10 Things That Every MLBB Player Dislikes

10 Things That Every MLBB Player Dislikes

So we’ve all been in situations where sometimes we like to rip out teammate’s heads off because they just don’t seem to get how the game SHOULD be played. We’ve seen a low-level Zilong run into the front line like a war hero, only to be shredded by the enemy team. We’ve watched a Fanny player cable around gracefully without landing a single hit (“What are you doing? herding cattle?”), and then shot down by an MM who she could’ve targetted instead of spinning around uselessly. We’ve also experienced “Lagging” players, AFK players, ignorant KS, and greedy jungle maniacs. Here are 10 things I think MLBB players would find very annoying.

10 Things That Every MLBB Player Dislikes

The Feeding Jungler

So a Bruno player told me to back off from the blue buff (I played mage, pretty sure I needed it more than him) by signalling “Initiate Retreat!”. I did, and went bottom to join Ruby. The same Bruno was slain half a minute later by an enemy hero. When I came to mid, there he was, in the jungle, desperately trying to farm. Another clash at mid, and he was dead…again, no assist or kills. In the end, we won (thanks to a super-genius Karina), and Bruno managed to get 0-6-1. In my opinion, all that jungle farming was a waste, and I seriously wanted to report him, but I’m not that kind of person.

Player tip: If you are going to take the buff, please make sure you can either carry or gank successfully without dying every now and again. Every monster/minion counts early game, and there could be more deserving players who need to jungle to carry the team to victory.

Toxic OPs

Toxic OPs

Ok. Most of us have done this. I know I have, but I think we should try and be more team-focused and less objective-oriented. If you spot a new player in your team, then by all means help them NOT to feed, instead of saying “WTF STOP FEEDING!”. As new players, they will obviously get offended and play horribly for the rest of the game. It’s human nature. Signal them to back you up, then show them how it’s done. If I see a player dying too much early game, I back them up next time. Maybe they were outnumbered/ganked. Maybe the enemy team was too aggresive (happens in most cases). Or maybe they were lagging (a common excuse). New players learn from experience, and they definitely won’t learn from a bad one.

Jungle-Greed/Toxic Solos

Jungle Greed Toxic Solos

Yes, you’re a Lancelot main and you’re probably a pretty good one too. What I don’t get is why you have to fight with your team to get what you want. We’re a TEAM. That means, whether you like it or not, we will tend to pop into your lane or help you jungle. “Initiate Retreat!”….”Initiate Retreat!”…..”Initiate Retreat!” Eventually no one will come to your aid when you request for backup.

Player tip: If you want to jungle, go ahead. If some player joins you, just be sure to last hit the buff/moster/turtle/whatever. If you wanna go solo, and your teammate pops in, swallow your pride and anticipate their strategy. Maybe they want to team gank, or help you clear the lane faster. Dont’ just become this toxic monster, shooing away every team mate because you’re too good for us.

Laggers… or at least that’s what they say

Laggers or at least that what they say

“LAG”. Yeah, and you died 3 times early game without even an assist? I’ve experienced lagging that’s as bad as 287ms, and I still manage to get a decent number of kills and assists to settle for silver. That said, I really dislike players who cover up their bad game play by saying they’re lagging waaaay to much. Like c’mon if you’re lagging, at least stick to a team mate who can carry you.

Player tip: Don’t go SOLO. Yes, you’re a pro, but lagging makes things unpredictable, and before you even realize it, you probably ran right into the enemy turret and stood there thinking that it’s a bush.


We had only two inhibitor turrets left, while the enemy team still had two turrets each lane. I didn’t want to surrender, because I knew there was still a chance. Sudddenly, a team mate signals “Attack the Lord”. Really? When the enemy team is grouping up and pushing down a lane? How about “Defend Base”? My personal take on this is: Only attack the Lord if the enemy team is Wiped Out late game, or if you know the enemy team is attacking Lord, you can take the chance to gank them and steal the kill. If you’re at a disadvantage, NEVER attempt to slay the Lord UNLESS you’ve cleared the lanes and killed at least two enemy heroes (without deaths from your own side). There are games where the losing team suddenly gains the upper hand by killing the damage dealers late game, and finally getting the chance to redeem themselves by slaying lord and clearing turrets like nuclear. I’ve seen this happen to an enemy team whom we thought we would beat easily. Bad day for us, but the point is, don’t call out that you’ll slay the Lord just because you’re lacking turret defense. The Lord can’t solve everything.

