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Ultimate Kagura Guide – Highest Damage in Game


Welcome to the Ultimate Kagura Guide. In my experience, Kagura is the highest damage dealing hero in the game. Every single game I deal between 30-50% of my team’s damage and by the end of this guide, I’m hoping you will too. Today we’re going to go over all her abilities and how to use them in combination together to wreck havoc on the enemy team and deal godly amounts of damage. I hope you enjoyed the Highlight video above showing off some of the amazing plays she’s capable of.

First off, Kagura’s role is that of a straight damage dealer. She will simply deal insane damage to the enemy team while being extremely hard to kill once you master the ability combos we’ll go over in this guide. In a 1v1 situation, Kagura can deal a ton of damage while bouncing all over the map and stunning the enemy. Additionally Kagura is a natural counter to most heroes. In a team fight, Kagura has an array of HUGE AOE damage abilities and is capable of winning a team fight single-handedly.

Please watch all the videos in the guide as they are an essential part of learning her combos and understanding how to properly play Kagura. As always, if you enjoy the guide and the content, please head over to our YouTube page listed below. Give our videos a Thumbs Up and Subscribe to the channel to continue to get a ton of great Mobile Legends content.

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We’ll start by discussing further the contents of the Kagura Spotlight Video above ^

Abilities: *For the purpose of reading the text below when I reference the umbrella is in hand that is the BLUE abilities. When I reference the umbrella is out that is the PURPLE abilities.

  • Everytime Kagura becomes Reunited with her Umbrella she triggers her passive and that can happen 3 different ways.
    • She runs out of range of where her umbrella is currently at.
    • She uses her second ability (Rasho Umbrella Flee) to teleport to her umbrella.
    • She physically walks over to where the umbrella is and picks it up.
  • TIP: Use this passively very intelligently to become an expert Kagura master. The shield can save your life if used at the right time. The stun is not only a critical part of your combos but can help save your life if used in combination with your dash.

  • If the umbrella is in hand, Kagura throws it out to the targeted area. If the umbrella is already out in the world she simply moves it from where its at.
    • Seimei Umbrella Open is one of the most potent pokes early game.
    • I find that moving the umbrella while its already out is much more because its harder to dodge. Not only does it travel less therefor arriving faster but it comes from different angles than just a straight shot like all other skill shots in the game.
  • TIP: To truly become a Kagura master you must not only always be aware of where your umbrella is at but plan ahead to where your umbrella needs to be to pull of combos and escape danger.

  • Rasho Umbrella Flee is the move you utilize to properly position yourself to execute the combos correctly.
    • A teleport to your properly placed umbrella sets you up to utilize your in umbrella in hand ultimate correctly.
    • Using the dash portion of this ability will help you create the proper angle to unleash the umbrella out ultimate.
  • TIP: Always be ready to use BOTH uses of Rahso Umbrella Flee in combination to get out of a dangerous situation and make your enemy look like a fool.

  • Ying Yang Overturn is the bulk of your damage and is always best used in combos properly and not on its own.
    • You can either use both the umbrella in hand and the umbrella out ultimates together for the most potent damage or separately to give yourself extra options while the other is on cooldown.
    • Don’t be afraid to use the umbrella in hand ultimate to knock enemies back before you dash to safety.
  • TIP: To really use the umbrella out Ultimate you need to make sure you reposition Kagura’s physical positioning so you can effectively re-use your first ability (Seimei Umbrella Open) to re-position the umbrella when enemies move out of the link.

Item Build:

  1.                         2.                     3. 


4.                        5.                    6. 


If you want boots:  swap these with Eternal Scepter at 3.

Our 2 focuses on Kagura are #1 Cooldown Reduction and #2 Magic Power. Kagura is 100% ability based and she is nothing without her abilities. That’s why we rush cooldown reduction and max out at 40% right off the bat. Enchanted Talisman and Fleeting time provide us with that 40% cooldown reduction we need. Additionally it gives us a good amount of mana regen which is great to have early game to avoid having to back just to get mana. Next we can either take Arcane Boots or Eternal Scepter based on how fast you’re building and how badly you think you need movement speed. Next we take Guardian Relic which is a massive Magic Power boost thanks to the +90 Magic Power and the Unique which gives us 25% Magic Power. Astral wand is our 5th item and gives us that much needed 40% Magic Penetration. Lastly we take Blood Wings not just because +150 Magic Power is so much, but also because of the passive we gain much needed HP at end game to survive longer and deal even more damage.

Battle Spells:



I almost always take interference because Kagura’s kit and combos are made for tower diving. Her ability to tower dive is one of her big strengths. Her ability to tower dive is so awesome she can effectively tower dive multiple enemies. If you are having a problem with getting crowd controlled too much purify is a great second option.


I go Magic Emblem set but if I had a higher Magic Assassin set that would be my go to.


