Alucard – In Depth Guide And Walkthrough! (COMPLETED)


-Guide Walkthrough-

1. Who I am.

2. Introduction To The Champion.

3. Items, Emblems, Battle Spells.

4.  In – Game

5. Tips And Tricks

-1. Who i Am.-

HELLO THERE! Welcome to my guide, I am Antiloop, I am a player from Sweden.

Today i am doing a guide on my favorite champion in Mobile Legends, Alucard. He is my most played hero. I love playing him, and i will try to teach you everything i know about him. With abit of time and practie you can certainly master this demon hunter!

-2. Introduction To The Champion.-


Alucard is a Fighter/ Assassin Champion in Mobile Legends. He is really good at dealing high amount of Physical Attack Damage in Short amounts of time, but also if he got the right items for it he can also bring the pain over the long fight.


-ALUCARDS PASSIVE EXPLAINED: Every time You Use one of your 3 Abilities your next attack will dash you to the target you’re attacking.

Also When you deal damage to enemies with your abilities if you only hit 1 enemy, it will deal 1.2x damage, if you hit 2 enemies it will deal 1.1x damage, if you hit more then 2 it will deal normal damage.

-TIPS: This Passive makes Alucard Really good at 1v1 or 1v2 since his 3 Abilities will deal bonus damage if he manages to hit only 1 or 2 enemies with them.

His passive can also dash him over most of the walls in the game if an enemy is on the other side. The dash will also follow enemies dash abilities. you will end up where they end up.

-ALUCARDS FIRST ABILITY EXPLAINED: This skill will make you jump forward in an arch. It will deal damage where you land in a circle, Not much to this ability. You jump, you deal damage.

-TIPS: This is the first ability i max up cause every time you level it up the cooldown get reduced by 1 second which helps you with your mobility. Lower cooldown means more jumps, better chase potential and better escapes. Take this skill level 1 if you are unsure if you need to make a quick escape from a level 1 gank.

This ability can also go over walls, Be sure to aim right, if you fail you will go nowhere!

-ALUCARDS SECOND ABILITY EXPLAINED: This is pretty simple aswell, You press the button, he spins around dealing damage to everything in a circle around him.

-TIPS: This ability has really low cooldown right at level 1 which can make it a great early dueling ability, cause it triggers your passive every time remember that. This ability is also the one your are gonna take at level 1 if you are going to take a jungle camp. This ability can also cancel your basic attack animation (You basic attack first and exactly when it hits use this ability to cancel the rest of the attack animation)

You can use this ability with your passive to jump over walls if your first ability is on cooldown.

-ALUCARDS THIRD ABILITY EXPLAINED: This ability has 2 parts. The first part will empower your blade, Giving you an extra 20% lifesteal and also mark a target enemy for 8 seconds. Attacks against the marked enemy will increase the lifesteal effect to 40% (Not to 100%)

The Second part will let you Shoot out a wide projectile that deals a heavy amount of Physical damage!

-TIPS: This ability has 2 parts so you get 2 passive activations. ulti -> attack with passive -> ulti again -> Passive attack.

You can double tap this to quickly shot out your ulti in a pinch.

If you are low on life, don’t be scared to use it on a jungle camp to gain some quick life.

NOTE: Even though it says it must trigger the passive extra damage, I can’t seem to get it to work. I always deal the same damage as when i didn’t have the ulti activated. I think it is bugged.

Why Should You Play Alucard – Pros/Cons. 

Pros –


King of dueling+

Have many different builds+

Snowballs really hard, If you get some early kills you can own the game from there+

Endless Potential/ Always room for improvement+

His Abilities scale very well with physical attack+


No sustain before level 4-

Vulnerable to poke early game-

Not the tankiest of hero-

Pretty Predictable-

– 3. Items, Embles, Battle Spells-

Alucard Can be built in many ways depending on whats needed and what you’re feeling. I will show you my go-to ranked build that i use in most of my ranked games.

