Alucard Features


Alucard is very powerful fighter in Mobile Legends. His price, 15k battle points. Not too much for this hero. Also he has a crowd control skills. Alucard, Demon Hunter! You can look up to Alucard’s skills, also you can search mobile-legends for Alucard’s Builds.

Alucard Features

Balmond Role: Fighter

Specialty: Charge – Crowd Control

Durability: 5/10

Offense: 9/10

Ability Effects: 5/10

Difficulty: 4/10

Alucard Skills

Passive: Pursuit, After use, the next basic attack will teleport the hero next to the target. If the ability only targets one enemy, then it will deal 1.3x damage. If it only targets two enemies, it will deal 1.15x damage.

Skill 1: Groundsplitter, Leaps forward and strikes 1x. A strike deals 270 physical damage to the enemy.

Skill 2: Whirling Smash, Slashes at enemies in the area, dealing 200 phyiscal damage.

Ulti: Fission Wave, Increases the hero’s lifesteal effect 20% while also locking in on an enemy. Damage dealt to this enemy within 8s must trigger the extra passive damage effect, as well as increase current lifesteal effect by 100%. While this ability is in effect, the hero can cast forth powerful Attack Waves that deal 520 physical damage.

Skill Build: ULT>Skill 1>Skill 2

Alucard Story


Ever since she was an apprentice wizard, Eudora’s special talent for controlling lightning always shocked (no pun intended) her many teachers. After a brief period of study, her teachers discovered she had already mastered all they had to teach her. Yearing to continue her progress, Eudora set foot on the road to the Land of Dawn, believing that her lightning magic could reach new heights in that turbulent land.

Alucard Skins


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how to get alucard skin S2 ?