Bane Hero Guide and Equipment

Mobile Legends Bane Guide and Equipment

Bane is a rather unique hero as he is the only one with a passive and ultimate that can damage towers which helps greatly to push the lanes. In this guide you will notice that I will not have life steal items for him as he doesn’t need such items because of his second skill. You can also make a damage/cooldown build for quicker access to your skills and abilities, now onto the guide shall we.

Bane Hero Guide and Equipment

Bane Skill Guide

Passive: Shark Bite

Bane’s passive allows him to attack many enemies in a wide area including towers, this allows him to clear minions and towers faster as well as to make sure enemy heroes don’t try to go near you early game if you time the passive correctly you will slowly drop their health bars as well as slow them down a fair amount. This passive can be use to chase an enemy as well or to even run away if your low on health just attack a nearby enemy minion then the enemy hero will be slow down for a second.

Skill 1: Crab Claw Cannon

This skill does splash damage like the passive just in a much lower area as well as slowing down enemies movements, this skill can hit one or more targets depending how close each target is to each other while doing a decent amount of damage. Use this skill for the range it has and to kill off runners if they have low health please note however Lolita’s shield can block this skill. Lastly, because of the slow on this skill you could use it with your ultimate so more enemies get trap in the duration of the ultimate.

Skill 2: Rum

This skill is one of the best self heal skills in the game however it can only heal allies if they are in the small area of where this skill is place is ideally in a team fight you will likely at best heal the tank or another fighter with you. During laning however this skill will help you and your partner to stay in lane much longer with the reason to usually recall is lack of mana, when in a team fight use this skill to provide yourself healing to stay in the fight much longer, please note however that some skills can move you from this wonderful area of healing for example Zilong’s spear flip ability.

Ultimate: Air Assault

This is by far one of the best ultimates in the game as it is the only ultimate that allows you to harm towers, you could also use this ultimate in a team fight as most will try running away from it, if they don’t they will suffer moderate amount of damage however a marksman will lose quite a bit more because of their low amount of health, which is why they generally will dodge this skill which most people can because it is predictable, you can however use your slow from passive and skill 1 to make them stay much longer in the blast radius.

Bane Skill Leveling

Ultimate > Skill 2 > Skill 1

Skill 2 will allow you to stay in lane much longer so its highly suggested to get this skill first then skill 1 so you can deal damage with some range, the ultimate you level whenever you can since it is what helps you the most to push the lanes much easier.

Bane Battle Spell

Purify / Sprint / Arrival

The reason I picked these first two battleground spells is simple they provide movement speed which helps to push lanes, aid allies, or to even escape. The difference between these two is that purify will remove debuffs on you with a much lesser movement speed boost but can also help save you while sprint can not help you whatsoever unless you just need to outrun the other enemy hero. I added Arrival on this because it can help to push lanes even faster then the above two battleground spells but keep in mind this spell has a long cooldown before you can use this again.

Bane Recommended Builds

Passive Build for Bane

Mobile Legends Bane Build 1

Blade of the 7 seas is first because it provide damage, movement speed, and health while having a passive that reduces enemy physical resistance which helps you deal even more damage to enemy heroes. Warrior boots is second for even more movement speed and more armor for bane. Berserker’s fury is third so your passive has a critical chance of 25% and during late game this build can do 2700-3050 with the passive alone. Corrosion Scythe is fourth for more armor, health points and the passive of this item will lower enemy movement speed. Gold Rose Meteor is the fifth item as it provides you with a nice shield when low hp, attack boost, magic resistance and a very tiny amount of life steal(the life steal is just a tiny bonus),. Blade of despair is last cause during late game minions usually drop around 100 gold or so each one so buying this game takes only a matter of minutes while it provides the highest attack boost for bane.

What will you expect?

If you use the above build you will be somewhat difficult to kill as you have decent amount of hp, armor, and magic resistance items plus very minor life steal. With the items passives bane slow and damage will improve even more which allows his passive late game to deal around 2700-3050 on critical hits with this build.

Damage/Cooldown Build for Bane

Mobile Legends Bane Build 2

Berserker’s fury first because the critical damage will help you early on in the game, the magic boots are second to provide some movement speed as well as magic resistance, third is hunter strike cause of the massive damage increase plus the cooldown, fourth is bloodlust axe for almost the same reason as hunter strike but provides healing when using skills mainly with the ultimate, the fifth item is blade of despair for even more attack power, dominance ice is last for the extra armor with an added mana source including a passive that slows down enemy heroes.

What will you expect?

