st skill not activated until finger released occasionally.

Main issue – hero movement non responsive during basic attack. (2-3 sec delay)

when attacking with attack button grock does not respond to movement and somehow becomes locked in attacking for about 2 – 3 hits a second on each attack. So when attacking and you try and move, he can only move after 2 seconds.

Grand master III.


La segunda ranked que pierdo por la misma mierda estoy a punto de jugar el Maldito juego. Roger se quedan SUPER buggeado y desaparece no tengo ningĂșn control mientras esto sucede, cabe aclarar que tengo un Ping constante de 20ms asĂ­ que no quiero excusas con que es lag. Tengo fotos