Alice Deep Detailed Hero Guide and Builds

Mobile Legends Alice Deep Detailed Guide and Builds
A lil about myself… I’ve been playing ML since season 1, I’ve seen almost all sorts of changes throughout the game… some good and some bad meh.. I’ve been lurking in the reddit for quite sometime now, so I figured I should do something for the community.

I’ve decided to start working on an Alice Guide, I’m planning on making guides for older units and units that are currently out of Meta, do let me know who you want me to write up on 🙂

Well my main goal is to show everyone that older units are still viable even at the current meta..
And to help newer players understand the game and the heroes more before they venture into the WILD XD

I figured I might as well do a short write up on Alice first since she was my first main before kagura came out hehehe.

So how are we going to do this?

  • I’ll start off with some lore and skin showcase, with an intro/TLDR of her
  • Followed by her skills and analysing them and giving you guys some tips on using her
  • Builds – we’ll go over a few builds that would work for her
  • Combos, Playstyle and how you should engage/disengage
  • Last but not least, Misc. like Emblems, Special Skill etc etc

So let’s start off with some Lore and onto the guide we go ~~

*Disclaimer 1 – I am not the best Alice user, there are many more better than me, but I do consider myself a little decent. If there are changes needed or suggestions please do let me know 🙂
*Disclaimer 2 – This guide is meant for players with zero knowledge in Alice and wishes to learn how to play with her so it might be a little lengthy.. If anyone just wants a TLDR version do PM me with your question and I’ll try my best to help you out 🙂

A Little About Alice The EVIL One!

Thousands of years ago, the humans defeated  the Blood Demons and imprisoned their queen Alice in the dark abyss. Today, the land of dawn faces a huge disturbance and the seal’s power has slowly weakened.

The dominator of dark abyss is thirsty for more believers and dark force has been growing stronger in secret. With the acquiescence of the great dominator, Alice broke free from her ancient prison. (SOMEONE CATCH HER)

Driven mad by her endless lust for blood*Take mine*, she sucked the life out of any creature in her path, and especially for the fleshes of those young elves – They were the favorite of Queen Alice *Uhh Pedo much?*
After the temporary satisfaction, Alice has turned her attention to something stronger – those heroes from the other worlds “WATCH YOUR BACK”

Alice Deep Detailed Hero Guide and Builds

The Queen’s Intro

Alice’s main role in the game is an Engager/Sub-damage dealer.

She’s made for teamfights and playing with a team, she’s one heck of a lane harasser, and a better engager, by timing her skills perfectly, you’ll pretty much take the opponent by surprise and take a huge chunk of HP from them.

She’s not made like other mages,  where they have high damage output
*Stares at Eudora intensely*
She has more Sustain and Residual damage, and is known for her abilities to stay in the fight for a longer period of time compared to other mages.

The main aspect of mastering her is to learn the distance of her 1st skill and when to engage and disengage from a teamfight.

Her main goal is to always engage when the enemy is least expecting and reap off from your allies >:))

She definitely would better when you’re playing with friends, and will fall short when playing Solo, that doesn’t mean you can’t play her Solo though ~

That being said, I have 4 different builds for her, do bear with me as we go along. I promise you you’ll at least have something to bring home today hahahaha XD

Why Alice?


  • Stupid early game harass
  • Pretty good damage(enemies tend to ignore her damage)
  • Best sustain in the mage class
  • Best Engager with decent damage in the Mage class
  • SHE’S EVIL!!!


  • Mobility (pretty bad movement speed)
  • Whenever you engage, chances are you’re dead
  • She won’t have much sustain late game
  • Falling off when not playing with friends(Requires some sort of coordination)

Alice Skills

*Note: I’ll be using “1” “2” “3” to represent her skills respectively

*Note: I’ve decided to rework the layout of the Skills segment, by combining both “Skills & Analysis” since she’s not as complicated as Kagura. It looks cleaner too. Do let me know what layout you guys like more and I’ll stick with the format for my future guides

*Note: Damage on some skills are incremental, but I can’t seem to find their stats, they are either too far back into the older patches, or I might’ve missed them, so to simplify matters, I’ll use their base damage stated in the game itself 🙂

Passive skill: [Blood Ancestry]

When a nearby minion dies, a blood orb will generate, Absorbing the blood orb will increase Alice’s HP by 10 pts permanently.

  • The skill that makes you tankier as time goes by
  • Kill as much minions and collect those orbs that dropped out
  • The more you collect the more hp you will have at the end.

