Alucard Full Detailed Guide and Build

Mobile Legends Alucard Detailed Guide and Build Full

In Mobile Legends Alucard hero is very popular and specific. In this post we will show you to Alucard skills, techniques, combos, recommended emblem and of course gears. You can add your idea about Alucard by commenting. Have fun 🙂

This guide will be about our Mr Dracula, the one and only blood sucking friend.

So how are we going to do this?

Much like Yi Sun Shin’s guide…

  • I’ll start off with some lore and skin showcase, with an intro/TLDR of him.
  • Followed by his skills and analysing them and giving you guys some tips on using him.
  • Builds – we’ll go over a few builds that would work for him.
  • Combos, Playstyle and how you should engage/disengage.
  • Last but not least, Misc. like Emblems, Battle Spells etc etc.

So let’s start off with some Lore and onto the guide we go…

*Disclaimer – I am not the best Aluchan user, there are many more better than me, but I do consider myself a little decent. If there are changes needed or suggestions please do let me know 🙂

*Disclaimer 2 – This guide is meant for players with zero knowledge in Aluchan and wish to learn how to play with him so it might be a little lengthy.. If anyone just wants a TLDR version do PM me with your question and I’ll try my best to help you out 🙂

Alucard Full Detailed Guide and Build

A Little About Alucard, The Dracula

When just a child, both of Alucard’s parents were killed by demons(Pretty sure they were Vampire hunters though) and he was imprisoned and suffered cruelties at their hands for several months(Cus he’s a vampire), until finally he was rescued by demon hunters (fellow Vampires) and raised by them(Duh). From a young age, he was raised to the an outstanding demon hunter(Vampire Lord), with an extreme enmity for the demon race(Humane Race). The three Iron laws of demon hunters are: Swear no allegiance to any army. Spare not a single one of demonkind. Never stop carrying out missions.(Pretty sure it was suck his, suck hers, and never stop sucking) NSFW?!?! Kinky..

The BloodSucker’s Intro

Alucard, one of the more unique fighters in the game, if played right, he could pretty much 1v1 anyone and even survive a fight of 1v3. 1v4 and 1v5 MIGHT seem possible, but it’s more about how lucky you are and how good you are to know when to engage and when to GTFO… I’ll be explaining more below.

Thanks to how flexible his kit are, I have a few different builds for him, as the Playstyle varies according to build. I’ll give a brief intro on the playstyle here and head into a more in depth explanation in the Combos/Playstyle section. So please do read on.

Hybrid – Your main focus of this build is to build on high damage, with some decent Attack Speed and Critical damage. Coupled with Endless Battle, you’ll be using both your skills and Auto Attack to do damage.

ADC – This was a build made popular a few patches back, the main focus of the build is to go for as much Attack Speed as possible with a decent Crit Chance, you’ll be using your Auto Attack to deal most of the damage.

CDR – This build focuses on reducing your Cooldown to the bare minimum. So that you’ll be able to spam your skills as much as possible.

Alucard would function as long as you have a decent lifesteal and the know how for him, Thanks to the current Meta, you should play him more like an assassin than an initiator or TANK(Are you freaking kidding me)!

Your primary targets are always the backline, make sure you pop them off before they could do any damage to your team, however do note, like all fighters and assassins (F*CK FANNY). They are prone to CCs. Try to avoid them no matter what.

Alucard has some pretty decent early game damage, and thanks to his “3” you’ll have a pretty good chance of killing someone and not dying. However due to him being prone to CCs. It’s best to work with a partner so that he/she can support you just in case.

Editor’s Notes: This is getting longer than expected lol.. I’ll be explaining more below ~ so let’s head over before you guys get bored to death kek…

WHY Aluchan?


  • Decent early game damage.
  • Fast jungle clearing speed.
  • Ult gives you pretty good sustain.
  • Flexible item builds.
  • Very low CDs on skills.
  • Insane chasing ability.


  • Prone to CCs.
  • Item dependant, you’ll need item to do sht.
  • Has no CCs on kit, basically you can’t exactly “catch hold of someone”.
  • Falls off in teamfight, due to different engage time.
  • Very skills dependant, knowing when to engage and when not to.

