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Mobile Legends Bunnylove Angela

Throughout the game in competitive gameplay support champions always were lack luster, i mean why get a support if you can have 1 tank taking the damage and CC and more damage dealers in your team.

Not to say support champions are bad, its just support have many roles to fill depending on the supporting champion.

Estes is a pro healer that have a large dome slow CC but while he does keep the team alive during a team fight early and mid game, he falls short late game for not bringing in damage and his healing not getting any stronger as he builds his items (unless you build magic items, which i advise against).

Diggie is supposed to be a master CC Champ with his slow/stun clock affect, the time reverse spell which doesnt let a champ go anywhere if they try, but what makes him special is his passive which if he dies he can tail enemies around to grant vision before he revives. great if you want to tail an OP Assassin that keeps killing your allies in the shadows.

But late game he also falls short, his ULT barely does much, his CC skills taking time to trigger making him weak in a team fight.

Nana is the closest Meta support right now with her high immediate CC arsenal and long range attacks which allows her to be relevant if building ATT speed/ Crit items. but besides her the Support role has always been dead for how limited their scaling is to a short stop late game.

That is why Angela is amazing, her kit allows her to be relevant in every stage of the game, let me explain why.

First of, her first skill (forgot the name of the skills so ill just make up names).

Love Waves

This skill is what makes her so relevant late game, allowing her to give small Healing boosts to her teammates while damaging enemies in team fights In constant waves, but what makes it great is the debuffs, slowing the enemies damaged by 10% and they take 20% damage from any source of attack, stacking to 100% more damage, allowing your allies to do loads of damage in a team fight or in lane.

Thread Bind

This skill Will help a lot in lane phase or when your allies are chasing, it slows and bounds your enemy to a stop if You are able to keep close to them so the threads wont snap. a decent CC tool and if you building tank and thanks to how fast you are cause of your passive you can expect to stick at an enemy for a long time while dodging any skill shot they shoot at you.


Her ult is what makes her even more amazing in any phase of the game, allowing her to give 1000 shield to any ally in the map, AND! teleport to their body becoming one with Your ally, you can use your love waves to heal Your ally while allowing them to do more damage if their fighting someone, and thread bind enemies if Your ally is chasing them.

If your ally is escaping thanks to your passive you can boost your allies speed to 30% giving them a clean escape with the shield you gave them.

This ult is a lot more amazing if used on a charging champ or a tank if their going in on a team fight, giving them a shield and support while your safe in their tanky bodies.

I highly suggest to rank love waves first. and rank Ult whenever you get the chance.

Overall i find Angela to be  the first True Meta support champ ever in Mobile legends, until she gets nerfed i bet. so get her quickly if you got the points! and have reliable friends to support.

Hey if you guys agree or disagree just comment below i would love to know what you guys think, thanks for reading!

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