-My Go To Build- (HARD CARRY)

You Will Start the game with the basic Physical Attack item

And you will upgrade it into a ->

From Here you can either get your full attack speed boots if you need the movement speed if you are roaming a lot or is solo and pushing towers. The boots are better for pushing then upgrading your item. since it is cheaper so you can get it faster and it lets you escape possible ganks since you’re pushing.

Or you can uppgrade your item to the full lifesteal item which then lets you transition into your later items better with sustain. I get this item first cause its the cheapest and easiest lifesteal item to build and it lets you survive a lot more fights and sustain the laning phase.

After this item i always upgrade boots if i haven’t and then get this item ->


The extra health and attack helps you to survive while also letting you deal a little more damage, The passive ( When you basic attack an enemy you gain 10% movement speed for a short amount of time) is really good for letting you chase down fleeing enemies!

Uppgrade it into a ->

I love this item, It’s everything a fight champion wants. It gives you health, great! it gives you attack damage, what! AND it gives you attack speed! say whaat! and wait there is more. When you attack an enemy you get 10% movement speed, Super! and it lets you reduce enemies physical resistance with every basic attack by 7 and it stacks 5 times!

So this items gives you all the stats that you want, lets you move faster and will shred enemies armor. This is an awesome item. I recommend it for almost every Physical attack champion in the game!

From here i go into the glass cannon Physical attack build which will let me demolish enemies in a couple of hits ->

This item is the start, This item gives you Crit, Attack Damage, and attack Speed. also it has an passive: Critical strikes will increase you attack speed by 35% and your crit chance by 10%

This item will snowball you so hard into the late game, If you land a crit you will be unstoppable. the increased crit chance and attack speed from the passive will in turn let you crit even more!

This is the big boy crit item. It gives you attack damage and crit chance. it has a passive: your Critical strikes deal 50% more damage and your crits will increase your physical damage by 5% (not stackable)

This will turn your crits into nukes and will let you 3 shot squishy marksman and mages, with the item before this will let you crit most of your attacks.

From here on out i recommend you get what the game needs, thats right im only gonna tell you 5 items to get. cause right now, you have unlimited damage and have a ton of burst. you can get a tanky item of even more damage. if you want my tip. i usually get a second lifesteal item most of the time.

If you need some more survivability you should get ->

This item will give you alot of Health and some Magic Resistance, but thats not why you buy it. You need that passive. When you die will respawn where you died with 15% health and a 40% max health shield for 3 seconds. this item will give you another chance if you make a mistake!

Honorable mentions 

These are the items you should be looking to buy if you need to be your teams tank. Or if you just need to be abit more tanky. These are great options

These items will all let you survive a little bit longer against Physical Damage!

These are my options for Magic Resistance items if you need it!

This item is pretty good if you need the health to survive, Also the passive on this item is really great if you are facing a lot of champs that are great at running away. If you get lucky and proc the slow you probably can proc it multiple times to slow them down for the entire chase.

I feel like this is a forgotten item. Its actually pretty good, If you are playing more of the support role you should get this item. If you didnt do great in the early game and has fallen behind, support your team by buying these items. This will slow down enemis healing when you hit them by 50% great for taking down super fed Physical attack champions that has alot of lifesteal.

in my opinion i don’t feel like this is a great item on Alucard, If you are going for the more spell heavy route for Alucard i feel like this is a great item for it but i don’t feel like it has enough support right now to be viable. But if you want to deal as much damage as you can with him, you should go for a more Critical Strike build. (My Ranked Build Is Above)


When Jungle i suggest that you use whatever of these 2 items you feel is right for the game, Both are great! Take the sword if your team needs more damage and you feel like the enemies are getting away to much. Take the axe when you feel like you are dyeing a bit to much and taking to much damage.


For Emblems i recommend something that will give you Physical Damage. Since Alucard is mainly Physical attack, You need that boost to you early game to snowball into the early game. I personally play with the Physical Emblem set, But only cause i i haven’t unlocked the Fighter or Physical assassin ebmlem set which i think are really great on Alucard aswell. Almost better if you have them at the same level!