1st skill: [Flowing Blood] “1”

Shoots a blob of blood in a specific direction dealing 350 pts of Magic Damage to the enemy. Afterwards when the hero proc “1” again, they will instantly teleport to wherever the blood blob is.

  • Your main damaging skill
  • Your longest harassing weapon in your kit
  • Your best engage tool, and also your best escape tool
  • Try to hit as many enemies as possible with your “1”


  • Only engage when you can clearly see your opponents, jumping in to save your friends might be heroic, but jumping in without knowing the situation is called suicide
  • If you have your sound on, you’ll know whether you have hit your enemy or not since there’s an sound effect for when you hit your enemies. Use that to gauge the distance between you and the enemy
  • Before you’re stunned fire off a “1” once the bind or stunned subside/purified click “1” again to escape
  • Like I mentioned before, learn the range of your “1” to master her long range battles

2nd skill: [Blood Awe] “2”

Deals 270 pts of Magic Damage to surrounding enemies and trap them for 1.2 seconds. When trapping effect ends, the enemy will get slowed down for 2 seconds.

  • Use together with “1” for better battle engages
  • Make use of this skill to prevent enemies from running
  • Using this skill could help save your teammates at times


  • It doesn’t stun, it only traps, they can still attack you when they are hit by your “2”
  • Incorporate this skill into your “3” to create a combo, will be talking more about it in the combos section.
  • Due to her low CD on both “1” & “2” they are pretty much spammable, get down the muscle memory of clicking “2” right after teleporting to an enemy

3rd skill: [Blood Ode] “3”

For the next 4 seconds after using the skill, the blood princess(Queen) will be in blood-drinking mode, dealing 160 pts of Magic Damage to surrounding enemies every 0.5 seconds and restoring 40 pts of HP for herself at the same time.

  • Your best damaging skill
  • People tend to underestimate the damage from this skill
  • The one skill that gives you the sustain needed in the teamfight
  • Also the one skill that gave her the name “queen of sustain” in the battlefield
  • Try to always proc “2” before your “3” when you teleport in, however I found that proc-ing “3” right after initial “1”, than proc-ing “1” to “2” being more effective. I’ll be explaining how this work in the Combo’s section below.


  • Having high sustain doesn’t mean you are invincible, always be prepared to run when you think that you’re in danger.
  • Make use of your “high damage” output in the early games to gank with your teammates, giving you guys the clear advantage.
  • Note that the range of “3” is similar to “2” so take note of your range. It is one of the way to perfect her.

Alice Skill Leveling Priority

  • Max “1” first
  • Level “3” when possible
  • Since leveling “2” doesn’t affect the slow or trap’s duration, max this slowly ~

Alice Deadly Builds

*Disclaimer – I wouldn’t say that the build I have here is the best or is the only one build that will work. The builds I have here works for me, with the highest winning rate, hence I’m sharing it.
If any of you has a build you would like me to include or any suggestions do feel free to let me know 🙂

*Note: Items will be bolded for easier reading, for example “Arcane boots

*Note: I’ll be changing the format of this section too, do let me know which format you like more and I’ll stick with the format.

How this format works?

  • I won’t be telling you guys the stats & what each item do, but I’ll still give you the reason why I have this particular item in the build
  • I’ll still let you guys know which item is replaceable with which item and why. 🙂
Mobile Legends Alice Deadly Builds

Alice BUILD 1 [Main Build]

This is the main build I’ve been using, there were a few changes along the items since season 1 but they are mainly still the same ~ I had the highest winning rate with this build hahaha XD

Item 1: [Clock of Destiny]

Clock of Destiny

Reason: This is one of the best item you can throw on Alice, firstly it gives enough sustain during early game, highly advised on building this item first. Due to it’s unique passive, it allows you to regenerate a portion of your HP as time goes by. Plus with it’s Reincarnate ability you’ll
hit a pretty high amount of Magic Power once it’s fully charged.

Replaceable: [Enchanted Talisman] – If you think you need more Mana instead of HP feel free to buy Enchanted Talisman instead of Clock of Destiny.

*However I’ve never faced any troubles with Mana when playing Alice that’s why I didn’t include Enchanted Talismans in my builds.