Early game poke combo: If your enemy is being overly aggressive or you just want to be aggressive and poke this combo does a lot of damage early game. With this combo you can literally can do a TON of damage and go in and out with without any troubles.

1.  2.  2.  1. 

It won’t take much to finish him combo: If your enemy is half way dead or so and you want to finish him off without using all your abilities and definitely not both ULT’s this ability should finish the enemy off without blowing all your cooldowns and staying out of trouble. (If you turn to the Highlight video at the top of the guide you will see this combo done at the 4:28 point in the video to a Kagura under tower)

1.  2.  3.  2. 

The all out combo: Whether you are facing 1 enemy or 5 enemies and you want to deal a substantial amount of damage this is all out, all cooldowns combo. This is also your best tower diving combo. First you throw the umbrella through your enemies but also slightly behind them. Next you teleport to your umbrella and use your in hand (Blue) ULT to knock the enemies closer to your original location (The reason you do this is to maximize the amount of time you have them in your final out of hand (Purple) ULT). Then you dash back through the enemies towards your original location and you start your umbrella out (Purple) ULT. Now ideally you have at least one enemy that is immediately caught in the ULT, but if not you should instantly be able to move the umbrella using your out of hand (Purple) umbrella throw. You continue to move the umbrella to make sure you are getting as many people as possible in the stream. What you accomplish with this combo is this: You do damage from the original umbrella throw. You then do an AOE stun / damage with your umbrella teleport ability. While they are stunned you do your in hand (Blue) ULT and do a substantial amount of damage and knock the enemies back. You then dash through them towards the original location. Lastly you turn on your out of hand (Purple) Ult and you continually move them umbrella as needed to maximize damage. (If you turn to the Highlight video at the top of the guide you will see this combo executed at the 4:35 mark to a single target hero. The very next Highlight is this same combo being preformed VERY EARLY game to 2 enemy targets under tower. At the 0:35 mark in the Highlight video I do this combo to 3 enemies and it’s not perfectly executed but quite successful.)

1.  2.  3.  2.  3. 

1.  1.  1.  1.  1.  

Thank you guys so much for reading my Ultimate Kagura Guide. I hope this will be helpful to you in getting to the next level on becoming Kagura Masters. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment section either here or on our YouTube videos. If you enjoyed the video’s and the guide please subscribe to our Mobile Legends you tube Channel as we’ll continue to put out a lot more high quality Mobile Legends content.

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Thank you for detailed post. Very good 🙂


Hi, if i use 2 Guardian Relics to my Kagura Build, will it work?




ye prettuy much solid build, this sums everything up for kagura. thanks man, imma use this.


This is the only hero that I can’t control! I mastered Fanny but this? Nah lol

Taylor Alison Swift

Personally, she’s very easy to use. And Fanny’s the one I’m challenged to use


Boy, Kagura is indeed a challenging hero to play and need a bit of “sleight of fingers” to use her. That’s why she piqued my interest and SunBros, thanks for this tutorial.


A good guide, but i need a lot of effort practicing her


You right my friend…


For the emblem set, is magic better than the magic assassin?


why i cant use kagura in battle? i bought it last day.

Taylor Alison Swift

I think you shouldn’t be too aggressive (if you are. It takes time to master Kagura (not for me, she’s easy to use) and maybe she’s not the right hero for your fighting style. In my case, long-range fighting is what I’m best at.


Oh wow this is really awesome, thank you for sharing tips. Am I only who think kagura didn use by many players because it is difficult but it is awesome when we use it?

Taylor Alison Swift

Agree. At least she’s not overused


most think shes weak, but thats cuz they dont know how to use her! they throw umb, ulti, flee, and umb again. doesnt work that way


I noticed that kagura blue ulti now is 250 not 400 . This she got nerfed or something ?

Taylor Alison Swift

She always gets nerfed. I’m an ML player for almost a month now (which i regretted for not playing it a long time ago) and I found out her skills got nerfed. She still OP though.


Ur guide was insane , thnks man

Marvic June

Hi, I am trying to use your combo so far but I always wonder why every time I use the Rasho Umbrella Flee, my Kagura moves to the enemy. However, I will try again.


you need to control the direction she goes. you are moving towards the enemy because you are facing them when fleeing. (she moves in the direction she faces). Hold down on the ability button and you will see an arrow and be able to control which direction she will flee.


thanks I LEARNED how to use kagura, it’s really an amazing mage, thanks for your guide it help me a lot to understand how to use the skills of kagura, before I got a lot of murmur from my team mate hehe because I used to failed, but constant practice makes perfect..I love to use kagura and it’s my choice when it comes in ranking game as long they will not ban it from the choice, enemy is hard to catch me bcause i can flee anywhere..:)THANKS FOR YOUR TIP