Alice Tips, Hero Guide and Build (Basically)

Mobile Legends Alice Tips Hero Guide and Build

There is nice basically Alice tips and tricks in here. You can benefit from this information. We are all wanna help you to better game playing. Skill leveling, recommended spell and emblem and of course gear sets. Don’t forget the comment dude, have fun 🙂

So first of all Alice is currently the second best (Kagura is 1st for me ) in and out mage for me.

Because of her first skill which is totally cool.

Heading now to the main topic.

Alice Tips, Hero Guide and Build (Basically)

Alice Skill Tips and Skill Combination Tips

  • I use first skill to spam minions as well as to deal damage to the enemy in the lane, then if you think you can make a kill TRANSFER QUICKLY TO THE ORB then USE ULTIMATE followed by SECOND SKILL then FIRST if not yet killed.
  • Use your first skill also to escape being hunt. You can go to the OPPOSITE DIRECTION so that the enemy will go opposite to your FIRST SKILL.

Alice Skill Leveling

  • Maximize the level of you FIRST SKILL because it it deal HIGH DAMAGE to the enemy in early game up to the last minute, then ULT and lastly SECOND SKILL.

Alice Recommended Spell

So my recommended spell for her is , FLICKER and PETRIFY.

  • FLICKER if you are the aggressive type of player who loves tower diving and escaping through multiple enemies.
  • PETRIFY if your into Crowd Control type and want more DPS.

Alice Equipment Purchasing Order

  • So I recommend to buy 2 Magic Necklace (Mana Regen) as your first item , so you can sustain the mana for spamming creeps.
  • Build the Magic Talisman, for CD and Mana Regen.
  • 2nd, Concentrated Energy,for Spell Vamp and to Improve the Life Drain of the ULTIMATE.
  • 3rd, Arcane Boots, Magic PEN 🙂
  • 4th, Glowing Wand, for additional DPS in all skills specially ULT
  • 5th, Ice Queen Wand, Slow Effect very effective in Crowd Control.
  • 6th, Immortality, For safety purpose .
Mobile Legends Alice Recommended Build

3 Items Which Go Well With Me

  • Glowing Wand, Ice Queen Wand, Concentrated Energy.

3 Heroes That I Can Counter

  • Saber, because even he use his ULT he will still suffer Alice’s ULT .
  • Aurora, you can go near her and even when freezed as long as your near you HP will just go back.
  • Karrie, she be dead in one Combo.

3 Heroes That Counter You

  • Chou, too many Stuns to delay the spell casting.
  • Tigreal, his surprise ULTIMATE can ruin your setup for clash.
  • Kagura, the burst damage of kagura, if she got you first your DEAD , but if you got her First she’s DEAD 😉

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