Item 2: [Boots of Tranquility]

Boots of Tranquility

Reasons: Best boots to abuse your “3” since it gives an additional 10% more to your HP regen, stacks with Concentrated Energy too so abuse it all you can >:)

Replaceable: [Arcane Boots, Magic Shoes, Warrior Boots(Popular Choice)] – If you like more Magic pen, Arcane Boots is for you. If you prefer having a more CDR Magic boots would suits you, though with the low cool down on both your “1” and “2” I don’t really use CDR items, I mainly build damage Hahahaha! Warrior Boots is a more popular choice since you usually get attacked when you engage, it would give you additional armor as you get attacked by physical attacks. It helps you last longer in a team fight.

Item 3: [Concentrated Energy]

Concentrated Energy

Reasons: Another core item that gives you the most sustain in teamfights. Usually I’ll get this item as my 2nd item even before the Boots lolol, but that’s just me. If you like to have a little more Mvmt speed get the boots first.

Replaceable: None – This item is pretty important in my honest opinion, I don’t think any other item can give you enough sustain on a teamfight other than this item.

Item 4: [Holy Crystal]

Holy Crystal

Reasons: If you haven’t noticed already, I really like Holy Crystal since it has one of the highest Magic Power in game and it’s unique passive gives quite a boost in damage. It’s one of my favorite item to throw in my mage builds.

Replaceable: None – Not many items will be able to allow you to spike your damage so I’ll stick with this item too if you really really hate this item, you could consider Fleeting time or Enchanted Talisman for the CDR and respective unique passive though like I’ve mentioned above I don’t really have much problems with Mana and Cooldowns so I don’t really use any of them.

Item 5: [Glowing Wand]

Glowing Wand

Reasons: This item gives quite a bit of damage pairing this with your “3”. Since it scales off HP. Taking on tanks wouldn’t be a problem lolol. It also kills of your opponent’s regen if they proc their regen right after your skill hits :3

Replaceable: Necklace of Durance – If your team is having troubles with Marksmans/Fighters with their insane lifesteal or even Estes, please use this item instead of Glowing Wand, This item cuts their heals/regen by giving your team a better chance in a teamfight. Even if they don’t give you much troubles, getting this item could still give your team an advantage in teamfights.

Item 6: [Blood Wings]

Blood Wings

Reasons: The one item with the most Magic Power and HP, one of the better late game item for mages. With the unique passive from this item, would give you more HP than you could imagine, it helps you with your sustain during late game fights.

Replaceable: None – No other item gives you this much Magic Power and HP, it gives you the Magic power for your Spell Vamp and the HP for sustain. If you really really hate this item… Just use it why would you drop this item lololol..

Alice BUILD 2 [Debuff Build]

This is one of the troll builds I’ve made kekeke, it’s best when you use it when you’re playing with friends and want to troll a lot. This build’s main goal is to apply as much debuffs as possible so that your teammates can take the enemy down fast. It’s a build that doesn’t give as much damage compared to Build 1 but it’s hella annoying compared to Build 1 lolol.

*Note: I won’t be giving any suggestions on other items since this is a troll build lolol. Give it a try and figure out different builds that might work in trolling.

Item 1: [Enchanted Talisman]

Enchanted Talisman

Reasons: Since your main goal is to debuff and harass your enemies. You’ll want that unlimited Mana and super low cooldown for your skills. This item is a must for that 🙂

Item 2: [Warrior Boots]

Warrior Boots

Reasons: Like I’ve mentioned above since your goal is to survive longer than most mages, this item is perfect for you, giving you more armor as you get hit. Longer you stay in the fight, the more annoying you’ll be >;)

Item 3: [Concentrated Energy]

Concentrated Energy

Reasons: Sustain more Sustain need I say more? LOLOLOL, this item works best with your “3” keep it so that you can stay in the battle longer.

Item 4: [Winter Truncheon]

Winter Truncheon

Reasons: Since your main goal is still an engager, you’ll be taking the most hits whenever you engage, this item would apply debuffs once your HP goes below a certain threshold, due to your sustain thanks to Concentrated Energy and your “3” this item works well whenever you engage when you have about 50% HP >:))

Item 5: [Necklace of Durance]

Necklace of Durance

Reasons: Like I’ve mentioned before in Build 1, This item is perfect for killing enemies that uses a lot of lifesteal or Regen. One of the best item to throw your enemies off their “rhythm”, and thanks to your sustain from “3” and Concentrated Energy, you’ll be able to apply a constant debuff whenever you engage, giving your team a chance to clean up once they are caught.

Item 6: [Ice Queen Wand]

Ice Queen Wand

Reasons: Another freakish item, this item has a built in slow mechanism that annoys the heck out of your enemy lolol. Keep poking them with your “1” and see them try to run away >:))

*Note: Did you guys notice why I didn’t include Ice Queen Wand in my main build?