AFK Players

AFK Players

This is a pretty common situation, and I’m not going to rant about this because I know there are situations where die-hard MLBB gamers somehow lose connection go AFK unintentionally (I know I was one of them). I’ll just add it to the list because a lot of players find it annoying, but it can’t be helped. Internet connections go awry during high peak hours, so just carry on with life. What I don’t like about this is when some player, who probably sulked about not getting jungle, or not getting solo lane, or basically just pissed at how their team was playing, intentionally disconnects from the game, leaving the rest of us to fight to the death. We all have different play styles and ways of thinking, so DON’T assume that your team is going to meld in very well with your strategy and game play. If we did that, we’d probably be psychic.

Player tip: Don’t intentionally go AFK if you know you’re going to lose. A good soldier never leaves a man behind, so if you’re doing that, you’re a disgrace as a gamer and as a human being.

KS Players

I played Karrie once and got 15 assists. Only 2 kills. Because some random team mate always manages to pop in and steal my kill. I know I’m not supposed to sulk about it, but isn’t it annoying? To know that you’ve countered the enemy so well, put in a good amount of effort to whittle them down, and just when you’re prepared to strike that one, glorious blow, someone steps in and just steals your spotlight. I mean, I get it if it’s during a clash, because everyone is just focused on brutalizing each other, and noone gives a hoot about who killed who as long as they’re dead. But just jumping in on a 1-on-1 battle and finishing the enemy? Please show some restraint, we all want kills, but you need to earn it.


I call them sheep because they start requesting backup way to early in the game. And then they die. I’d let it go if it was an aggresive 3v1 or 4v1 gank, but less than that is unacceptable. I mean, it’s common sense that if you’re outnumbered, USE THE TURRET. Don’t start running and letting the enemy chase you down and kill you. If you’re taking top or bottom, don’t move from the turret, unless there’s 3 of them and they’ve all dived in on you. Then you retreat. Keep in mind that there is a long distance between the outer and middle turret for top/bottom lane, and the enemy could easliy intersect you and kill you.

Player tip: Use the turret to help you counter their aggresive play, but don’t cry out for help as soon as they show up, because you should know that the rest of the team are probably busy farming, clearing lanes, etc. to be of any help to you. Also, don’t engage as soon as you see the enemy. Only a bot would do that, and you’re not a bot (hopefully).

Crazy Pushers

Why would you simply engage early game without team backup? I have no idea. And calling us a “stupid team” because we didn’t join you on your crazy venture isn’t going to change the fact that you’re the stupid one. I don’t know about everyone else, but I personally dislike players who engage too early in the game with 0 objective. Like, if you’re not pushing for a turret attack then just stay put and farm. I’ve seen a lot of players run after low health enemy heroes, hoping to get a kill, but unfortunately for them the turret got them first.

Player tip: If you’ve managed to cripple the enemy enough to send them away, use that time to jungle, clear lanes or attack the turret. Don’t get your hopes up and jump in on them unless you have backup. You probably won’t survive.

People who say they’re trying out a hero/build for the first time, but they keep dying. All the time.

I have no idea what to call these players, but if you have a good name for them, let me know. All I know is I really dislike players who say they’re trying a hero out, or trying some new build they got off the internet, but then they keep feeding the enemy team over and over again. I’ve personally tried out new heroes on Classic (like Pharsa), and new builds as well, but I don’t feed the enemy at all. If you’re using a hero for the first time, go duo or trio and farm. If you’re trying a new build, then farm and stay out of trouble. A build cannot be so crappy that you die every second you engage into battle, that’s just lack of strategic gameplay on your part. There are some who disagree with learning heroes on classic, but I’m not one of them (each to their own opinions).

Player tip: If you’re going to learn a hero, even as a pro gamer, play with a sense of caution. As a matter of fact, it’s best you watch videos on how they’re played before playing them on Classic. Just don’t use that as an excuse for feeding the enemy.

So that’s 10 things I think most MLBB players would hate. If you have any other suggestions, let me know on the comments below.

From “Epixiie94“!

What do you think? 🙂

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Players who keep dying all the time (sometimes myself), I call them fodder. Enemy fodder.

BTW, can you please make a detailed guide about Angela? Thanks for everything so far 🙂