Alpha Attack-Tanky Build


We are searching and trying to the best build for Alpha, now AD(Attack Damage)-Tanky build is ready. You can use this items and you have damage, some durable for the long team fights. Give us advice for the Mobile Legends Alpha Attack-Tanky build. You can suggest the other items.

You should learn the Alpha’s skills and him passive first. Then train this hero a lot. This isn’t a easy to play hero. You should learn detailed. We will post about Alpha Guide soon. Now you can look the build:

Alpha Attack-Tank Build

Firstly get this item:

Crazed Reaper


Warrior Boots


Blade of Despair


Bloodthirsty King


Wind Chaser

Finally buy this item:


I’m suggesting, you can sell your boots when the late game and buy some you need for the late game.

When you sell your boots, buy this item:

Need more Attack-HP:

Ice Force

Need more Magic Resist-HP-Shield:

Saints Refuge

Need more Armor-HP:

Brute Force Breastplate

This is my idea for the Alpha Attack & Tanky items. You can add your idea by commenting. Thank you for everything ^^

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