If you have them at high level, Go with These! Both Of these at equal level is more fitting for Alucard in my opinion. But since Physical Emblem is the first one you unlock is probably is the highest level. then go with Physical Emblem instead.



Lets say you have all Emblem Pages maxed out This is how i rank them then

1. Physical Assassin Set

This is my number 1 casue the Physcial Assassin set gives you all you a lot of stats that you want. The Physical attack and armor reduction is great and lets you dish out a ton of damage early when players don’t really have much armor. Critical Strike chance is the worst out of these but it will help you trigger your Scarlet Phantom in the late game. Hp while its not much will save you quite more then you think in the early game! moment speed will help you catch up to fleeing enemies and help you flee yourself, great! Cooldown reduction is sick on Alucard. Cause you need to trigger your passive as much as you can to dash up to enemies so you can slap them to death. Cooldown reduction is great on him!

2. Fighter Emblem Set

3. Physical Emblem Set

-Good Options For Other Builds


The Tank Emblem set has it uses in the name. You will take this emblem set if you expect to be protecting your back line and soaking a lot of fire from the enemy team, It will help you more then you think!


I recommend using the Jungle Emblem Set if you are jungle AFTER you upgrade it to level 10 when you get the extra moment speed from it. So if you are jungle go with Jungle Emblem set if you have it after level 10!

-Battle Spells-

I can see many of the possible Battle spells to fit into Alucards kit. But we have some that are strictly better for different play styles.

-MY TOP 3-

1. Flicker – (Lets you teleport a small distance) This one will be a great pick up for almost every champion when you get to level 19, I recommend you practice to use it a lot. It will save you numerous times, it will fetch you so many kills, and it can even be used in the technical ways too! You can flicker in front on an friendly to block a projectile for example!

2. Stun – (Stuns enemies in a small circle around you for 0.5 Seconds and reducing their movement speed while also increasing their abilities cast cost by 100% for 1 second) I don’t see this used by many players at all, i feel like it is an unsed power house on a lot of front line champions! The ability to jump in with your first ability and stun 3-5 people is game changing. Its great in any fight, 1v1, 1v5 you use it and it will do its job very well. It has a lot of technical uses aswell.

Can be used to cancel channel abilities like clint and gord ulti!

Can be used in a pinch to stun and slow enemies, Remember a stun will reset their attack timer letting you get in an extra punch while they don’t.

Can be used to screw up opponents resource (Mana, Energy) management. If you see an enemy on low mana you can use this and hope they don’t have enough mana for that ulti while you smack them to death. remember it only last for 1 second so timing is everything

3. Assault – (Gives you 42% movement speed which dissipates over 7 seconds) I like this ability cause it is so easy to use. You can use this ability before the fight even starts cause it gives you movement speed for 7 whole seconds. This will help you stick to people better then flicker will but it cant go over walls however which hurts it potential. But its still an awesome ability.

Honorable mentions

Execute – This is the classical Deal damage to an enemy spells. I cant tell you much about it more then it adds some damage to your kit. But in the middle of a fight it can be hard to use. I seem to have trouble sniping people down with this ability. When you just press it it can hit an enemy that you didn’t like, so you have to hold it down and aim it which takes a lot of focus and time. If you need an aggressive spell i recommend Stun Or Weaken.

Weaken – ( Reduces an enemies movement speed by 50% and their defenses by 40%) This is my upgrade to Execute if you are level 17, This is a great aggressive spell as well as a good support spell. This will almost give you an auto-win in a 1v1. and it has other uses as a support spell like saving a friendly that is getting chased by an enemy and letting your teammates deal more damage.

Retribution – (Deals 600 true damage to a monster and gives you 30% more damage to monsters for 3 seconds) This is the jungle spell. Its pretty good in the early game, it helps you conserve some of your life to gank some more cause you don’t wanna be ganking if you have low life. But it is pretty useless in the late game when you have full build. A Stun of flicker would be much more useful. I recommend trying some jungle games without this ability to give you a feel about how you feel without it. Do you need it? are you fine without it?

