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Sun Attack-Tank Build


Yes we know about Sun’s passive and if you don’t know you can search this web site for your questions. We will buy attack items and also HP-Armor-Magic Resist. I think this builds gonna work and you can win your battles. Keep trying this hero and do practics. This hero very expensive but i think Sun is very good for team. Get this items and finish your fight easily and quickly 🙂

Sun Attack-Tank Build

Firstly get this item dude:

Crazed Reaper


Warrior Boots


Blade of Despair

Get this item:

Brute Force Breastplate

And then:

Wind Chaser

Finally buy this item:


This build very good for give damage and absorb the enemy attacks. Also you can sell your boots when the late game.

Get this items when you sold your boots:

for More AD(Attack Damage)-Crit:

Blade of Destruction

for More HP-Magic Resist-Shield:

Saints Refuge

for More HP-HP Regen:

Bloodthirsty King

for More HP-Armor:

Demons Advent

Thank you for everything, you can say your idea by commenting 🙂

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I recently bought sun, tired all of luster gear sets. But somehow I fail at Sun horribly. My damage is low, survival is crap. Can anyone point me some tactics on how to play sun?


farm and push
go around just confuse your enemy most of the time and be sure you have allies when you are attacking in early and late

in mid game you can practically solo


just use the default 1st or 2nd gear set and you’re good to go!


I am a Sun main player, it’s best to keep leveling up until you have your Ult because that’s your main key to defeat enemies. When you defeated them, push towers (if necessary) then farm a little bit then go back to that lane again. When you destroyed two towers in bot lane/top lane, you can join your teammates for teamfight to get some kills


I use sun with this gear build and get penta kill :
1. Tooth of greeth
2. Fallen sword
3. Blade of destruction
4. Scarlet phantom
5. Blade of destruction
6. Scarlet phantom

This build will make you get critical strike 100% every you hit enemy and give you a 100% att speed because scarlet phantom (2x) also give you a better life steal , so more speed you hit, more lifesteal you got, its works for me in every single mode


thanks man i will try this build….


Dude your build, it’s not bad but don’t lose the boots. As a pusher, you must also defend your lanes.