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Perfect tips and tricks for Aurora! How to Play? Get More Damage? Best Builds and Gears? Aurora, dangerous Mage! Add your ideas for Aurora, by commenting.

Aurora Detailed Build-Guide-Tips

Aurora Skill Analysis

Passive [Pride of Ice]: Every time Aurora casts a skill she gets 1 unit of Frost Energy, when she collects 4 units of Frost Energy the next skill damage will freeze the targets.
All skills cause extra damage to frozen targets.
– This is Aurora’s distinctive trait, it gives her useful and flexible CC and makes her nukes stronger.

1st Skill [Frost Shock]: Aurora fires a Frost Energy Missle in a line, it will explode upon impact with a target or after traveling a certain distance, when it explodes it deals AOE Magic Damage and slows damaged targets.
– A very spammable skill to use to build up your passive, to farm and harass in lane.

2nd Skill [Bitter Frost]: Deals Magic Damage to a target and slows his movement speed by 80% for 1.5s.
– It’s insta-cast \ insta-hit, very good when paired with Aurora’s Passive, even without it the slow is very strong and the damage is very severe too.

Ultimate: [Coldness Destroy]: Aurora summons a giant Icy Rock to hit a certain area. Enemies hit by the impact will be slowed down and receive Magic Damage.
– Very strong AOE damaging skill, potentially huge AOE CC thanks to her passive.

Aurora Item Build

1st Item – Clock of Destiny

Clock of Destiny

It will give you nice sustain on the early minutes thanks to Elegant gem and in the end it will give you a ton of magic damage, hp and mana to play with.
2nd Item – Magic Shoes

Magic Shoes

This build goes for 30% CDR and this is the first piece of it.
3rd Item – Fleeting Time

Fleeting Time

20% more CDR but we also get more CDR from the passive when we get kills which we should be able to do. For the rest it gives us nice stats and mana regen.
4th Item – Holy Crystal

Holy Crystal

A very high amount of magic damage, the +25% magic damage will make every item we have even stronger!
5th Item – Devil Tears

Devil Tears

It’s a very cost efficient damage for the damage it provides, thanks to the magic penetration tanks will have a hard time countering you. (note that in the video I built this as my 4th item because we had many magic damage dealers in the team so I didn’t want the enemies to counter me quick and easily by going with a lot of early magic resistance)
6th Item – Blood Wings

Blood Wings

Even more magic damage and some nice HP on top of that to make us a little harder to burst down. Anyway you can consider this as a flexible spot so you can experiment with it.

Starting Item: Not really the starting item because it’s just a component of Eternal Scepter but the first part of it you must build is Elegant Gem.

Aurora Emblem Set

Magic is the best one for her unless you have Magic Assassin set really high leveled, in that case it would be a better choice.

Aurora Battle Spells

Flicker: It’s extremely useful on her because it improves your offensive abilities and also gives you some mobility you desperately need since Aurora has none to begin with. If you don’t have it go for Assault or Purify.

Aurora Tips-Tricks

1) Blue Buff is very good on you, try to get it whenever it’s possible. Red Buff isn’t much important, nice to have in the late game but other allies probably need it more.
2) Max out your 2nd Skill first because it gets a lower cooldown for each skill point.
3) Remember that your 1st Skill explodes when it hits minions, this is very important for when you are trying to do a burst combo on an enemy hero, make sure that there are no minion in line so that you can hit them with your 1st Skill too when they are frozen.
4) Try to have your passive charged when you are expecting a fight (and to do so don’t be afraid to spam your 1st Skill hitting no targets) and when you are expecting a fight make sure to keep it charged, don’t use skills wasting the freeze until it’s safe to do so.
5) With your passive charged your 2nd skill is an instant stun you can use to unleash your combo, this is mostly good when you want to combo a single target. Your 1st Skill could also be a nice freeze initiation for your combo, it’s nice because it has a longer range and can potentially freeze more enemies. Your ultimate can also be the freeze initiation of your combo but it’s harder to use it like that compared to the others.
6) Always try to hit enemies with all 3 of your skills while they are frozen to maximize damage.
7) Your 1st Skill is a very nice lane farming and ranged harass tool, during the laning stage try to use it to hit both the minions and the enemy hero\es with the small explosion.

Aurora Build Guide Video

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