Healing Spell – (Heals you and nearby friendly players by 10% if only 1 friendly hero is healed you get 15% heal) This can be useful if you somehow are put into the support role or as a tank in a lane with a other player, Otherwise go with one of my other choices.

-4 In – Game.-

So what do you actually do as Alucard? Well that depends on what build you have.

-Heavy Physical Build Should Focus on dealing as much damage as possible and staying alive as long as you can. This build has a lot of roaming potential around the map since your ganks deal much more damage then lets say a tank build. Giving your enemies less tie to escape. If you have the option you should try to focus down their most valuable target (Example a Fed marksman or mage) Since you have very big damage burst you should be able to kill them pretty easily if they are alone and you are on equal Powerlevel

-Deal as much damage as possible.

-Save Your jump to engage or disengage!Focus down valuable targets!

-Dont get caught in enemy cc or disables, you will die very quickly!

-Try not to be the fronline, stay back a little.

-Dont be the first to engage!

-Stay Safe early game, Try to farm!

-You can push tower very fast. It can win games on their own if you focus a a lot on pushing. Dont be scared to run alone and push! be careful of multiple people ganks.

-Tank /Fighter Build Should focus on protecting your backline damage dealers since you wont be dealing the most damage in your team. This has a very different play style to the Heavy Damage build.

-Stay back with your team more then the heavy damage build.

-Protect your heavy damage dealers.

-Be a nuisance/ Annoying to the enemy team. Run up in their faces forcing them to attack you or run away. You wont care since you’re a tank

-Very important that you stay alive, make them fear the possibility of you jumping on them with your ulti. you can still deal a lot of damage.


-NOTE: Some of these tips can be applied to the other build aswell. You need to adapt to the current game state and what you feel is right at the moment!

– 5. Tips and Tricks.-

I will tell you some general useful tricks to implement in your gameplay.

-What abilities to max first.

I always max my groundsplitter ability first. Even doe you get more DPS in the early game by maxing your other ability. Every time you level this ability up, the cooldown get reduced by 1 second, which the other ability doesn’t.  That mean that when this ability is level 5 you have a 5 second cool down on your jump which is great for escapes and engages. By maxing this ability first you get so much more then the other ability in the long run.

You should level up your ulti whenever you can!


The combo is almost always the same on Alucard but there is some exceptions.

Basic- Bread and butter combo.

you should start with you Groundsplitter, while in the air try to press basic attack. this will force you character to attack as soon as he land. then you want to press your second ability while also pressing basic attack immediately after.

First ability -> (MID AIR PRESS) Attack -> Second Ability -> (IN SPIN ANIMATION PRESS) Attack. (After this you should be able to maybe get a couple more attack before disengaging)

Chase Combo-

When chasing you want to make the most out of your passive. You can almost get 2 attacks in when you press a ability when chasing when you have a attack speed item. So you so use your ability, trigger your passive attack, then attack with a normal attack. This is good especially  with your ulti cause you can activate your passive twice.

First ability -> Passive -> Attack -> Second ability -> Passive -> Attack -> Third Ability -> Passive -> Attack -> Third ability again -> Passive -> Attack.

NOTE: You need a attack speed item to do this combo successfully .

-Early game.

SUPER GOOD TIP. Before you even go into the lane you should check if you are able to do a jungle camp before you head into lane, this will give you a small XP boost and gold boost. How do you know if you can do a jungle camp.

1. You are top or bottom.

2. You are alone in the lane of your lane partner helps you. If your partner runs into the lane you SHOULD NOT do the camp. Cause the odds tell me that your partner will start attack the minions killing some off before you get into lane, losing you xp.

i repeat, check that your partner does not go into lane without you. then you should abandon the camp and do it later when you have pushed the minion wave.

NOTE: Do not take the buff minion, you will lose lane minions which is not worth it! Take it later when you have some items to take it faster!


