Alucard – Dueling build


So, you can probably guess from the title what kind of build the is. An a**kicking 1 v 1 or 1 v many build that’s what. Let’s get started.



Tooth of greed


Fallen sword


Warrior boots




Hunter strike

and finally:

Magic blade

This build gives you lifesteal,speed, ample amount of hp to complement your ultimate(ult) as well as some serious dps to slay enemies.

Emblem and Spells

The most suitable emblem is the Physical emblem. You can also use Physical Assassin but I don’t recommend it.

The best spell so far is ‘Interference’ since you’ll be splitpushing and chasing enemies(more on this later) . You can also use ‘Assault’ if you don’t have it. Also, ‘Flicker’ is very useful during early games to escape. 

Skill upgrade

I go for 2-1-2 -ult but you can go however you want. I recommend taking the 2 first since you will be using it a lot to last hit minions. 


Early game

You will only be farming at this point. Avoid heroes that stun as well as Franco and Yun Zhao since they can pull/somersault you into the turret’s range while pushing/last hitting. Also, if you can take a lane with one enemy hero or two range/low health heroes to get some early kills if you’re lucky. 

Mid game

Once you have made the first two items, you can focus on the main objective. Splitpushing and Hero killing. Try roaming lanes and killing minions. Also go for the turrent if there is no enemy hero in the lane and you know where atleast 4 heroes are on the map.

Late game

When you reach late game (10-15 min). You should have atleast 4 items. Around this stage, just focus on killing enemy hero and let your teammates push lanes. Help if you can but it’s not your primary objective. 

Very late game

If it comes to this point sell the boots and make either fallen sword or tooth of greed. You should have atleast reached the final turret. Also look out for enemy trying to kill Lord. Wait for them to be stunned and jump in to kill them. If the Lord’s low on hp,  kill him too. 


1 vs 1 – If the enemy is ranged or attacks first. Use 1st skill then 2nd skill. Keep hitting and when they try to escape, use 1st skill again to shorten the distance and kill them. Only use ult if you are low on hp, and wait till the last second to use it’s second stage. 

1 vs 2 – Same thing as 1 vs 1 but you need to activate your ult when your health is halfway to avoid getting one-shot killed. Then when they try to run use the ult’s second stage to finish them. 

1 vs 3,4,5 – Obviously you can’t take on full hp 5 heroes. So, if they are halfway health or lower during or after a gank. Do the same as a 1 vs 1 but activate your ult as soon as 2 heroes lock on to you. You should get a pentakill if you do it right. Also if they try to run behind tower, use interference and chase them. 

Passive ability

Alucard’s passive ability is very useful for killing heroed if used right. It teleports you to the enemy which was hit by an ability so it is useful for closing the distance. If the enemy is out of ability range, you can also use an ability on a minion and you’ll teleport to it. 

Final thoughts

While it’s a good build, it’s not perfect fit for every playstyle. So, change some stuff if you need to and you’ll be rocking Alucard in no time. 

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Thank you “KaRmADeMoN” it’s very good build ^^