It’s because, your “2” already trap/slows them for a total of 3.2 seconds which is about 4 seconds, this item only works for 3 seconds which is practically useless since you’ll be popping your “2” right before “3” for maximum damage. You don’t really need Ice Queen Wand, there are better items for more damage.

So why did I include this item in this build? It’s because you’re harassing more than doing damage to the opponent, hence why this item is included, just keep popping “1” kekekeke >:))

Alice BUILD 3 [Main Build(?)]

If you’ve been following the guide, I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed how similar this build is to Build 1. I’ll be honest with you it is similar and the playstyle you use is the same, however this is a test build I’ve been doing and it is giving me a pretty good result, hence I’m sharing it with you guys~

The only changes made are to the Boots and swapping Glowing Wand with Lightning Truncheon. Making use of LT’s sudden burst of damage, instead of the residual damage you’ll be able to give your opponents a scare, and with LT’s passive it will give you a better minion clearing speed near end game.

After testing both builds, I kinda fell in love with Build 3 and kinda stop using Build 1 LMAO.

Alice Combos – Blood More Blood!

Finally we’re here, the place where most of you are interested in. First things first, she’s not as complicated as Kagura, so I won’t go as in depth as my Kagura guide.

I’ll still give you guys the step by step instructions but it will be up to you guys to figure out how each combos should be used in which situation 🙂

Alice Combo 1

(“1” > “1”) This is the most basic combo you have to engage and to escape. Proc “1” to shoot out a blob of blood. Proc “1” again to teleport to the blob. Make sure you gauge the distance before teleporting over. If the blob disappears you won’t be able to teleport.

  • Do not teleport into the “wild”. Make sure you know what’s happening or you can see what’s happening before engaging… Engaging mindlessly or blindly is called suicide.
  • Always be prepared to run with your “1”. Take note of how long your “1” can travel is the way to master the art of running using Alice.

Alice Combo 2

(“1” > “1” > “2”) This is the next Combo you have to learn. This is similar to Combo 1, but you’ll be incorporating “2” into your Combo, to trap your enemies.

  • You can proc “2” before you run away with “1” too, to trap your chasing enemies for awhile. Something like (“1” > “2” > “1”) -OR- (“2” > “1” > “1”). You’ll have to gauge the timing yourself and make sure you do not proc “1” when the blob is over a wall.

Alice Combo 3

(“1” > “1” > “2” > “3”) This would be your highest damage combo and your best engaging skill, people usually run or gets the blood sucked dry LOLOLOL.

  • Much like Combo 2 or 1, you’ll be teleporting into the mess and hitting your “3” to damage your enemies or disrupting/breaking up the fight.
  • You’ll usually die at this place, however please take note of an escape route where you can throw “1” to escape. Since your “3” last 4 seconds, be prepared to run after your ult ends.
  • I would recommend going in with your “3” only when there’s 3 or more enemies in there to make use of your Spell Vamp to keep yourself alive, Jumping into the fight when there’s 5 enemies and when your team is not ready is called suicide(Please don’t do this)
  • When using Build 1, when you have the first 3 items. You can deal about 50 ~ 60% of damage to your enemies even when they are under their tower before you take noticeable damage from the tower. Make sure you proc “3” when it happens lololol

Alice Combo 3 (Variations)

(“1” > “3” > “1” > “2”) If you have fast thumbs/fingers you can try this combo, you’ll be able to damage them as soon as you engage with “1” once they are about to get out of your “3” range, hit “2” to trap and slow them for maximum damage, prepare your “1” to jump out though 🙂

  • If you’re not fast enough, you can always do (“1” > “1” > “3” > “2”) this is a lot easier XD

Alice Miscellaneous

Alice Emblem Sets

I like to use, either Magic or Magic Assassin Emblem sets, it depends on which one you have at a higher level, personally Magic assassin is more prefered. Due to her nature of being a DoT hero instead of burst, you can consider running Tank Emblem too.

Alice Battle Spell

It’s up to your own preference and playstyle.
Personally I find Purify the best due to her being the engager, it’s always good to have a way to get out of CCs.
My Friend likes to use Flicker since he can’t get the timing for purify down LMAOO
Petrify is another good skill to use due to the AOE stun. It will throw them off their game, being suddenly not being able to move >:))

Alice Lane Place

Like Kagura ~
Personally I like to go either top or bottom lane, since I can’t be bothered to argue with MMs that wants Mid Lane, but if you can go Mid, GO!!!
If you’re in Mid, thanks to her kit, once you hit level 4 you can start ganking enemies under their tower with the help from your teammates :))

Engage or to Run?