3. you skill your second ability first. You need that 5 second cooldown to do the camp.

4. You aren’t getting invaded by enemies of enemy team.

Try to farm alot in the early game, Since you almost always are strong late game. The easiest then you can do is to make the late game come to you faster. How to speed up to the late game.

– Push the lane hard. Then do jungle camps.


This is the camp you should take when you are mid (Opposite side looks the same) Cause you can quickly run to the camp even jump over the wall when you have pushed the lane.


This is the camp you should take when you are top when you have pushed. normally you shouldn’t take the buff camp cause you will lose minions. but if you have the time. go ahead and take it.


This is the bot lane camp, Its the same as top lane. try to push fast. run back and take the camp. extra gold, extra XP.

– Try to get some safe and easy kills.

– Roam to the nearest lane, If you are top or bot, that is mid. do not run from top to bot to gank and the same for bot. Try to run to the nearest lane and to a quick run around. This is really good if you are mid cause you get to pick if you wanna gank top or bot.

– When you hit level 4 in a 1v1 lane you have a power spike, you can almost 1v1 anyone if you are at equal hp level. try to be a little more aggressive if you think it is safe!

– If you have pushed the enemies first tower in a lane, you should counter jungle if you think it is safe aswell. Try to focus the big camps with buffs. if you can take it away from them its just more gold and XP for you.


You should never forget that you can go over walls pretty easy, your passive can attack over walls and also your first ability can go over walls. Just remember that you need an attackable target on the other side of the wall. This is normally a jungle camp or such. Utilize the camps to move faster through the jungle with trick too.

i should also mentions again, remember that your ulti gives you too passive attacks. cause you technically use the ulti twice.

You can also cancel your basic attack animation with your second ability. If you press it just as your basic attack hits you should cancel the rest of the animation of him recovering from the attack.

You should be able to do some pretty sick enrages with your first ability and the stun battle spell. if you take your time and aim your jump, you can easily stun 3-5 people with the battle spell.

That concludes my first guide for Mobile Legends. I will try to uppdate this guide if i find out some more tricks or he gets changed. Feel free to leave feedback and tell me any typos. I will be doing more of these in depth guides from me. stay tuned and stay godlike! – Anton





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Lit bro 🙂 effort seen


Detailed guide , keep up the good work!


What emblems should we take?


Also Alucard can kill turtle solo at 4 level

Meloid Gamer

Good tutorial, friend, I’m going to send my team, Hugs!


Very nice post, thank you for everything…

Best Regards…

John Doe
John Doe

nice post.


Good job mate. 😀


Thx to your good words dude 🙂 ^^


Great guide. Some nice information, for me, about the animation cancelling, which reminds me with Dota2. I have a question, how much % does the lifesteal cap in ML based on your experience? Does using lifesteal items and your Ult stack completely or diminished? Thanks


Hi Antiloops, i jz bought Alucard with BP yesterday & start using it.
Initially, it is an useless hero to me until i changed my playing style to your guide.
Now i own every single ranked game, with at least 9-15 kills/match.
Got 4 MVP and 1 gold medal out of 5 matches.
Man, your guide rocks!


well, I love Alucard. He is the best hero who takes me to get lots of win, mvp trophy, kills, etc. But recently, he’s just too “easy-killed/ very not tanky”, it’s just quite different with the Alucard I used to play. I try to build up the gear, switching up the item but it still…I don’t know maybe something’s wrong with the way I use him, or it’s true that Alucard is set down the armor or hp by ML developer,




Nice guide…keep it up..


Thanks this really help me a lot!!!


Hi , I like to play aculard too . But I don’t know why every time when the enemy chasing me , I try to press jump , it keep jumping back to enemy or to the minion close there . Would you explain for me why is it like that , and how you set up the options . Thanks a lot


I want to run away ,not jump back to the enemy


u need to point your jump to the direction u want


Lit tips but should include lifesteal abilities too. And no wonder why i’m so OP when i’m in late and mid game after i’m done jungli. Great full to know why that works