Balmond Guide -Tips And Tricks-


    Balmond Guide

    Balmond is somehow orc and a demon. And Also has a similarities with axe from dota. Don’t We Love axe toughness?


    Balmond is currently the king of health regen benefiting from his passive regen whenever you kills someone.Balmond is a Fighter, meaning you probably would have to be infront of the teamfights


    Passive: Bloodthrist-
    Regens 4% of max HP each time he kills a minion. Regens 10% of max HP each time he kills a hero.

    This skill does not work with assist, so make you sure you’re going to kill the enemy for bonus health points and might save you in some case.

    First Skill: Soul Lock-Charges up to an enemy and deals 150 pts of physical damage to enemies along the way. After hitting a hero, he will stop. That hero’s movement speed will drop 55%, lasting 2.5s.

    You can use this skill on chasing since it has a slow of 55%. Soul lock is also capable of escaping it allows you to pass through terrains. Also be used for initiating team fights.

    Second Skill Cyclone Sweep-
    Rapidly swings axe at enemies in the area, dealing 50 pts of physical damage with each attack.

    Cyclone sweep is balmond’s power source. It Does Critical strikes. That’s why recent builds for him was all about critical 100% chance, they’re dominating the game.Cyclone sweep can be used for clearing minnion waves. Harassing enemy heroes in the early game and dominate the game later 

    Ultimate Lethal Counter-
    Raises a giant axe, dealing 350,500,650 pts plus 20% of target’s missing HP as true damage to enemies in a conical area in front of the hero and lowers enemy movement speed 30%, lasting 2s.


    Balmond’s way of getting rid of tankers is on the way of his ultimate. Lethal counter is powerful, it gets it’s power from enemy’s missing health. the more missing health the more damage output. You can use this for stealing lord and turtle kills from enemy.



    If you are running for the mainstream balmond’s build/gear you should focus more on critical strike chance.

    Blade Of Destruction-

    A good source of physical attack and critical strike chance and probably the best choice for making huge amount of critical chance. However unique passive skills does not stocks

    Rapid Boots

    Let’s now focus on movement speed.+50 mvspd is essential so you wont get behind from enemy who runs faster than you or if they have cc effects

    Crazed Reaper-

    Gives you movement speed for every attack you makes, 10% Movementspeed stocks up to 30%.It does works with balmond’s cyclone sweep. so while making damage you actually gets mvspeed so you can advance on the area the enemy is going to.

    Another Blade Of Destruction


    Bloodthirsty King-

    +1550 Hp,+75regen. And 20% Hp Regen for 5seconds after an assist or kill takes in place.Using this way you can regen huge amount of hp paired with your passive skill without needing of lifesteal.

    Blade Of Despair

    It gives you more damage,attackspeed and 10% critical chance.With a unique passive of additional 15% damage to disabled enemies.

    Note: You can dish out crazed reaper if you want more critical strike chance.



    Interference – Recommended for tower diving and pushing.However interference is just nerfed too much from the last updates. from 7 seconds to 6 to 3-5seconds. Plus Towers does not take 75% of your damage if thre are no minniond arround the tower’s range

    Purify- Helpful for teamfights, it removes negative effects,disabilities and make you imune for 2 seconds.Useful with enemies that can produce so much cc in burst such as nana.



    Figthing near enemy minnions,monsters or anything you can kill will benifit balmond extra hp while in fight if you manage to kill them with your cyclone aweep while damaging enemies.


    Calculate your ultimate.  while i am playing i saw alot of Players who actually uses their ultimate from the beginning and thats wrong your ultimate is powerful with enemy’s low4 health .So Using it with enemy Low HP makes a lot more damage.


    Also try to hit more than one enemy with your ultiate so it will a weapon for making huge damage with enemy teamfights.


    You can watch Balmond’s guide video on youtube.If you found this helpful please subscribe!

    Youtube Video:

    Click Here to Watch The Video:Here

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    Hello. Balmond can deal critical damage only with basic attack? Or with cyclone sweep too? Thanks.


    Oh wait, I found the answer


    Cyclone sweep crits too


    Crazed reaper ms doesn’t work with cyclone sweep. Try doing the experiment. I tried it no increase in ms while using it


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    ~GOOD TRY :)~

    master puttin
    master puttin

    is lifesteal applicable to balmond?


    Actually i have been trying a different build its pretty good as well:
    Berserker’s fury for CD reduction so u can use cyclone sweep again and again
    Warrior boots for movement speed
    Windtalker for attck speed and much more
    Blade of despair for high attck
    Blade of the 7 seas
    And if the game lasts longer then buy immortality for sustain..
    This build works really well even if doesnt have lifesteal or hp regen ot can deal tons of dmg and can get u a lot of kills and asissts… You can rotate and gank with this build….
    Also sub to my youtube channel….
    Thx for reading