A Cosmic Guide to Cyclops

A Cosmic Guide to Cyclops

In my opinion, Kagura, Aurora, Eudora and Vexana are good burst mages but still I’m thinking for a BETTER burst mage such as Cyclops can do in battle. I like how I can spam his abilities as much as I want due to his cooldown reduction from unique passive. He could literally “banish” an enemy if you are geared properly and able to to use the skills in the correct order.

A Cosmic Guide to Cyclops: The Starsoul Magician


“Cyclops is a giant with only one eye, yes, at least he is in his own homeland. Cyclops were obsessed with stars and skies when he was little he watched all day and night just to discover the truth that planets were moving all the time. And this kind of movements, it contains unbelievable magic power. With an hourglass to load and control this kind of power, he became the famous “Starsoul Magician” in his homeland. Planetary movements will never stop, hence his strength is extremely powerful and invincible, which , however, made him feel lonely. One day, Cyclops arrived at the Land of Dawn during his space travel and he found out in surprise that there were so many strong opponents waiting him to defeat. “I come, I see, I conquer!” Said Cyclops.”


Hi! My name is Joshua [ IGN: olDIE, ID: 35783019(3209) ]! When I first started Mobile Legends, I played like a total noob and didn’t even know the basic mechanics of the game. That issue however was solved within a few weeks of playing with my pro-friends. As I scroll down through the shop to buy a new hero, I saw Cyclops. He was interesting to say the least when I saw him. Guess what happened. I bought him and from then on — I’ve dedicated some of my spare time to practice him in Classic and Ranked Modes. Over time, I think I mastered him (not really).

Pros and Cons

Pros of Cyclops:

  • He has a great burst damage.
  • He has good mobility (Thanks to his second ability.)
  • He has a great cooldown reduction. (Thanks to his passive.)
  • UNTOUCHABLE during mid to late game.
  • Efficient jungler for a mage.

Cons of Cyclops:

  • Low CC compared to other mages.
  • The first and third skill requires skill-shot accuracy.
  • He relies on so much mana.
  • He can’t survive on his own during pre-phases of the game.

Overview of Skill Area

Starlit Hourglass (Passive) – The deep bind with stars gives Cyclops the power to control time. Current cooldown of all his skills will reduce by 0.5 seconds when his skills sucessfully hit the enemy. This passive is OP in late game, especially when he is equipped with CD reduction items and magic penetration gears. It is a MUST to make use of this in order to gain the power of Cyclops’s poking and annoyance.

Stardust Shock (1st Skill) – Gathers the power of stars and casts two shock waves of stardust, each dealing 220 magic damage to the enemy. This is capable of tearing down tanks in mid to late game and also works greatly in clearing up lanes.

Planets Attack! (2nd Skill) – Uses the power of stars to generate a starlit sphere spinning around him and increases his own movement speed greatly for a short period of time. The sphere will attack nearby enemies (enemy heroes first) automatically, dealing 210 magic damage to them (damages dealt to the same target will decay.) This skill is great for escaping enemies, spamming heroes and kill-stealing; also works for jungling blue buff and monsters.

Star Power Lockdown (Ultimate) – Cyclops wields the power of stars to his fullest and create a magic sphere filled with planetary power to track his enemy, dealing 600 magic damage. According to the flying distance of the sphere, the target will be trapped for 1-2 seconds. This will help you to prevent the enemy from clearing your lanes or leaving your wrath. In my opinion, use this skill FIRST in combos.

Skill Leveling

In the early to mid game, you should prioritize leveling up your first skill as it does the best damage out of your three skills. Most of the time, you’ll want to max out your second skill as well to clear lanes easily and poke your enemies to prevent them from attacking you any further.

Cyclops Recommended Build/Equipment Order

Cyclops Recommended Build Equipment Order

Enchanted Talisman (1st Item)

Enchanted Talisman

+50 Magic Power, +250 HP, +20% Cooldown Reduction. Regens 10% total of one’s max mana every 10s. This item is the starting point of almost any mage. It helps you to be consistent in early game due to its cooldown benefit and mana regen.

Arcane Boots (2nd Item)

Arcane Boots

+15 Magical PEN, +40 Movement Speed. A basic item for burst mages. This improves your damage production through magic penetration. You need also a substantial movement speed boost to work with your cooldown reduction which is your intention is to harass your target as many times as possible.

