Akai Tips-Tricks Tank Build and Guide

Mobile Legends Akai Tips-Tricks Tank Build Guide

I am Lex. My main hero is of course Akai. You might have watched my videos on the MLBB Official Page. The guy who writes ROAD TO TOP 1 Akai. Sadly, Top 1 Akai plays more Akai games than me.

Akai Tips-Tricks Tank Build and Guide

Akai Skill Analysis

Passive: Brute Force – Adds 2% of max HP to physical attack. | This means that your overall DPS will increase everytime you put more health on to your Akai. No need for ATTACK ITEMS. Just go full HP all the way.

Thousand Pounder: Jump into the target area, dealing 170 physical damage to enemies when landing and a 60% slow down effect. Fro the next 3 seconds, the following basic attacks will deal an extra 50% physical damage. | MAX this whenever you can. This skill acts as your gank, escape, damage skill. This skill well help you get a better position when using your MEAT TANK Ultimate.

Guardian: Deals 100 plus 15% of own missing HP as physical damage to enemies in the area. Also equips self with a shield that can block up to 360 damage and last for 4 seconds. (8.5 seconds cooldown. 50 mana cost) | This is your MAIN DPS skill. As your health decreases, the damage of this skill also increases accordingly. So it is a MUST that you stack up those HP items so you can benefit from this. Do not underestimate the Shield that it provides, with proper timing, it can block tower damages, and save you from dying.
Side Uses: Use your Basic Heal Skill when the shield is up.

Meat Tank: Becomes a ball in 4 seconds and starts to dash. Each hit will knock back the target and deal 50 magic damage. (35 seconds cooldown. 60 mana cost) | This is skill makes Akai Unique. The only skill in the game that can disable more than enemy heroes for 4 full seconds. This skill made me fall in love with Akai. Back in my early Elite days, I mistakenly picked Akai, but this skill made me want Akai more. This skill can turn the game on your favor, that’s how powerful this skill. Although, it has a lot of counters, with proper timing you can take out enemy Marksman, Mage, Fighter easily.
– Use it to bring your enemies close to your tower or ally heroes.
– Use it to bring your enemies to the wall and lock them there.
– Use it to save your teammate by pushing enemies back then escape with thousand pounder.

Akai Skill Priority


Akai Tank Build

Firstly: Rapid Boots

Rapid Boots

At early levels, enemy team is squishy. You won’t be needing much damage. You just need early mobility for you to be able to chase them with Thousand Pounder and Guardian.
FAQ: Why Rapid Boots and not Magic Shoes? It is your preference. I just prefer the 10ms because it gives me more mobility. Meat Tank is so easy to counter, so I only have one chance to make it right.

Then: Cursed Helmet

Cursed Helmet


Rush towards Molten Essence. Don’t take the Robe of Resistance as suggested by the game. Get Vitality Crystal then wait for 600g then take Molten Essence. It boosts your HP and Damage significantly.
Before the Nerf on the Cursed Helmet reducing sacrifice damage from 2% to 1.5%, Akai can singlehandedly kill Most Marksman and Mage with Thousand Pounder > Meat Tank to the wall > Guardian. But now it is reduced, you need an ally to kill enemy Mage or Marksman.
This item adds overall HP and DPS for your Akai.
If you get this withing 6mins, you are doing pretty well.

Then: Bloodthirsty King

Bloodthirsty King


If you are able to get this in 8mins, you are doing pretty well in the game.
This is your main tanking item. It goes very well with Cursed Helmet since it will give you free tag on assist to all enemies you come across with without having to hit them with normal attack. With the proper use of this item, you can Tower Dive and kill enemy and still survived because of the heal it provides. At 10k HP, this gives you 500hp per Second for each kill or assist.

Then: Immortality



Since you are obviously doing tower dives most of the time when enemy is defending towers, this will save you when you make a mistake when you tower dive. If you are HP is high enough, even if you die, you will still have the time to have your Thousand Pounder reload so you can escape.
This item suits well with Bloodthirsty King since if during the time you are on Rebirth effect and one of the enemies died with your assist, you will have benefit from the regen provided by Bloodthirsty King.

