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Sun Attack-Tank Build


Yes we know about Sun’s passive and if you don’t know you can search this web site for your questions. We will buy attack items and also HP-Armor-Magic Resist. I think this builds gonna work and you can win your battles. Keep trying this hero and do practics. This hero very expensive but i think Sun is very good for team. Get this items and finish your fight easily and quickly 🙂

Sun Attack-Tank Build

Firstly get this item dude:

Crazed Reaper


Warrior Boots


Blade of Despair

Get this item:

Brute Force Breastplate

And then:

Wind Chaser

Finally buy this item:


This build very good for give damage and absorb the enemy attacks. Also you can sell your boots when the late game.

Get this items when you sold your boots:

for More AD(Attack Damage)-Crit:

Blade of Destruction

for More HP-Magic Resist-Shield:

Saints Refuge

for More HP-HP Regen:

Bloodthirsty King

for More HP-Armor:

Demons Advent

Thank you for everything, you can say your idea by commenting 🙂

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I recently bought sun, tired all of luster gear sets. But somehow I fail at Sun horribly. My damage is low, survival is crap. Can anyone point me some tactics on how to play sun?