Alpha Tank Build-Items


You can go thank or buy tanky items when your team needs a tank dude. Alpha very good hero and he has good skills and 180 true damage(his passive). So you have basically damage, and thing about that when you buy a tank items, you survive a long time in TF(team fight). You absorb the all damage, still you have damage.

Firstly you should search and learn the Alpha. Then you can use Alpha for every role.

Have you an idea or suggest for Alpha Tank items, you can write a comment about that. And don’t forget you can always write a post at Mobile Legends Forum.

Alpha Tank Build-Items

Firstly get this item:

Demons Advent




Rapid Boots


Ice Force


Bloodthirsty King

Finally buy this item, for HP-Magic Resist-Immortality:


I think this items very good for the Tank Alpha, you can use this build. It’s gonna work for you. And always i suggest, when the late game, I thing you should sell your boots for your needs.

Get this items when you sell the boots:

Need more Attack-Attack Speed-Crit:

Blade of Despair

Need more Armor-HP:

Brute Force Breastplate

Thing this build and tell us your idea-advice by commenting. Because we are searching the best build for Alpha. And you can always look at Mobile-Legends.Net for the other Alpha Builds, Alpha guides. Thank you for everything 🙂

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