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Alucard Tank-Burst-DPS Build


Tank, Burst, DPS(Damage Per Second) Build for Alucard, New builds coming and sharing for you dude, you can add your idea by commenting for this post.

Alucard’s role is a great, mighty fighter as well as an assassin. That means Alucard can charge while taking damage as well as bursting an enemy carry/mage.
He doesn’t use mana that’s why CD reduction is important to Alucard.

Alucard Tank-Burst-DPS Build

Alucard Difficulty: Novice

Alucard Skills

Passive: Pursuit
Description: After use, the next basic attack will teleport the hero next to the target. If the ability targets only one enemy, it will deal 1.2x damage. If it targets two enemies, it will deal 1.1x damage.
– This is your bread and butter skill. Alucard can teleport to an enemy after each skill use. This passive skill makes Alucard mobile and great for chasing an enemy carry or mage.

1st Skill: Groundsplitter
Description: Leaps forward and strikes 1x. Every strike deals 240 physical damage to the enemy.
– Very useful skill for chasing and leaping over obstacles.
– Has a cooldown of 10 seconds.

2nd Skill: Whirling Smash
Description: Slashes at enemies in the area, dealing 230 physical damage
– Great AOE damage + DPS.
– Has a cooldown of 5 seconds.

Ultimate: Fission Wave
Description: Increases the hero’s lifesteal effect by 20%, while also locking on an enemy. Damage dealth to this enemy within 8s will trigger the extra passive damage effect, as well as increase current lifesteal effect 100%. Whle this ability is in effect, the hero can cast forth power Attack waves that deal 440 physical damage
– This skill makes alucard really powerful by giving him 20% lifesteal + the ability to cast attack waves that can deal great damage.
– Has a cooldown of 36 seconds.

Alucard Skill Level Sequence

Whirling Smash-> Groundsplitter -> Whirling Smash -> Whirling Smash -> Fission Wave -> Groundsplitter -> Whirling Smash -> Whirling Smash -> Groundsplitter Fission Wave

Alucard Abilities

Interference or Stun

Alucard Emblems

Physical Emblem Set or Fighter Emblem Set

Alucard Item Build

Firstly get this item:

Hunter Strike


Rapid Boots


Magic Shoes


Tooth of Greed


Blade of Destruction


Wind Chaser


Crazed Reaper

For example:

This build can be MVP dude, try it 🙂 And share your idea by commenting, by the way this build from “JDale” thank you.

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Yeah, i’ve been trying this out and in damage wise it’s pretty good, but he wont be able to survive 5 seconds in ganks even with the lifesteal. Would it be wise to change crazed reaper for bruteforce chestplate ?

Ghost of Yangon

In late game, sell boot and buy that item


I prefer demon’s advent, but if you want a bit more tanky use bloodthirsty king. Because it’s passive is that you regen 20% of HP, whether its a kill or assist. Fortunately, that passive has no cooldown whatsoever.


And use swift instead of magic shoes, for a bit faster attack speed.


my ultimate build is different, but i cant get MPV, but Gods among men….. try this one… thor’s sting, warrior boots, fallen sword, demons advent, wind chaser, and immortality….. that’s all i can share guys…. damage jungling in used and execute….

H4ng tu4h

I dont have item tooth of greed.. why??


Its been renamed to Haas claws


how about Thor’s sting? I can’t find it.


its now call windtalker


Blade of Destruction , Wind Chaser , Tooth of Greed not fond


i cannot find some items for alucard like the tooth of greed? can anyone help me?


Basically, I find two things to build a durable and damage build. Remember alucard depends on its life steal to survive. I would suggest to buy item with higher armor(40++)and lifesteal item(20++). It would be good to get endless battle+armor. With this build, I can jump and killed 5 at one time of course with some team member helps especially when you had reached level 15. I find without armor, alucard die faster. Use his ultimate whenever his HP get low. If there are burst damage like Karrie, Vexana and Aurora, you may need to play wise.


How cant i upgrade his attack abilities because those attacks i dont have those attacks


Can i change crazed reaper with han’s claws

I’ve been researching alucard builds and I’m hoping you could try 1. Pillagers axe 2. Warrior boots 3. Haas claws 4. Berserkers fury 5. Legion blade ( change it to endless battle) 6. Rose gold meteor ( change it to endless battle then buy vampire mallet) P.S this is tys ~fredo~ build Plz be my friend , my ign: FuryL3G3ND Rank: Elite I My build( not that strong) 1. Cursed sword 2. Swift roots 3. Haas claws 4. Berserkers fury 5. Endless battle 6. Leather jerkin ( actually this is bought as a third item) *i cant remember what the… Read more »