Alucard Skills

*Note: I’ll be using “1” “2” “3” to represent his skills respectively

*Note: Damage on some skills are incremental, but I can’t seem to find their stats, they are either too far back into the older patches, or I might’ve missed them, so to simplify matters, I’ll use their base damage stated in the game itself 🙂

*Note: Due to how Aluchan’s kit is made, the main focus of his skills and analysis will be on his passive, his “1” and “2” doesn’t really require much explanation due to how it only has damage. The way you use your passive to your advantage differentiates a good and a bad Alucard.

Passive skill: [Pursuit]

If it hits 1 enemy, deals damage x 1.2. If it hits 2 enemy, deals damage x 1.1. Next basic attack after using skill deals damage x 1.2 and move to the target.


  • This passive gives Aluchan the “chasing effect” using your AA after every skills will move you to the target you’re trying to attack.
  • This works on all targets, including Towers so do take note.
  • Always use your AA after every skill to make use of passives extra damage.
  • In Jungle popping a skill on blank space and hitting your AA button will allow you to jump to the next Neutral Creep, use this to your advantage for moving around
  • You can also use this passive to escape from chasing enemies just make sure you don’t AA to your enemy that’s chasing you, it’s called suicide lol.
  • Explanation of the passive if it’s not clear enough. Whenever you use a skill, if the skill hits 1 enemy, it’ll deal 1.2 times of the original damage, if you hit 2 enemies, you’ll be dealing 1.1 times of your original damage. IF you hit anything more that 2, you’ll be doing normal damage. Basically if you want to use his skills effectively try to hit 1 or 2 enemies only, however it’s not practical since minions are included in the count. So just take it that the damage boost is non existent, you’ll be making use of the “chase effect” more anyway.
  • Do note that the 1.2 damage from your basic attack after passive work on towers too
  • Depending on how your combo your skills and AA, you will have a very different playstyle, personally I like to do my AA twice instead of once. I find proc-ing AA twice gives me a smoother rhythm as when compared to doing AA once. Doing AA once after every skill in terms makes him very choppy
  • So find the perfect rhythm for yourself and do let me know how you find him 🙂

1st skill: [Ground Splitter] “1”

Leaps forward and launches 1/1/1/1/1/1 strikes. Each strike deals 240/270/300/330/360/390 pts of physical damage to the enemy and slow them down.


  • Escape tool, you can use this to jump over the wall
  • Engage tool, you can use this to get closer to the backline
  • Pair this up with your passive to do a ‘Gap Closer’ or ‘Retreat’
  • Has a pretty neat slow built in, so that you can give chase.


  • Jumping over a wall is cool and all, but if the enemy is right beside you and you accidentally press an AA, you’re screwed thanks to your passive of auto chasing.
  • Make use of your passive and slow from “1” to give chase
  • Take note of your surroundings before giving chase, if the enemy with CC is missing from the minimap, chances of him/her coming after you is high, so please to engage with care.

2nd skill: [Whirling Smash] “2”

Slashes at enemies in the area, dealing 230/260/290/320/350/380 physical damage.


  • AOE damage skill made to target surroundings enemy.
  • Pretty standard skill with no other effects lolol.
  • Super Low Cooldown at 5 seconds, make use of this skill to always proc your passive.


  • You can use this skill anywhere even when there’s no targets
  • Using this skill and AA allows you to teleport to a target
  • You can use this skill to jump over walls or give chase by making use of your passive.

3rd skill: [Fission Wave] “3”

Raises the hero’s physical lifesteal 20%/25%/30% and also locks onto an enemy, dealing extra damage with any attacks on the target and raising lifesteal 100%/100%/100% for 8/8/8s. While the skill lasts, the hero can fire powerful attack waves forward, dealing 440/600/760 physical damage to enemies.


  • Gives you insane lifesteal.
  • Pretty Dope damage on the last attack.
  • Your one skill that allows you to have higher sustain compared any other heroes.
  • Both parts of the skill allows you to proc your passive.
  • Lifesteal on different targets differs.