Concentrated Energy (3rd Item)

Concentrated Energy

+70 Magic Power, +700 HP, +30% Spell Vamp. Regens 10% of one’s own HP after killing a hero. The core of Cyclops’s strength. Without this item during early or mid games, you won’t be able to survive much further. Whilst you’re spamming the heck out of your abilities, CE acts as a “support” for Cyclops so that he can deduce his opponents’ lives without him having to worry about getting killed.

Lightning Truncheon (4th Item)

Lightning Truncheon

+75 Magic Power, +30 Mana Regen. Every 6 seconds, your next damaging ability will proc, maximum of 3 enemies will be hurt by 150% magic power damage. Excellent for ganks and crowd control. With this item, you can replicate the damage of your skills to surrounding enemy heroes and increasing them more once the passive of this gear is activated.

Glowing Wand (5th Item)

Glowing Wand

+75% Magic Power, +5% Movement Speed, +15% Magical PEN. Burns the target for 3 seconds when the skills hit, dealing 2%/2.5%/3% of the target’s current HP magic damage, at least 10 pts. This exceeds the limitations of magical PEN; containing GW will destroy any enemy in your path undoubtedly. Also, the movement speed boost will make Cyclops more ANNOYING in the process.

Blood Wings (6th Item)

Blood Wings

+150 Magic Power, +150 HP. Adds 2 Hp for every 1 magic power added. Good for late game that gives a high amount of magic power. Magic penetration can’t do its maximum potential without a good magic power investment. And speaking of magic power, Blood Wings gives the highest amount of magic power in game.

Cyclops Strategies, Tips and Tricks

With Cyclops, clearing lanes most of the time will never be difficult. The mobility comes from your 2nd skill and the passive will allow you to repeat your abilities in a simultaneous phase. What you NEED is an ample supply of mana to keep on doing it. As many times as possible, get Hunter’s Knife as your first item, it will aid you in leveling up and obtaining mana from jungle monsters. I will recommend you to use two spells:

  • Flicker – If you want to escape more efficiently or chase down escaping enemy heroes, use this spell.
  • Retribution – If you want to jungle more and be overly fed in mid to late game, use this spell.

When using Cyclops, it is recommended to use the Roamer or Magic Assassin emblem set. If you want to be a utility magebut at the same time a BEAST, pick Roamer as it provides an ample CD reduction. If you want PURE damage and penetration, use Magic Assassin.

It is also good to let your teammate help you to get the buffs so you can have decent mana regen which can let you spam your abilities. Just punish the enemy laner using your first and second skill. When you see that with your target’s HP is decent for a kill, don’t hesitate to go for all in. Keep in mind that your passive can reduce your cooldown. All you have to do is to ensure that you are going to hit your enemy precisely.

Mage works well together with tanks, fighters and other mages. I admit that it will be hard for you to execute your skills properly in teamfight unless you have a good initiator. Your role is burst down the enemy that gives the main or secondary threat to your entire team. Usually a good target is the opposing marksman and fighters as they are the most threat in late game. You can also kill other mages and expect that you have better mechanics over them due to your cooldown reduction. The major weaknesses of most mage are cooldown. This limits their damage output in game. But that is not the case for Cyclops so as you see mage enemies crossing your rage, don’t hesitate to burst it down. Tanks are difficult to burst down in late game but when the tank is all by himself/herself, he/she’s guaranteed to be dead.

Heroes to Pair With

  • Kagura – Since your skills work well with her stuns.
  • Zilong – Your ULT will help Zilong to finish off enemies easily.
  • Hilda – Both possess great slows and stuns; a deadly tag team.

Heroes to Counter

  • Skillshot Reliant Heroes – Ex: Gord, Vexana etc.
  • Some Assassins – Ex: Fanny, Saber etc.
  • Franco – If he misses his hook, go for the KILL.

Heroes that Counter You

  • Lolita – The ultimate counter for Cyclops no doubt.
  • Marksmen (Ex: Layla) – Their fast attacks will be outplay your skills.
  • Lancelot – Too fast to catch up with.

This is the end of the guide. Criticism and share of ideas will be appreciated. :))

from “olDIE“! Thank you for sharing!

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