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Voice and typing during fights


I think we should talk a bit about this. With the help of icons in the game, we can communicate to a minimum level. It would be great to have chat and voice communication during the war. It would even be terrific! 😀 Sorry about that. I was excited. You know why. I will tell my problem. We are right in the middle of the war, apart from us, alone, helpless 😀 I like that people, really. Because there are also the same players from the enemy 🙂

Now what do we do friends, yes there is a complete reporting system. Report it? Or will you be informed about the game by talking or typing? This may be more useful. I just said my own opinion. You can also support me with your comments.

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Thx for everything 🙂

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I agree about that


please help me admin

I bought diamonds with my iOS but had not received any diamonds and freya In-App Purchase but my credit was deduct so why oh why?!? please admin help me..


Help me..
I already turn on the voice chat..thats was great can hear my team voice..and turn on the mic icon..still can send my voice..


Plzz help me am not able to see any voice chat option