  • There are 2 parts to his “3”, The targeting part and the huge wave part.
  • First part, allows you to target an enemy and gives you an additional 100% lifesteal to that particular enemy, let’s say if you have 40% lifesteal on your equips, To that particular enemy that you had marked, you’ll get 80%.. It doesn’t give you an additional 100% lifesteal, As for the 20% lifesteal part, you’ll be given that so if you have 40% originally, you’ll get about 60% when you proc “3” however I do not know if the 100% and 20% lifesteal stacks, can someone enlighten me… The skill description is giving me a huge headache..
  • Second part, is your highest damaging skill, try to only fire off your wave only after the timer of your “3” is ending to make use of the additional lifesteal effects.
  • Both Parts proc the passive, you can make use of your First part to give chase, and 2nd part to finish the enemy off.
  • Due to the low CD on your “3” you could use your Second part of the ult to do some poking before going in. For fast poke, jut proc your “3” twice instead of waiting for the timer to reach it’s end.

Alucard Skill Leveling Priority

  • Max “2” first, for more sustain damage.
  • Level “3” when possible.
  • Since leveling “1” only increases your damage, the distance of the jump doesn’t increase, you can level this slowly. Unless I was mistaken lolol.

Alucard Recommended Gear Sets – Builds

*Disclaimer – I wouldn’t say that the build I have here is the best or is the only one build that will work. The builds I have here works for me, with the highest winning rate, hence I’m sharing it.

If any of you has a build you would like me to include or any suggestions do feel free to let me know 🙂

*Note: Items will be bolded for easier reading, for example “Arcane boots”.

How this format works?

  • I won’t be telling you guys the stats & what each item do, but I’ll still give you the reason why I have this particular item in the build. For item description and stats, head over to my Database to take a look 🙂
  • I’ll still let you guys know which item is replaceable with which item and why. 🙂
Mobile Legends Alucard Recommended Gear Sets Builds

Alucard BUILD 1[Hybrid Mum]

This is the main build I’ve been using~ I had the highest winning rate with this build hahaha XD

The playstyle of this build focuses on using your Passive to deal as much damage as possible, with the help from your skills.

Item 1: [Endless Battle]

Endless Battle

Reason: This is your core item, it will be your only item with lifesteal and thanks to its passive of giving you true damage on your AA after every skill, this could say be one of the best item for Alucard.

Replaceable: [None] – True Damage and Lifesteal… what more could you ask for lolol.. Please just stick with this.

Item 2: [Warrior Boots]

Warrior Boots

Reasons: This boots, gives you armor every time you gets hit. It’s a pretty good item if you’re always going into the fight.

Replaceable: [Rapid Boots, Magic Shoes, Boots of Tranquility, Swift Boots]

  • Rapid Boots if you need more speed for chasing or running away, though I seldom use this item, since I don’t really see much difference, might be just me though lol
  • Magic Shoes is a pretty neat item if you want to have more CDR on your skills, you can consider getting this item.
  • Boots of Tranquility, you won’t using that Mana Regen from the boots, however what you’re aiming for is the 10% additional regen, it does help you with getting more HP back as you attack.
  • Swift Boots, is for more Attack Speed usually I don’t bring this boots around, but if you think you want more Attack Speed, please feel free to go for it.

Item 3: [Magic Blade]

Magic Blade

Reasons: Another core item, This item gives you a “second” lifeline… More like more HP so that you can last longer in a fight. Thanks to the current Burst Meta. This is more important than you think.

Replaceable: [Athena Shield] – Seriously though, why would you not want more HP lol, if you hate that item.. Try out Athena Shield has a pretty decent Magic Res, HOWEVER  you’re losing out on damage… DON’T SAY I DIDN’T WARN YOU!!!

Item 4: [Hunter Strike]

Hunter Strike

Reasons: MORE CDR and pretty nice Physical Attack. Allows you to deal more damage and thanks to its passive you can give chase and even run away due to it’s movement speed buff lol

Replaceable: [Deadly Blade] – If you think that you have enough CDR already, since his CD are pretty low, please bring this instead. This item gives you a better chance when you duel against some other heroes that is also building Lifesteal. Imagine having their REGEN CUT >:)

This is where the items would start to differ, and changes here are pretty much to own liking.

Item 5: [Blade of 7 Seas]

Blade of the 7 Seas

Reasons: This item goes pretty well with your kit, considering you’ll be spamming your skills quite a lot, you’ll be able to take their armor slowly but surely lol. The HP given from the item is a bonus for your durability.

Replaceable: [Malefic Roar] – If the enemy’s tank is giving you a lot of trouble, which shouldn’t be the case since most tanks are building quite a lot of magic resist now. Please feel free to use Malefic Roar instead of Blade of 7 Seas. However do note that sometimes Blade of 7 Seas might be better in terms of reducing armor if the enemy doesn’t build a lot of Armor in their stats.