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it above lolol, but never ever engage till your team’s tank, tank the first wave of CCs this will give you a higher chance of surviving, since in the end you’re still a mage, your Armor and Resist doesn’t scale as well as a tank. Unless you are really sure that the enemy has no CC or their CCs are on CD

To RUN – Once you think that you’ve made a mistake in engaging, just RUN, it’s better to have a someone survive, than a WIPEOUT. CLICK RETREAT AND RUN… usually when soloq-ing this is the part when your team knows they’re screwed XD

Alice Hero Compatibilities

Laning Partner,  if you’re DuoQ-ing

  • Fighters like Alucard and Roger are ideal partners, Having a decent early game damage, and paired it off with your snares would make you quite a lane bully
  • Tanks like Minotaur or Gatot, Those with Hard CCs or disables that can hold the enemy in place are also pretty good laning partners, locking them in place allows your ult to deal much more damage
  • Mages like Aurora would also be a pretty good laning partner too due to her disables and AOE “3”. This pairing is pretty scary considering how both compliments each other in terms of kit
  • THOUGH, to note, even though they are recommended laning partners. You could pretty much lane with anyone as long as they can do what they are supposed to do. It’s usually about how you deal with the opponent and not who you could pair with. Though you definitely would have an easier time if you’re laning with them.

Heroes that she’s good against

  • Squishy targets like Marksman and Mages in general, Since you’re made to engage, going in with your ult and snare could take a huge chunk of HP from the enemies
  • Heroes with Low burst skills, Usually Tanks and Fighters, With the capabilities of your “3” and how much spell vamp you have, heroes without huge burst of damage will have troubles taking you out, though do note that with enough time you’ll still die since your “3” will run out. *Making myself clear, Burst as in ONE HIT WONDERS LIKE EUDORA* Fighters generally has very consistent high damage throughout like Marksmans.
  • Generally heroes that lacks Mobility. Like Layla or Bane, as long as they couldn’t get out of your “3” Range they will pretty much have their HP drained by a huge chunk.
  • However do note that as Alice is made to be an initiator, you’re meant to be in the middle of the team fight and having all sorts of heroes in there, it’s very hard to avoid enemies you don’t want to meet. So do take note of when you engage and when you don’t engage.

Heroes that checks her

  • Heroes with hard CCs, Nana, Eudora and ever Aurora, the list goes on
  • High Burst heroes, namely Eudora, Aurora, Karina. ETC. So long as you don’t survive burst skills, you won’t be able to pop your “3”. Even though you’re an initiator, you must note that you’re still a mage, not matter what you’re still fragile.
  • Heroes with bulk. Like Hilda or Chou or Balmond. If you aren’t able to take them out or lower their HP, you’ll be pretty much dead once your skill goes on Cooldown.  Heroes that are tanky and does a decent amount of damage are the bane of your existence.
  • There are a few other heroes that you do have to be careful of like Natalia’s Silence, however do note that Nats kinda checks almost every heroes with her Silence lolol.

Top Players You should definitely watch out for….Example.

  • ᵈʸᵈʸ欣
  • H-Camp
  • くくっく

Disclaimer – Players names are correct as of 27/10/2017. Editor’s picks

All In All / Conclusion

Alice may be a sub-par mage during SoloQ or even 5 man fights compared to mages that has a higher burst damage. However during teamfights Alice has one of the best sustain as a mage and one heck of a damage when initiating, this would prevent enemies from trying to engage or trying to fight it out.

Thanks to her kit having slows and traps, this would allow your team to pick up more kills than they could without her…

Like I mentioned above she is not like any other mages, she is more of a teamfight hero than a click to kill hero, this hero requires map awareness and instincts to master. Knowing when to engage and when to disengage.

If you think she’s like any other mages(Eudora), you’re wrong, she requires experience to master, playing her aimlessly would just feed the enemy team 🙂

One last tip before I end this guide, do not start unnecessary teamfights, when your team isn’t nearby or ready. Always think about your enemy’s position and your team’s position.

She works well with a team but doesn’t mean she’s bad for SoloQ-ing.

Do try her out and tell me how she does for you, who knows you might find her fun to play and decides to main her XD

Cheers ~

战神Basara & Ashbell小夕

If anyone is interested in the original link: Click

Thank you for sharing “-GoW-Basara“!

Don’t forget the comment 🙂

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