A Full Detailed Cyclops Guide-Build

A Full Detailed Cyclops Guide-Build

I just want to share my knowledge with Cyclops since I have been seeing many people use Cyclops really bad and always lose, also this is my entry for diamonds. If you guys want to add something or if you feel I have missed something, please comment below. This is my own strategy for using Cyclops and what I use to win. Only questions regarding this guide will be answered. Anything against this thread will be ignored. If similarity with others guides has been found with mine. Of course, they are at least different in some ways.

A Full Detailed Cyclops Guide-Build

This guide contains the following:

1. Introduction
– 1.1 Pros
– 1.2 Cons
• 2. Battle Spell, Emblem Set and Gear
– 2.1 Recommended Emblem Set
– 2.2 Recommended Battle Spell
– 2.3 Recommended Gear/Equipment Set
• 3. Skills
– 3.1 Skill Tips
– 3.2 Skill Build
– 3.3 More Skill Tips/Skill Combos
• 4. Heroes that will go well with Cyclops
– 4.1 Roger
– 4.2 Franco
– 4.3 Rafaela
• 5. Heroes Countered by Cyclops
– 5.1 Karina
– 5.2 Zilong
– 5.3 Karrie
• 6. Heroes that counters Cyclops
• 7. Aditional Tips
– 7.1 Recommended Settings
– 7.2 Jungling and Laning Tips

1. Introduction

Cyclops is a really powerful mage. He is my favorite mage among all the mages in Mobile Legends. Despite his small size, he is really powerful. His ability effects are off the charts if you know what I mean. He is currently my main hero and the hero I use all the time when I play ranked games. I can sometimes carry my team when facing defeat easily. If you are that guy that wants to roam around the map killing heroes, you’re in the right place.

1.1 Pros

  • Cyclops is really easy to use
  • Cyclops is worth 15K BP (Cheap)
  • Cyclops has a high amount of burst damage (Powerful AF)
  • You can farm easily with Cyclops.

1.2 Cons

  • Cyclops is weak at the start.
  • Cyclops isn’t that durable.
  • Cyclops’ 2nd skill (Planets Attack) can be seen on the map by the enemy. Just the Planets spinning around you. Unless you’re in a bush (Hidden)

2. Emblem Set, Battle Spell and Gear

2.1 Recommended Emblem Sets

2.1.1. Magic Emblem Set (Highest Level Possible)

We need as much as Magic Power, Magic Res, CD Reduction, HP, Magical PEN at the start. So try to level this up as much as possible. This will also give you a boost at the start.

2.1.2 Magic Assasin Set (Highest Level Possible)

The same as above but I think, it’ll give you more Magical PEN and HP. (not so sure about this)

2.3 Recommended Battle Spells

2.3.1 Flicker

What is this? What does it do? When/Why you should use this? (In order)

Flicker is a battle spell that teleports you to the specified certain direction with a certain distance, it has a 120s cooldown and should be used only when needed. Teleport a certain distance in a specified direction. For 1s after teleport, duration of disabling effects received will be reduced 50%. This is essential when you have low health, you can easily escape from the enemy when you use this. This is also essential when you are chasing enemies. You should use this because Cyclops can be very fragile without the 3rd Item.

2.3.2 Retribution

What is this? What does it do? When/Why you should use this? (In order)

If I’m not wrong, Retribution is the first battle spell introduced to you in the game. It was introduced in the Jungle Tutorial. This battle deals 600~1440pts of true damage to nearby jungle monsters or minions and increases damage to monsters by 30% within 3s (Damage will increase with level). You should use this obviously when farming on Jungle Monsters. You should use this because it will help you kill Jungle Monsters fast and get your items early. Obviously, getting your items earlier than your enemies will give you a lot of advantage throughout the game.

2.4 Gear/Equipment Set: DPS, HP

This build will give you a considerable amount of Magic Damage, Health, and Cooldown Reduction enough for you to be a king each game. :’))

Before buying anything, first, go to the shop and get the Pillager Axe no need to buy the beast killer for it will cost more time and will just give you armour. You’ll need to buy Pillager Axe at the starting game. And yes you will face low mana. But don’t fear this, just farm properly and fast.