Item 6: [Berserkers Fury]

Berserkers Fury

Reasons: This last item, gives you the last OMPH you need for more damage. Needless to say, it has one of the best damaging stats in the game due to it’s passive.

Replaceable: [Blade of Destruction] – Nothing much to say tbh about this item lolol. Highest attack damage in game. Do note that you can use either for Aluchan, if you prefer more Attack Speed, Blade of Destruction is for you. If you like more OMPH, Berserk Fury is for you.

*Notes: All in all, for this Main build, item 1 ~ 3 will be your core item, while item 4 ~ 6 are all swappable, according to your play style and to your liking, so just swap out what you think would suit you more.

*Notes: If you find that the lifesteal from Endless Battle is not enough, please feel free to swap any of the items out for Haa’s Claw, Personally I’d swap out Hunter’s Strike, for Haass Claw since Aluchan already has a pretty short Cooldown on his skills..

*Notes: Like I’ve mentioned above, Items are all interchangeable according to situation, So there isn’t any “the best” or a the “perfect” item build that is a must to follow, just take this with some grains of salt 🙂

Alucard BUILD 2[Fastest Man on Earth can’t RUN!!]

This is a second build made for High Attack Speed and Nice Critical Chance and Damage. It is kinda popular in a few patches back. I’m starting to like this build more as it goes by LOL.. It’ll require time to get use to it.

*Note: Since this a ADC build, you’ll be focusing on increasing your attack speed.

*Note: Since this isn’t the main build, I won’t give you guys much suggestions for replacements for any of the items. However I am liking this a lot and might turn into my main build soon lolol

Item 1: [Haass Claw]

Haass Claws

Reasons: Your first core item. Since you’ll be going into fights a lot. With this item you’ll have an easier time in surviving early game fights. Also since you’re building an ADC build here, this item would give you more lifesteal as compared to other items

Item 2: [Warrior Boots]

Warrior Boots

Reasons: Much like in build 1, the same reason as of why I have this item in this build, however if you think you require more Attack Speed, feel free to swap this item out for Swift Boots. Though likewise in the first build! Most of the boost in there would still work, that’s how flexible aluchan is.

Item 3: [Scarlet Phantom]

Scarlet Phantom

Reasons: This item will be your first major Attack Speed item! It gives a decent Attack Speed and Critical Chance, it’s one of the best items for an ADC build. If you don’t like this item! You could swap out for Windtalker. Though personally I’m not a fan of this item since it’s passive procs Magic Damage instead of Physical Damage.

Item 4: [Magic Blade]

Magic Blade

Reasons: This is where the items would start to differ a lot, depending on how you want to play with him. The reason why I have Magic Blade for survivability, it’s honestly one of the most important items Imho lol.. If you think that you don’t require the shield, feel free to swap out for items like Deadly Blade, or even WindTalker.(If you have purchased Scarlet Phantom previously..)

Item 5: [Berserkers Fury]

Berserkers Fury

Reasons: This item gives you the late game damage you’ll need, the additional OMPH for you to do more damage. As for replaceable items… there isn’t really any other items that could give you a huge damage increase other than this item, however if you’re hell bent on changing this item you can consider swapping it out for either Blade of 7 Seas or Malefic Roar for it’s Armor pen passive.

Item 6: [Blade or Destruction]

Blade of Destruction

Reasons: Needless to say, this item has one of the highest physical attack stat on an item, this item would give you the last boost in attack to kill someone. Do note that if you don’t like this item, feel free to swap this out for Blade of 7 Seas, if you’ve yet to get it in Item 5.

*Note: Do note for 2nd build, the items are all changeable according to preference, I’ve tried playing the Adc build but it somehow messes up with my rhythm lol! Though the damage output of this build is no joke.

*Note: Since his playstyle differs as his build changes, one must note that they have to find a style they like and not blindly copy the build, the builds are usually secondary, the primary “trick” to master a hero, is to learn his kit and know what’s his capable of.. Even if you have the best build in hand, without the know how, you won’t be able to unleash the hero to its maximum potential.


This build is made so that you can spam your skills as much as possible. You’ll be focusing on getting items to reduce the Cooldown of your skills.