Then: Dominance Ice

Dominance Ice


Together with “BLUE Buff” you get from monsters, you can have a huge increase in DPS because of this item. It gives you 15% uptime on all your skills.

Finally: Hearth of Steel

Heart of Steel


The only thing that will kill you on this point is a full glass canon Marksman or Enemy Tower. You can survive most ganks and Run away from them.

Shortly TANK Gear Combination for Akai

Mobile Legends Akai Tank Build

Akai Battle Spells


Mobile Legends Assault

Immediately increases movement speed 42%. This effect slowly fades over 10s.

My preference is Assault, but some people like the Top 1 Akai prefers Flicker over it.
I use Assault because it is more versatile than flicker and more offensive than Purify.
Use Assault > Thousand Pounder > Meat Tank. With proper timing, you can easily bring the enemy out of their towers, and into your own tower range. It also somehow boosts Thousand Pounder Range since moving the directional pad can increase decrease the range of Thousand Pounder while in Mid Air.

Akai Emblem Set

Physical Emblem Set or Fighter Emblem Set

This is on your own preference. But I use Fighter for higher HP.

Akai GamePlay Guide

While most players play Akai as TANK like how they play Johnson and Mino, refrain from doing so. To maximize Akai, play AKAI as a carry hero. Only go in using Thousand Pounder if you are sure you can kill the one you are jumping at. Your main target is either a Marksman or a Mage. After killing them, you can help your team against the tank and fighter classes.
Early Game first 6mins.
You can go mid Panda if you are confident with your skills. Or go bottom. Get as much Gold as you can. Within 5mins, you should be able to get Rapid Boots and Cursed Helmet. If you die frequently, you will not snowball in the late game. Gank other lanes with Assault, it is easier to bring them to the wall if you move fast enough before they can use their Flicker.
Mid Game 6mins to 10mins this is where you need to take care. While your enemies are slowly building up their items, you are rushing towards Bloodthirsty King which is very very expensive. You have to pick your fights wisely. Your priority is to get Bloodthirsty King fast without losing map control.
Late game: Unless you are sure your Meat Tank wont be cancelled, do not jump first on a team fight. Let both parties commit fighting then jump on enemy Mage or Marksman. Stay away from enemy Chou. Your Priority is to remove their Marksman from the game or run home so you can go back and kill the ones remaining in the fight. You can tower dive tier 2 Towers. If you need to tower dive tier 3, you need at least an Immortal to do it.
How to Wall Properly.
The only thing you need to learn is that whenever you wall an enemy, leave a space between you and the wall.

Akai Good With This Champs

Tank Build Chou: Together you can easily bring enemy to your tower or on the side.
Nana and her Hex: Turn your enemies to rabbit making it hard for them to use Flicker.
Saber: His ulti can give you 1s to position yourself.

Akai Enemies

Chou: His first and Ult Cancels Meat Tank
Nana: First and Ult Cancels Meat Tank
Saber: Ult Cancels Meat Tank
Ruby: Second Skill makes it harder for you to do your combo. When you Jump, he uses second skill then stuns you for a while. Her Ult, removes you from walling the enemy.
Mino: Ult Cancels Meat Tank.
Tigreal: Second Skill cancels Meat Tank
Hayabusa: If he uses his shadow skill, dont try to wall him. Even if you successful wall him while his shadow skill is up, he can immediately teleport even if he is stunned. Wait for his shadow to expire.
Moscov: Pushes you away or towards the wall helping the enemy escape the wall.
A lot of heroes nullifies Akai’s Meat Tank so think before you leap.

From: “LexPanda” thank you for sharing

Here some info this player:

Mobile Legends Player LexPanda
Mobile Legends Player LexPanda
Mobile Legends Player LexPanda

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okay blood thirsty king no longer has the 75 hp regen would you still put in build or switch it for something else