This build with its massive amount of cooldown and fair amount of damage will allow bane to spam his skills much more as well as having his skills to heal himself cause of bloodlust axe. The damage you will get from passive with this build is at best 2100-2450 on criticals but he can spam skills so he can use rum a lot more times to aid him to survive encounters or push lanes even faster cause after you get the three cooldown items your ultimate has a cooldown of 23 seconds! please note he is less tanky/less damage dealing with this build.

3 heroes that goes well with Bane

  • Karrie – Because of Bane’s ability to slow enemies down it allows him to help karrie to kill off an enemy much easier.
  • Tigreal – Because of Tigreal’s ultiamte which places all the enemy heroes into one spot this allows bane to use his passive, skill 1 and his ultimate.
  • Minotaur – Because of Minotaur’s healing and Bane’s healing they both can stay in lane for an extremely long time without having to recall.

3 heroes that Bane counters

  • Eudora – Bane’s healing makes her burst damage nearly pointless.
  • Irithel – Bane’s healing and ultimate will make her have a hard time to deal with bane during lane phase.
  • Cyclops – Same reason as Eudora.

3 heroes that counters Bane

  • Zilong – Moves you out of your healing area.
  • Tigreal – Same reason as Zilong.
  • Roger – Makes your healing mute because he does more damage when your health is lower.

Heroes that are good laning partners for bane include

Odette- Because of her aoe skills, her passive and can trap enemies in place for bane’s passive while bane heals her to stay in lane much longer plus the slow could help with hitting her targets.

Vexana- kinda similar to odette but the difference is that vexana can clear lanes much faster then odette plus she has a pull instead of a trap with a damage over time ultimate, bane heals her and lowers movements for her skill shots to successfully hit much better. You pick vexana if you want massive crowd control over damage though she does great damage very underrated mage.

Eudora- mainly due to her second skill for the stun plus she can hit her skills easier with bane’s slow nothing more really.

Yi- his passive also lowers enemy movement when using skill or melee range, basically your lower enemy movement speed with bane and Yi to make sure they don’t run away plus as a bonus Yi ultimate can give you map awareness.

Aurora- this one is quite simple its mainly due to her ability to freeze people and fair amount of damage, bane’s slow can help with her ultimate a bit plus bane can hit more people if they just stand in one place.

karrie- cause of how much hp she can drop someone cause she ignores armor by doing true damage which aids bane for his damage is questionable without his passive, she also has a nice slow which can go along with bane’s slow.

Minotaur- constant lane healing allows for the both of you to almost never leave the lane unless both of you had taken massive amount of damage or need to recall for mana.

Heroes that are good team fight partners for bane include

Tigreal- well mainly due to his amazing crowd control and his ultimate can allow bane to hit every enemy.

Gatotkaca- can stop enemy skills which can be a life saver or use ultimate to start a good team fight. The second skill allows for bane to use his ultimate or his passive much easier.

Lancelot- bane’s big damage is only every single 6 seconds lancelot can do much much more damage for you while you slow them down so they can’t escape lancelot’s might.

Moskov- stun, piercing damage plus with bane’s passive means constant aoe damage to enemy team and global ultimate can work well if used properly.

Lapu2- I know he is a fighter but he is also an assassin, he helps cause he does fair damage along with a stun.

Clint- he does good burst damage more so in aoe team fights which also goes along with bane’s passive and ultimate.

Akai- pin a target to a wall then they are pretty much died

Kagura- massive crowd which can make enemy team stay in one place another way of getting enemies into bane’s ultimate or passive.

Nana- disables enemy or knocks them up good support hero to have in a game, her passive also gives gold something bane has problem getting unless pushing towers.

All the heroes listed above are good for team fights/laning with bane except for these heroes listed below

Karrie(laning only)- i say this cause karrie usually from what i have seen in games if both teams are about equal skills usually can only kill one person before she dies or nearly dies as most of her skills only target one.

Nana(Team fight)- I know i said bane needs the gold but the problem here is that there will be low damage on your lane so this isn’t ideal.

Tigrael(Team fight)- bane takes a bit to clear minion waves and tigreal won’t help much in clearing those or pushing towers.

Kagura(Team fight)- she tends to move around a lot cause of umbrella placement making your healing skill not needed whatsoever if good kagura player.

Minotaur(laning)- I may get some hate for this choice honestly was going to keep him as both but the problem with minotaur is, he is too depentant on rage mode to do much cc to enemy team if the time comes and not all minotaur players know how to time the rage mode correctly.

Clint(Team fights)- clint mainly focuses aoe skill damage with burst from his passive meaning that more enemies the better early game in laning his damage is ok but there are many better marksman for bane to be with.

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