Item 1: [Bloodlust Axe]

Bloodlust Axe

Reasons: Your first core item. This item gives a decent CDR and an even better lifesteal as you spam your skills, since we’re focusing on spamming skills, Bloodlust axe would be your first core items.

Item 2: [Magic Shoes]

Magic Shoes

Reasons: Much like in build 1, the same reason as of why I have this item in this build, however if you think you require more Attack Speed, feel free to swap this item out for Swift Boots. Though likewise in the first build! Most of the boost in there would still work, that’s how flexible aluchan is.

Item 3: [Hunter Strike]

Hunter Strike

Reasons: This item is your next core item, this item gives you enough CDR to spam your skills near endlessly, and with the high Physical Attack stat it gives, it’s one of the better equipment if you want to reduce your CD too the bare minimum. If you think you need more Attack Speed, Scarlet Phantom or WindTalker would do. Personally I’ll stick with this item and purchase Scarlet Phantom & Windtalker on the next item.

Item 4: [Magic Blade]

Magic Blade

Reasons: This is where the items would start to differ a lot, depending on how you want to play with him. The reason why I have Magic Blade for survivability, it’s honestly one of the most important items Imho lol.. If you think that you don’t require the shield, feel free to swap out for items like Deadly Blade, or even WindTalker.(If you have purchased Scarlet Phantom previously..

Item 5: [Berserkers Fury]

Berserkers Fury

Reasons: This item gives you the late game damage you’ll need, the additional OMPH for you to do more damage. As for replaceable items… there isn’t really any other items that could give you a huge damage increase other than this item, however if you’re hell bent on changing this item you can consider swapping it out for either Blade of 7 Seas or Malefic Roar for it’s Armor pen passive.

Item 6: [Endless Battle]

Endless Battle

Reasons: Needless to say, this item has one of the highest physical attack stat on an item, this item would give you the last boost in attack to kill someone. Do note that if you don’t like this item, feel free to swap this out for Blade of 7 Seas, if you’ve yet to get it in Item 5.

*Notes: I haven’t been having much luck with this build as it lacks Lifesteal on his normal attack. You could consider swapping out one item for Haa’s Claw. IF I were to swap out one item, I’d take out Bloodlust Axe. As mentioned Aluchan already has a pretty low Cooldown on skills, and Haa’s Claw will be able to provide enough Lifesteal for you.

Other than these 3 builds, I have a 4th build at hand that is still currently in testing, I’m kinda liking it now to those that are interested PM me and I’ll share the build with you.. However I do require some feedback after sharing the build 🙂

I would love to include the build in this guide.

Alucard Playstyle

Finally we’re here, the place where most of you are interested in. We’re going to do this differently compared to all my other guides. I’ll be using the same format I’ve done with Yi, so please do let me know if you guys think this format would work.

So there won’t be any so called combos that Mages have, it’s a little different. So I’ll be working on a different format for this area, so do bear with me if it’s a little messy. Since it is in, a testing phase for similar heroes in the future..(WHICH HERO DO YOU GUYS THINK WILL BE NEXT).

I’ll try to explain it the best I can, and It’ll be up to you guys to figure out how to work out his playstyle.

Hybrid Alucard

  • Main goal for this build is to make use of your passive to do more damage and couple it with the true damage passive from Endless Battle to do some insane damage
  • You’ll have to play him like an assassin in this current meta due to how much burst the enemy can carry
  • Please don’t go in when the main bulk of CCs and Damage are still around. Soaking up CCs and Damage is the role of the tank, you’re not the tank!!
  • I repeat you’re not the tank!!
  • Make use of your passive to close in on the backline, remember that your “3” can proc the passive twice since there are 2 parts to the skill
  • CCs are your Bane, try to avoid getting into fights with heroes that carries insane CCs, Nana and Aurora can check you like how Fanny checks everyone lolol..
  • Your “3” has a pretty low cd and high damage, please don’t worry about spamming it
  • There are many ways to initiate with him, I’ll be listing a few combos you can try right below after all these points.

