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Brutal Mage Zhask Damage Build

Mobile Legends Brutal Mage Zhask Build

Let’s try this brutal build, it will give cooldown reduction, magic power and magic penetration. So you can kill enemy quickly and painful. Recommended build. Yes, this build is recommended in game but we thinking about this build and it is right.

Zhask Brutal Mage Zhask Damage Build  Win Rate: 86.17% => 94 Match

Brutal Mage Zhask Damage Build

Firstly: Enchanted Talisman

Enchanted Talisman

+50 Magic Power

+250 HP

+20% Cooldown Reduction

Unique Passive – Mana Spring: Regen 10% total of one’s mana every 10s.

Then: Magic Shoes

Magic Shoes

+10% Cooldown Reduction

Unique: +40 Movement Speed

Then: Holy Crystal

Holy Crystal

+90 Magic Power

Unique: +25% Magic Power

Unique Passive – Exterminate: After a skill hits a target, magic attack will immediately increase 15%. The next skill damage will terminate this effect. This effect can last up to 3s with a built-in cooldown time of 10s.

Then: Lightning Truncheon

Lightning Truncheon

+90 Magic Power

+30 Mana Regen

Unique Passive – Resonate: Every 6 seconds, your next basic damaging magical ability will proc, maximum of 3 enemies will be hurt by 150% magic power damage.

Then: Glowing Wand

Glowing Wand

+75 Magic Power

+5% Movement Speed

+15 Magic Penetration

Unique Passive – Scorch: Burns the target for 3s when the skills hit, dealing 2% – 2.5% – 3% of the target’s current HP as magic damage, at least 10 pts.

Finally: Blood Wings

Blood Wings

+150 Magic Power

+150 HP

Unique Passive – Nirvana: Adds 2 HP for every 1 pt of magic power added.

Shortly Damage Build for Zhask

Mobile Legends Brutal Mage Zhask Items

Zhask Battle Spells


Mobile Legends Battle Spell Flicker

Teleport a certain distance in a specified direction. For 1s. after the teleport, duration of disabling effects received will be reduced 50%.


Mobile Legends Sprint

Immediately increases movement speed 42%. This effect slowly fades over 10s.


Mobile Legends Battle Spell Retribution

Deals 600-1440 pts of true damage to nearby jungle monsters or minions and increases damage to monsters by 30% within 3s (Damage will increase with level).

Zhask Emblem Set

Magic Emblem Set

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