Bruno High Damage Build


I’m here for High Damage Bruno Build. Okay then, we must take a good position this is important. Very careful play in team fights. You have too high damage items, and you’re not durable! Use your ability to escape when in trouble. If you will buy this items, maybe you will finish the game very early.

Hey! Don’t forget, you can click item name. For information about the item, just click the item name.

Let start:

Bruno High Damage Build

You must get this item:

Blade of Destruction

and then:

Swift Boots


Fallen Sword

Then get this item:

Wind Chaser

Then buy this item:

Scarlet Phantom

Get this item:

Tooth of Greed

You can sell your boots, when the late game.

If you will sell your boots, then buy this item:

Blade of Despair

Now, you are a very DANGEROUS ADC!

It’s gonna work on the Mobile Legends. Please don’t forget to comment.

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Thx for everything 🙂


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