ADC Alucard

  • Main goal is to Auto Attack your way into the fight and make sure you stay clear away from CCs or any Gap closer.
  • Much like how you play Hybrid build, you should be the one closing in, not them coming after you
  • HOWEVER, I can’t stress this enough, only go in when you are sure the enemy has no more CCs anymore, if not you’ll get Rekt once you head in!
  • Since you’re doing full Attack Speed, make use of your items, try to spam as much AAs as possible before moving on to your next skill, the amount of AA you can do highly depends on your skill and how the enemy reacts.
  • Do note that you might be able to 1v1 or 1v2 easily when fed, but be sure to know that what your enemy has in their kit, you might just get Rekt for not knowing your enemies.
  • Remember even if you have your AAs do deal damage and kill, your skills would still boost your already high damage, try to throw in some skills in the mix. Your “3” gives you insane lifesteal and a high damage aoe wave, make use of it.
  • Escaping when needed, “1” can be used for running, make use of your jump and passive to escape. There’s no shame in escaping, you can always come back later to finish them off.
  • I’ll add more as I gather more content

CDR Alucard

  • Main goal is to spam as much skills as possible to harass the enemy team.
  • Since you’ll get little to no lifesteal from Auto Attacking, just spam your skills.
  • For this build, I usually only pop one AA after every skill instead of 2, it’s smoother that way. However it’s my rhythm, try it out and figure out what’s best for you
  • “3” is and will always be your best friend, the aoe wave attack gives you some insane lifesteal and pretty good damage, try to use it as much as possible, IIRC it only has a 6 seconds cool down when I use this build.. It’s pretty much spammable
  • Much like ADC style, your “1” is still your only escape skill, use it for escaping and never try to engage using it, you might end up dead.
  • Do note that even with insane lifesteal and pretty decent damage, you’re still prone to CCs, do not!! I repeat!! Do not think about jumping in when the enemy still has their CCs on hand, only go in when they have used up their CCs and main bulk of damage
  • I don’t think there’s anything much left here. I’ll add more points once I’ve figured out more or there are more stuff to add.

Alucard Combos

Combo 1: (“1” > AA)

This is your most basic Combo, it’s usually for gap closing and chasing enemies, you’ll be using this Combo a lot, so please to learn it.

  • You can also branch it off into (“1” > AA > “2” > AA). Much like your Combo 1, this incorporates your “2” into the combo to do more Damage.

Combo 2: (“3” > AA > “3” > AA)

This is your second basic combo, used to do more poke, making use of your passive to chase an enemy, proc-ing a “3” first to activates the heavy lifesteal and use your AA to chase the enemy down. Proc another “3” to do a huge wave of AOE damage and AA again to chase down the enemy if needed.

  • You can incorporate your Combo 1, (“3” > AA > “2” > AA > “1” > AA > “3” “AA”). You can consider this your full burst combo too as this will be the one combo that deals the most damage.

Combo 2(Variation): (“3” > AA > “1” > AA > “2” > AA “3” > AA)

The only difference with this combo is that instead of proc-ing a “2” you’ll be doing a “1” to give chase just incase the enemy runs away.

Combo 3: (“1” > AA > “3” > AA > “2” > AA > “3” > AA)

Much like Combo 2, this is used for Gap Closing, you’ll be using your “1” to give chase first and finis the enemy with your Full Combo.

*Notes: As I’ve mentioned above, Alucard is a really flexible hero, do take note that you can combo off his skills and mix and match them to your liking. So find the combo that suits you and play the way you like. What I’ve mentioned above are just some basic combos you can perform.

*Notes: As mentioned before, I like to use 2 AA instead of 1 AA after every skill as it’s much more smoother for me, the combo I’ve mentioned above uses only 1 AA, if you think that you like 2 AAs more than 1 AA. Just go ahead and proc 2 AA before and after any skills.

Do note that for some of the builds, there will be items that increases your Mana Regen, Maximum Mana capacity and even magic damage output, ignore them and buy the next item that comes out of the recommended listing.

Alucard Miscellaneous

Alucard Emblem Sets

I like to use, either Jungle or Roamer set, For their defensive and offensive stats. If you guys don’t have those 2 sets, feel free to pick up Physical or Physical Assassin whichever is higher for more damage output.

Alucard Special Skill/Battle Spell

It’s up to your own preference and playstyle.

Retribution – This allows easier farming and stealing enemies jungle creep if needed. Personally I like Retri for the slow effect when you get the 2nd Tier Jungle Item(Pillager Axe, Nimble Blade)

Inspire – Is also another popular choice as it increases your attack speed thus increase your damage output. You might find this more effective when you use the ADC build instead of the CDR or Hybrid build.