[Enchanted Talisman]

Enchanted Talisman

Generally, when I am in the process of buying the first item I can already solo kill the Turtle sometimes but get a teammate to kill the turtle with you, do not risk your life, cause you will have low health upon killing the Turtle. Plus, killing the Turtle with teammates will make the process much faster. Use all your possible skills/battle spells when killing the turtle.

NOTE: It’s better to kill the Turtle with the second item.

[Arcane Boots]

Arcane Boots

This will help you stand out to Jungle Monsters and will make you run faster.

[Concentrated Energy]

Concentrated Energy

This will give you more Magic Power and HP making you powerful enough to kill enemies.

NOTE: Try to complete your items as fast as possible, I usually get this item after 6 mins of the game getting it before will make you kill your enemies much more easily.

[Glowing Wand]

Glowing Wand

A really good passive there, this item will give you moree like moree damageee, movement speed and magical PEN, when I get this item I get HP when my skill hits my enemies. This is helpful for HP recovery and as well destroying your enemies.

[Holy Crystal]

Holy Crystal

The gods have spoken HOLY CRYSTAL. Truly its Holy, for this item will give ya Cyclops +90 magic power. To be considerate to your previous items, it will give you much more damage. Yes, much more damage. And a really powerful passive there.

[Blood Wings]

Blood Wings

This item is important, especially when your team is clashing with the enemy team. This will give you all the HP you need to survive team clashes. This will also give you much Magic Power eliminating everyone you see.


3. Cyclops Skills

His will cover all of Cyclops skills, some tips, and his skill build. Also covers when you should use a certain skill.

3.1 Skill Tips

Passive: [Starlit Hourglass]

His passive allows all his skills to reduce 0.5 seconds upon hitting an enemy. This passive is really strong and a cooldown+magic damage build will make Cyclops really Over Powered. His passive is also the reason why he is so OP as he can spam his skills with this build.Over Powered. His passive is also the reason why he is so OP as he can spam his skills with this build.

First Skill: [Stardust Shock]

Use his first skill on creeps. This skill is mostly used for killing creeps/minions and killing running enemies. Cyclops will shoot out planets to the specified target dealing the target 210 magic pts at the start. Using this skill while clashing with enemies will reduce all skill cooldown allowing you to use your second skill faster as well as trapping running enemies with your ultimate.

Second Skill: [Planets Attack]

This is the most powerful skill Cyclops has. Planets will start to surround Cyclops making nearby enemies target and dealing 210 damage pts each planet. This is mostly used for finishing off enemies and damaging them. This is also used to and commonly used to stop/trap enemies from running away.

Ultimate: [Star Power Lockdown]

As said in the first skill this is used to trap running enemies or just enemies. Allowing you or your teammate to kill your enemy or simply finish them off if they have a low amount of health for this skill will follow wherever the enemy goes. This can be countered by many heroes now so don’t be too shabby while in a match.

3.1 Cyclops Skill Build

Max your second skill (Planets Attack) first, then your first skill, upgrade your ultimate when possible. You should max your second skill first as this is Cyclops most powerful skill. You can easily kill your enemies/finish them off with the appropriate build with his 2nd. So max his second first. This is important and must be followed, for a better win rate.

3.2 More Skill Tips/Skill Combos

1st Skill Combo: Cast Star Power Lockdown, this will immobilize the enemy, then cast your second skill for breaking your enemies health this will also help reduce the cooldown of all skills then cast your first to help reduce the cooldown of Planets Attack allowing you to finish off your enemy.

2nd Skill Combo: Cast Planets Attack, then cast Star Power Lockdown stopping the enemy, cast Stardust Shock and finish him off by casting Planets Attack.

3rd Skill Combo: Cast Star Power Lockdown, immobilizing the enemy, then cast Stardust Shock allowing to utilize your cooldown reduction then finish the enemy off by casting planets attack.

TIPS: Your basic attack will be expected at the early game if any of this combos are not enough to finish off your enemy, don’t forget to use it since Cyclops is a long ranged hero allowing running targets with low hp to die. Don’t expect it to be just one basic attack since Cyclops has really weak Physical Damage.

4. Heroes that will go well with Cyclops

Any of these heroes will go well when playing Cyclops:

4.1 Roger

Cyclops is a really weak at early games and needs support from enemies. Cyclops can be very fragile at first but you know what they say? “Small but terrible!”. I usually go soloing the mid at the start of the game. And I sometimes go with Roger. Roger is a really strong hero, if one were to use it properly he and Cyclops will make a really good team.

