A Letter to ML Players


The developers talk to us and share information. Let’s look the contents. Also we should share our ideas and talk to developers. Thank you very much.

Dear players,

From the first day of its birth, Mobile Legends’ ambition is to connect MOBA lovers all around the world and compete together. Our devs have made a lot of efforts to achieve this ambition.

Despite all the difficulties we overcame, there is an issue that has kept annoying us: THE LAG.
The developers of ML has read every comment you make on the App Store, Google Play and Facebook about LAG.
Please fix the lag” “Green Ping still laggy” “After update so lagging”. The LAG issue hurts you and is the pain in our heart.

Trust us, every time you meet the LAG, the developers is concerned and trying their best to fix it.

If the lag comes from the network operator, we’ll contact them immediately and ask them to fix the issue. ML has become the business partner with more than 30 operators globally.

If the lag comes from the server, we will purchase and deploy more servers. Till now, ML has deployed more than 100 servers that cover 130 countries. There will be more servers in the future.

If the lag comes from the bug, our devs will release hot fixes ASAP. There has been more than 100 hot fixes since ML was born.

The ML team has never ignored the feelings of players. Recently, our devs has made a breakthrough on the lag issue of cross-national battle.
The new solution can make you play smoothly even on a high ping and is expected to be released on July.

We hope this time we can bring you a LAG-FREE environment! Thanks for your great support to Mobile Legends!

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why cant i play mobile legend in this phone??? im using Samsung j1… Android 4.4.4…. why can’t i play in this phone??? what should i do???


Get a better phone