Flicker/Purify – personally I don’t really use these spells much on Alucard. But I know some peeps that likes this skills as they help him escape in dangerous situation.

All in all, it’s all personal preference according to your playstyle you’ll be using different battle spells. So do try and figure them out ^^

Alucard Lane Spaces

Due to how Aluchan is so prone to CCs I don’t recommend going mid, since that’s where more of the ganking actions are, so usually either top or bottom.

Engage or to Run?

Only engage when you are super sure that the enemy has no more CCs left that’s when you can go in to start destroying things.

RUN when you think the situation is not right, chances of you 1v1 or 1v2 and winning is pretty high, WHEN FED. However do note that you’re prone to CCs, as long as the enemy has a CC bugger, try not to engage unless you know where they are, so that you know if you could engage or not. TRY to be the one that engages, this would give a surprise factor plus thanks to your decent damage, chances are enemies would run if they take a huge hit.

Alucard Hero Compatibilities

Laning Partner,  if you’re DuoQ-ing

  • Mages like Kagura or Aurora are ideal partners, Having a good disable allows you to deal more damage to the enemy. Since Mages usually require someone to deal a decent amount of damage early game to farm faster.
  • Tanks like Minotaur or Grock, Those with Hard CCs or disables are also pretty good laning partners, they will be able to soak up all the initial damage and CCs, so that you can go in and clean up the mess
  • Supports like Nana or Estes would also be a pretty good laning partner too due to their disables and support capabilities, making bullying in lane much easier.
  • THOUGH, to note, even though they are recommended laning partners. You could pretty much lane with anyone as long as they can do what they are supposed to do. It’s usually about how you deal with the opponent and not who you could pair with. Though you definitely would have an easier time if you’re laning with them. Except for Marksman or Fighters, they tend to require some farm, if both of you are laning together you’ll end up eating each other farms.

Heroes that he’s good against

  • Squishy targets like Marksman and Mages in general, However do note that you have to be wary of heroes that carries hard CCs they can screw you hard.
  • Heroes with Low burst skills, Usually Tanks and Fighters, with his Lifesteal abilities, he can pretty much 1v1 and even 1v2 enemies with ease so long as he doesn’t encounter any Hard CCs *Making myself clear, Burst as in ONE HIT WONDERS LIKE EUDORA* Fighters generally has very consistent high damage throughout like Marksmans.
  • Surprisingly, Heroes that thinks they could run away, namely Kagura and Fanny.. No kidding I’ve seen one chase those little buggers all around the map and surviving purely on Lifesteal and ending up killing them. However do note that even though he can chase, he could still be checked by both heroes.
  • Though, Ideally any hero without any hard CCs or have their CC spent would have trouble running away from Aluchan.

Heroes that checks him

  • Heroes with hard CCs, namely Eudora, Nana, Aurora, Cyclops and the list goes on XD
  • High Burst heroes, namely Eudora, Aurora, Karina. ETC. You won’t be able to lifesteal if you aren’t alive to steal them lolol
  • Karina, You won’t be able to hit her when she procs “1” so yeah basically you can only use your skills to pop her. Pretty much allows her to avoid about ⅓ of your full damage.
  • There are a few other heroes that you do have to be careful of like Natalia’s Silence, Tanks with CCs like Hilda and Chou and even heroes that builds Deadly Blade or Necklace of Durance.

Top Players You should definitely watch out for.

  • Frędo
  • [EE82EE]Teresa

Disclaimer: Players names are correct as of 27/10/2017. Editor’s picks

All In All / Conclusion

He might have the title of a fighter thanks to his capabilities of 1v1-ing without much problem as long as he’s not deterred due to CCs.

However thanks to the current meta, his forced to turn to the assassin role, not that it’s bad. Thanks to his pretty good self sustain and high damage kit.

Your primary role in the game is to either clean up after the fight or engage the back lines so that you can finish them off before they can do anything to your team. It’s a high risk high payout job, if you do it well, you can pretty much steamroll the game.

He isn’t much of a team player that’s for sure, so don’t expect too much from him if you just jump in, the timing of his engage is different from normal fighters. So do take note of this point.

All in all Aluchan works best when with a teammate early game and soars once he gets his items and starts ganking and roaming to pick off single targets.

Anyway ~
That’s all from me folks, please do let me know if you have any questions thru Reddit or you can look for me in Discord or Telegram.

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