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Which Hero Do You Jungle With?


There’re various types of heroes in Mobile Legends including Tank,Fighter, Assassin, Mage, Marksman and Support. And the map is composed with three lines that you can go in battles. However, will you go jungling espacially with some heroes?

Which Hero Do You Jungle With?

Do you know that a battle spell called ‘Retribution’ is made for jungling? Also there’s the jungle emblem set for you to choose and a special jungle area waiting for you to farm in. With knowing all those, are you still struggling for not knowing which line you should go?

Act now instead of fancying for it! Record your highlights when jungling. Let’s GANK the enemies as a jungler, and CARRY the whole team! What both our official Facebook and Youtube will recommend next time, is you!


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Sincerely, the jungle is not a cost-effective lane.
It has no real incentive to be chosen.

Only times you go to the jungle is for the turtle and the Lord.
It would be interesting to see an enhancement of this role.


I think it’s more inportant than you’re saying here. I used to jungle a lot with Yun Zhao, and at the same time hopping in for a surprise attack on some lanes. I was often maxed out way before the enemy team, which gave me a huge advantage.


You just dont know how to jungle, try to found out how and you will never search another role other than jungler trust me 🙂


For me it looks like that its better to clear jungle with all three lanes. E.g. mid can take down one small camp after every wave and the side lanes should take care of the buffs. Only priority would be if another lane gets ganked/tower-dived. Then the team should obviously help out. I have played around 170games so far(10days) trying to max income while roaming/ganking with most melee heroes. It kinda works for all classed since the jungle monsters are super weak. Currently im grandmaster4 getting 1-3ranks per day. Sincerly Samurus