Balmond Detailed Guide and Tips

Mobile Legends Balmond Detailed Guide Tips

Balmond my old friend, really good fighter on Mobile Legends. You can choose when your team tank and also physical damage fighter for group. His specialties are Crowd Control and Regen don’t forget. Hey! Have fun with playing Mobile Legends!

Balmond Detailed Guide and Tips

Balmond Skills Tips And Skill Combination Tips

Passive Skill: Bloodthirst

Regens 4% of max HP each time he kills a minion. Regens 10% of max HP each time he kills a hero.

On fighter build pls always remember ur passive skill. try to near enemy minions for fight/war on early game.

1st Skill: Soul Lock

Charges up to an enemy and deals 150/175/200/225/250/275 pts of physical damage to enemies along the way. After hitting the target, he will stop and lower that enemy\’s movement speed by 60%/60%/60%/60%/60%/60%, lasting 2.5/2.5/2.5/2.5/2.5/2.5s.

This skill for u RUN or Open WAR. on early game Balmond easy for run out on enemy gank u. when Open WAR, always try to charge to enemy’s mage Heroes 1st.

2nd Skill: Cyclone Sweep

Raises a giant axe, dealing 350/500/650 pts plus 20%/20%/20% of target\’s missing HP as true damage to enemies in a conical area in front of the hero and lowers enemy movement speed <Num3>, lasting 2/2/2s.

The most easy for use is this skill, XD. after u use jz walk around or follow enemy move. remember after u on this skill, u unable to use ur Skill 1 or SKill 3 (u still can use ur Battle Spell). but after u on this skill, after delay a second, u also can use again this skill for disable, so now u can use other Skill.

3rd Skill (Ultimate): Lethal Counter

Raises a giant axe, dealing 350/500/650 pts plus 20%/20%/20% of target\’s missing HP as true damage to enemies in a conical area in front of the hero and lowers enemy movement speed <Num3>, lasting 2/2/2s.

This Ultimate skill has a Powerful damage to enemy, BUT the weakness is, pls dont try to use on when enemy is full HP. try to use on when got any enemy HP is below 1/4, if enemy not yet dead in this Skill, but still can slow down enemy’s Movement Speed. on early game, u can use for kill turtle when turtle HP is below 1/3, try to help teamate kill turtle or u can go steal turtle when enemy fighting on there. BEST for steal Lord, when enemy fighting with Lord, Balmond is the BEST for stealing. when Lord HP is under 1/3.^^

Skill Leveling Order Information

Skill 1: Soul Lock (S1)

Skill 2: Cyclone Sweep (S2)

Skill 3: Lethal Counter (Ulti)

Level 1: S2, Level 2: S1, Level 3: S2, Level 4: Ulti, Level 5: S2, Level 6: S1, Level 7: S2,  Level 8: Ulti, Level 9: S2, Level10: S1, Level11: S2, Level12: Ulti, Level13: S1, Level14: S1, Level15: S1.

Note: Level 1 dont up S1, cuz if enemy is play 3 heroes on your lane, u still can use S2 for def. S2 also can help your teammate get the 1st buff.

Balmond Recommend Battleground Spells

For me i always use “iron Wall”, even my team got a Tank hero, coz me is fighter build. so me can stay longer fight with enemy mage heroes.

  • Iron Wall: good for many enemy try to kill u, and jz open this spell will reduce all the damage. (but jz 2 second. XD)
  • Petrify: when your team has not much CC skills, try to use this spell for help team fight.
  • Execute: for faster kill one enemy and get your passive skill reg Balmond HP.

Balmond Recommended Build

Mobile Legends Balmond Recommended Builds

My set 3 is for full fighter build. set 2 is half tank half fighter.

First: Cursed Helmet

Cursed Helmet

This item is very good for him. faster killing creeps, and jz walk around enemy, also take damage to them.

Then: Warrior Boots

Warrior Boots

jz depend on ur enemy heroes. if enemy team got 3 or more mage, buy + magic def. if enemy heroes have MM or Assassin, buy + armor.

Then: Bloodlust Axe

Bloodlust Axe

ATK, reg HP when your skills hit on enemy. also has CDR 10%. on late game, when any enemy have anti-heal item, pls sell this item(Bloodlust Axe), and but some DEF or ATK item.

Then: Rose Gold Meteor

Rose Gold Meteor

ATK, and when your HP drop below 30%, will give your hero shield 510-1350, for Balmond longer fight.

Then: Berserkers Fury

Berserkers Fury

This item will give Balmond skill 2 has Critical Hit.

Finally: Blade of The 7 Seas

Blade of the 7 Seas

ATK, and + some HP, this item now is Best, with Balmond Skill 2, can reduce enemy armor. + ATK speed, for late game faster destroy Turrets.

Choose 3 Heroes That Go Well With Balmond

  • Nana(can hold enemy RUN away)
  • Eudora(high magic damage)
  • Aurora(high magic damage).

Choose 3 Heroes Balmond Counter

  • Harley (let harley use Ulti to Balmond, than Open “Iron Wall” for team fight)
  • Aurora (use Balmond S1 can easy drop Aurora Ulti)
  • Gord (use Balmond S1 can easy drop all Gord Skills)
  • Natalia (use Balmond S2 to find her)

Choose 3 Heroes That Counter Balmond

  • Nana (S1 and Ulti can stop Balmond S2)
  • Chou (S1 and Ulti can stop Balmond S2)
  • Zilong (S1 can stop Balmond S2)
  • Ruby (S2 and Ulti can stop Balmond S2)

Note: Many stun/Knock up skills can STOP Balmond S2.

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