4.2 Franco

In general as stated in the reason why Cyclops is good with Roger. Its because Franco is a tank, Franco can take all the damage for you or even hook the enemy for you to kill. Not that many reasons but you should go Franco for a better win rate.

4.3 Rafaela

I’ve been playing with a Rafaela user for a while and we’ve been winning a lot of Ranked Games. Probably, got a 15 win streak on a ranked game cause of that Rafaela user. Rafaela is a good healer and as well offensive, despite she’s only a support. She can slow the enemy and can heal you when needed.

Those are the heroes that are best in Cyclops in my opinion. Although any skilled player will do and will be good with Cyclops. Honorable mentions to Estes, Lolita, and Karina.

5. Heroes countered by Cyclops

As I said back then, getting the Glowing Wand fast will give you a really big advantage throughout the game. Cyclops probably counters all heroes, except for tanks unless they are using a semi-tank build using the build I gave can sometimes pierce through this semi-tank build (DPS, Armor) Anyway, this is the top 3 heroes countered by Cyclops best.

5.1 Karina

Karina, has a really high burst damage so why Karina? Karina has a really high burst damage but your damage is better. Attacking Karina with a good combo will be really good for you. Karina is also fragile in the early game without defensive items.

5.2 Zilong

Zilong is a charger he is short ranged meaning he’ll have to attack you in a short ranged. Try not to get too close to the enemy’s tower to avoid tower diving when Zilong spear flips you. So he’ll either use his Ulti to chase you spear flips you back and finishes you off. You’ll have to slow him down once he started chasing you, try to harass him by casting Planets Attack dealing much damage to him also giving you more movement speed.

5.3 Karrie

Karrie is really weak in HP. She’s long raged but very weak at early game. She’s really fragile, like as glass. So you can easily defeat a Karrie user, with a normal combo. She has a 5s skill cooldown which she can use to escape from you. If proper use of skills is used she can be killed easily.

6. Heroes that counters Cyclops

Probably, Alucard, Odette, and Harley. Alucard can be very hard to break sometimes. If Alucard was given appropriate life steal build it would be really hard to kill Alucard. Odette, you already know. Odette is a really powerful mage that can disable you to use your ability for a certain time attacking after she casts her Ulti will be really smart. Harley can use his skill to probably escape and go back to his hat. Although Harley can be very fragile sometimes, but can really hurt with the appropriate build. Try to use the combos I gave smartly and not using it randomly and understand all the situations deeply.

7. Aditional Cyclops Tips

7.1 Recommended Settings

So, I’ll show you my game for better gameplay. This is optional but is highly recommended by me. For better hero targeting, especially when using Star Power Lockdown (3rd Skill).

7.2 Jungling and Laning Tips

I’ll show you where I lane and how I jungle, try not to get all the jungles if there are two of you Jungling.

[Jungling] Below is a quick jungle map, where you can see each jungle monster stand. I usually go to the white Jungle Monster nearest to the mid clear the wave. Then I’ll goto to the Spinner get some buff and protect mid lane. Try to harass enemies, so you’ll have time to farm more. Then I go to the Jungle Monster at the bottom that is nearest to the Enemy tower. After that, you can try to steal some monsters from the enemy to receive more gold. Having someone to protect mid lane while you’re farming would be much better. After getting the Enchanted Talisman you can easily solo kill the turtle. I’m not sure when you can solo kill the Lord. But when I get the 4th Item Holy Crystal I can already solo kill the Lord.

NOTE: Your ultimate won’t work on the Lord so use only your second and first as well as you battle spell.

[Laning] As I said earlier I always go mid lane because the mid lane is the easiest to push on, and needs a strong hero that has a high burst damage. I also help out my team in all lanes when I have to chance to or when I finished a creep wave. Try to defend all lanes when your teammates are having trouble.

This is the end of this tutorial fear not, I’ll have to post it now because I have no time to insert the pictures and some not so important information. I’ll probably insert them tomorrow. Thanks for reading my guide and knowledge about a really powerful mage, Cyclops. Once again, if you feel like I missed something or forgot to include something please comment below and I’ll try to add it.

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